Yesterday in one of my Facebook forums, another story surfaced of vaccine damage to a baby. There are so many, and it's heartbreaking. "My son seized barely half hour after his second dose of this ****! Lost the ability to latch immediately, paralysed unable to move..eyes crossing non stop, turning blue pink white green! Projectile vomiting with spoon fed milk! Drooled non stop!!!! (To which docs said he was teething!!!) This has to stop!!"

She linked to this article on what he was subjected to:

The boy still has a lot of issues, and cognitively is 4-6 mo at almost 3 y.o.

Despite many such cases of vaccine damage and even death, they continue to be promoted vigorously, and in my home state of CA they are now mandatory.

Most of us have received vaccinations at some point, but the vaccine schedule today is absurd, especially considering that the immune system of babies has not evolved to be activated by them. This situation has been compared to the human experimentation of the Holocaust.

As babies are creating their reality also, and challenges are chosen before birth, what may be the higher purpose or the soul choice in these nightmare scenarios?

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I am guessing it is something like this. From a comment on an account of a 2 year old's passing after 8 combination vaccines at his "well baby visit":

"I'm so sorry this happened. I'm so grateful to your son's soul. What a HUGE impact he is having on this world to awaken to the truth of what humans are doing. We must take our natural power back."

(08 Jan '19, 22:53) Delphine

If babies are creating their own realties, have you ever considered how they may be picking up on their mothers or another family members fear and how that may contribute? I've seen babies and young children react in the same way their mother does.

(03 Sep '21, 00:28) ele

In such situations I find it useful to remind myself of the Tony Robbins expression 'Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning I give it' ... and also of the 'Emoto's rice experiment'

(05 Sep '21, 00:44) jaz

Hi @jaz

You may want to fix your link :))

(05 Sep '21, 22:14) ele

Thanks *jaz

Tho I was familiar, it's a great reminder. I wonder how many people here have tried this experiment? If not, I hope they do. Find out for themselves if this works or not. Perhaps it's also time for me to try it again.

The work of Dr Joe that you keep posting links to is also very promising. Thanks!!!

(06 Sep '21, 12:19) ele

Well I am certainly not anti such research and understandings. I practice Ho'oponopono which involves radiating love and gratitude as much as possible. Not that I never have a dark thought or feeling, but I keep coming back to that, and other inspirations. I do know it is better to light a single candle than to curse the shadows.

(06 Sep '21, 21:08) Delphine

This may be an opportunity for you to stand up for what you believe to be truth. I agree with you and wish you strength and support.

(02 Nov '21, 02:16) Audrey Reese Johnson
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what may be the higher purpose or the soul choice in these nightmare scenarios?

I think the difficultly with giving you an answer to this question (which may be why others seem reluctant to answer it) is that you seem to be asking for some kind of human-based understanding to a non-physical decision.

Every event that happens in life comes down to the experience you have when you go through it, so the ultimate "higher purpose" is always the experience.

But from the tone of your question, you are implying that some experiences are appropriate and some are not. That's not how non-physical (of which you are a human-incarnated projection) views things.

Non-physical views all experiences as valuable

Abraham have answered people in the past who have asked what is the purpose of, say, a chicken incarnating only to be stuck in a small cage all its life, being force-fed, and then being slaughtered for food. Regardless of our human value-based "this is right and this is wrong" judgments, there is enough purpose within that experience for the chicken to incarnate.

Not a satisfying answer for you, I know, but perhaps your emotive usage of words like nightmare scenarios suggests a belief system that might not put you in a vibrational place where you may receive the satisfying answers you are looking for.

The other aspect to your question is that nothing lies outside of the Law of Attraction.

So if any human is experiencing something that they consider unpleasant in nature, it's not about what's happened to them that is important, it's about why they are offering a vibration that attracts it.


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Actually it is a satisfying answer, thank you Stingray. I think I posted my question hoping I would be challenged to further integrate these understandings.

