It is important to understand that the higher the Hz that your brain registers the more unfocused and chaotic your thought process becomes.

This seems to conflict with my understanding of raising our vibrational level.

According to this, do we really want to lower it?

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Sorry dude, that site is far too wordy for me to spend time looking for your point :-)

(03 Sep '10, 02:24) Eddie

Just edit and find the text above! Haha either way what dies raising our vibration scientifically mean??

(03 Sep '10, 05:55) Back2Basics

On the contrary, lower could mean: what is comfortable for you or how high is low for you.

(04 Sep '10, 02:38) Inactive User ♦♦
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Is it possible that the word vibration is different when used within the context of the spiritual world and scientific world?

When we raise our vibration within the context of science, we are adjusting our brainwaves and I can see it becoming chaotic if we go too high. However. on a spiritual level when we raise our vibration I think we are adjusting more than just a brainwave but are in fact raising the level of our whole being which I don't think can be measured as yet by any scientific device.

Then again it is complete identification with our thought processes that causes most of our problems so maybe there is an advantage to them becoming unfocused or chaotic for a while. Doesn't entropy imply that order arises from chaos?

This is all just speculation on my part here so any of you scientists out there are welcome to jump in and tear apart what I just said.


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I like your approach to answering the question.

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Thank you Vee :)

(04 Sep '10, 12:46) Michaela

I would agree with Michaela that the terms vibration are being used in different ways in both contexts.

Raising your vibrational level is really a generally used phrase for describing coming into alignment with your Higher Self, rather than the indicators of cycle frequency that the brainwave monitors use (though you could quite validly argue that thought also has its cyclic-frequency-based place in the as-yet-unmeasurable upper echelons of the electromagnetic spectrum).

What I would like to add though is that what appears unfocused and chaotic to one may seem completely normal to another who is in harmony with that frequency.

If you listen to some of the trance-type music of today and compare it to a Mozart concerto, you could argue that it is unfocused and chaotic.

Yet, to the mostly younger fans of it who are naturally attuned to the faster-moving vibrations of today, it can be just as clear, understandable and pleasing as one of Mozart's works.

Who is to judge what is the standard anyway?


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I can very well relate to what you are saying! Good point!

(04 Sep '10, 02:40) Inactive User ♦♦

nice perspective, thank you.......

(07 Sep '10, 20:47) Back2Basics
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