Mental illness would lead me to believe there is something stronger over some peoples reality...

What I mean is, how can the LOA be supreme if a person with dementia has no control over their mind? This means there is another variable here, right?

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How can mental illness and LOA coexist?

The LOA is either true and hence, working always or it's false. You can't have it as working selectively sometimes and not others because it doesn't make sense.

Thus, if you've seen that LOA is an immutable universal law, then there must be a cause which created the effect of mental illness. IMHO increasing mental illness is caused by excessive thinking and worrying and results in some kind of breakdown of the mind-tool we call our brain.

This means there is another variable here, right?

From our perspective we don't have or know all the details, even though we may believe that we know everything. For example, your perception of another's suffering may actually be a soul level agreement you made with that person in order for you to learn from the experience.

Most scientists are still functioning from the old paradigm. Unless and until they step up (literally), they’ll never make the connection and find the missing variable.

how could it explain perfectly healthy parents giving birth to a mentally ill child? What would be the cause here?

To answer this question satisfactorily from our perspective, we must look outside of the box of our current understanding of reason and logic. Begin inquiring into the idea of Higher Self. From our current physical perspective, we have no idea what it is that another Higher Self is wanting to achieve through any particular incarnation.

If you're personally involved in the kinds of circumstances in your question, then there's something in it for you and the others involved. If not, it's probably best to focus on the cause of the current circumstances in your life and leave others to deal with theirs.

It's possible that some of the questions posted in this forum cannot be satisfactorily answered by other people; only general insights can be shared. Some answers can only be found if you take the time to still your mind whilst holding the question and looking deep inside. Relax :)


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@Eddie - i love this clear and precise answer, thanks

(27 Feb '12, 06:45) blubird two

some would say it is a matter of cause and effect,
and an understanding of our brain and mind out of harmony


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I know cause and effect should explain all but how could it explain perfectly healthy parents giving birth to a mentally ill child? What would be the cause here? There are many scientific studies that can not find the variable.....

(12 Nov '10, 00:24) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - Which mental illnesses are babies born with? It is my understanding that they are developed over time.

(27 Feb '12, 09:31) Fairy Princess

Our spirits are perfect, and to choose our birth parents and the culture we live in is a choice to learn the lessons we need to grow and expand, and to be part of others lessons. Dementia is a perfect thing for what it teaches others and the spirit that resides in the body that has it.


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But with LOA we can Change what we initially chose to a better situation right?

(12 Nov '10, 20:05) Back2Basics

Nothing is impossible. If everything that is supposed to be aligned cosmically has occured.

(12 Nov '10, 23:48) RPuls

Nice RPuls :)

(27 Feb '12, 08:38) Eddie
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I think that mental illness is a deep unawareness. The more unaware we are, the more we allow our thoughts and feelings to contol us. I think it's the same thing as the demon posession in the Bible. The more aware, or concsious we are, the less we allow our thoughts and feelings control us. It is like the difference between being tossed about in the wind and controlling the wind. When we are unaware and letting our thoughts controll us, we are being tossed about in the wind. When we are conscious and aware, we control our thoughts and actions and are controlling the wind.

I think the voices people hear in their head are simply the thoughts they are thinking, or that they are picking up from somebody else who is thinking that. They are so caught up in their fears and negative thoughts that they lose touch with reality. Or their reality becomes very disconnected from the shared reality of others. Their perceptions become disconnected from the outside world and the shared perception of others.

Since the LOA says that we attract things and situations with a like vibration, the unconscious/unaware person attracts more of the same negative thoughts and experiences that match the ones they hold. They allow their mind to create all the negative scenarios, perpetuating more and more and attracting more and more. They create their own little world, or hell.


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