I have just read an article in a magazine about a young girl who suffered with bi-polar disorder. I work in the medical profession and give out medication to these sufferers.

In the article she described when she was on a 'high' that she would buy really expensive clothes in bright colors, write (what she thought) was fabulous vivid poetry, and spend lots of money. She went on to describe what I generally think of as my alternative lifestyle when I am trying to apply the L.O.A!

What is the difference between them, if you have grand ideas about your homes, money, relationships. Shouldnt all sufferers have the perfect life if they are permanently in this state of mind?

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in all reality if they truly WERE in the "true passion" of their own life, then they WOLD be happy with it. it is quite a differance to say "well i have thought about things and i am tryng to be happy, why isnt it working?" and then to ACTUALY live life with pure joy. my spirtual path started after i got off of drugs for a while. after six months of truly "feeling" things agian, i was like a child. i had spent so many years not enjoying the beuity of the trees and the smell of a flower and the simple joy of looking at the stars as i once did as a child, THIS is what made me re-evaluate the lack of love i had went through ,the stailness of life, but before i read one word of the law of atraction, before i ever seen one video about it, i figured out that all you need to do to TRULY change your life, is to change your perspectives on all the things you percieve as "bad" i was truly happy and i began to enjoy life agian! once i started unedstanding the law of attraction i truly then changed all the other issue in my life, and i seen that it was more about the enrgy of the universe , i can atribute most of my thought changes to my source, but even before i met him i knew that my life was changing for the better and i was the tool needed to do it! love n light, rob


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Everything is all in your mind. Some have better "control" over their own than others.


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