Another channeled being I follow, Adamus Saint Germain, says true compassion as knowing that all is well and nothing needs to be fixed, because everything works out and all energies are resolved.

So does this mean activism isn't appropriate, or is it more about taking action without attachment to outcome? Maybe that is my real question.

(06 Feb '19, 03:17) Delphine

@Delphine - Activism is entirely appropriate. It clarifies and focuses your desires i.e. Step 1. But then after you've felt/clarified the desire, your job is now to soothe it down (resolve/integrate those energies) within yourself, not stay there with the bad feeling activated.

(06 Feb '19, 06:00) Stingray

Uh huh. The push for vaccination is ramping up and as I said, in my home state of CA they are now mandatory. Collectively, perhaps we are being challenged to take our power in this situation. What would you do if you were faced with this yourself Stingray? Would you allow them to administer lots of these shots to your baby?

(06 Feb '19, 10:44) Delphine

@Delphine - "What would you do if you were faced with this yourself" - I did what I mentioned to you in my last comment, and the inspired action that came to me was to allow the vaccinations. It's never about the action though, it's about how you feel about the action. And it's always better to be feeling as good as possible before you decide. The other point that appears to be being overlooked is that children are not helpless, they can attract the most aligned decision for them.

(07 Feb '19, 17:07) Stingray

@Stingray - yeah, even if a child is disabled or dead from vaccination(s), it must be their soul decision and serving them, though it is tough to accept with our small-picture consciousness.

(08 Feb '19, 02:12) Delphine


Sounds like you believe in fate and destiny more them you do free will or creating your own realitiy.

(03 Sep '21, 00:46) ele

no @ele, but I don't believe in spiritual bypassing, either.

The Jews were creating their own reality in the Holocaust, but that doesn't mean that what happened wasn't reprehensible.

(03 Sep '21, 02:03) Delphine

I see you added to your comment. Please stick to the subject based on what you wrote @Delphine .

The babies aren't coming into this world with vaccine damage. When does this damage happen? 3 months? 6 months? 9 months? 12 months?

Then what happens at age 5, if something else happens such as not listening to mom, child runs out on the street, gets hit by a car and faces a new 'challenge' that devastates mom? Oh, that must have been decided before birth too.

(03 Sep '21, 15:20) ele

If babies are creating their own realties, what do you think they are basing it on? They are observing and listening. They may not understand words but they do understand tone of voice. Most of all they pick up on emotions and feelings. They know the difference between fear and love. They will choose love if given the chance. They want mom to feel good too. Who has the dominant vibration?

A very simplistic example is of an anxious mom. Often times the effect is a fussy or a baby with colic.

(03 Sep '21, 15:32) ele

Lets say the parent is successful and the child gets one of these diseases that could have been easily prevented. Results are again devastating to the parent. Child has a new challenge as viewed by mom. Did that soul decide prior to birth to be born to a parent who was against vaccines? Did the soul decide at what age this would happen?

I'm not sure if there is any vaccine which is 100% effective or comes with zero risks be they a mild side effect or a rare response.

(03 Sep '21, 15:48) ele

If the child did indeed choose this experience before birth, Why are you interfering with the souls desire?

Are vaccines mandatory if you home school? You could always move to another country but if your child contracts polio, which has basically been eradicated in your country, would the soul have chosen that experience prior to birth also?

(03 Sep '21, 15:50) ele

When does the child start creating his own reality if all these things are decided before birth? Where is the free will?

I do understand how these beliefs could be comforting after the fact.

(03 Sep '21, 16:14) ele

Every vaccine produces harm. That is not just my opinion, it is the title of a book by Dr. Andrew Moulden, which used to be available at Amazon. Moulden died mysteriously age 49, as have a number of medicos who went against mainstream approaches.

Germ theory is the basis of vaccines and has been challenged by Thomas Cowan, whose book The Contagion Myth is summarized here:

(03 Sep '21, 16:30) Delphine

So here's a possibility in response to my question in OP. These children chose death or disability from vaccines to help us wake up to their dangers and get us back to working with (rather than against) Nature and our human physiology. (Actually, they don't do our furry friends any favors, either.)

You mentioned polio. You may find this instructive:

(03 Sep '21, 16:36) Delphine

I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to links and also haven't had the time. Thank you tho. I want to get my thoughts together because some of your comments, especially your answer to your own question, which I see you edited as well as removed the part I suspect you thought would get my attention and I planned on responding to is gone.

I also would like to add to something I said. You live in CA, there is a medical exemption. Parents don't have to move to another country, just another state.

(04 Sep '21, 12:52) ele

I think there are only a half dozen states including CA that do not allow exemptions for religious and or personal beliefs (philosophical?) reasons. Do fact check that cause each states legislation is subject to change.

(04 Sep '21, 12:59) ele

It's always best when you can answer your own question. You said "possibility" . Good idea, find a possibility that resonates with you.

My confusion is also over. I was inspired to come back here and check out questions with the tag spirituality . Now I understand what the two of you were discussing which didn't make sense to me. It does now. Thank you.

(04 Sep '21, 13:09) ele

... and if not, it's due to your editing. It was the part I was going to respond to and being it's not there, it was probably there to get me to remember or think and not to respond to. I did. I do.

(04 Sep '21, 13:19) ele
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there may be no higher
purpose, than an ulterior
motive to stifle connection
to all potential DNA


answered 04 Feb '19, 19:20

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Uh huh...I was talking about higher purpose for them. Presumably their souls have chosen the experience.

I don't like to use the term karma but who knows, maybe they are balancing such experimentation they inflicted in other lives.

(04 Feb '19, 23:40) Delphine

Also...depopulation agenda. In the Georgia Guidestones, the first Guidestone is: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

(05 Feb '19, 19:19) Delphine

God, what an elevated, great question. I've thought a lot about this. Fortunately my only vaccine damage is that I have tree nut allergies, though I was born in 1972 and the evil was somewhat less pervasive back then. What you describe is pure nightmare shit. What is the higher purpose? This isn't pretty, and I don't think you're the parent here, but I think the higher purpose is this. To look directly at the injury that was done to the child and claim full responsibility for having shaped the lifelong trajectory of this child's life in this way. It is an opportunity to fully own it and feel the pain of it and grieve over it. The pain will pass and it will help make him or her a better person and a better parent. LOOK AT WHAT YOU DECIDED TO DO TO YOUR CHILD! Placing the blame anywhere other than one's own unwillingness to see reality and to embrace deception is to lose this huge opportunity. Then, for the parent at least, it would really be a waste of potential with no redeeming value. Truly, we are an ignorant race. Consider also the prevalence of the genital mutilation of circumcision. It is an ancient practice performed on the slave classes in order to keep them that way. It affects one's perspective permanently. Either face these things directly, or choose to perpetuate them.


answered 03 Nov '21, 23:08

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Great answer OpenRealm! Am I the parent here? Yes and no. When my son was an infant, I took him to his well baby appt and they did give him one of the vaccines. I don't recall which one. That was pre-Internet and I was not informed. I only had a few vaccines in my life and no reactions that I could tell. But I could tell the effect on my baby boy and I was horrified. That began my journey of learning about these injections and I vowed, no more. But later, his then stepmom took him...

(03 Nov '21, 23:42) Delphine

to pediatrician (without consulting me) and he got shot up. Again I don't know which ones. Anyway son is OK except for ADHD, self-diagnosed and on med for that. And, he wasn't circumcised. I instinctively knew not to allow that.

This topic, and your reply, is especially pertinent right now as they are now rolling out the experimental jab for children 5 and up. And it is unbelievable how many parents are eager for them to get it. I suspect they're in for a rude surprise.

(03 Nov '21, 23:52) Delphine
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