My question is related to this one:How does the Law of Attraction relate to the concept of “Programming the Subconscious Mind?”

What I have learnt from this short metaphysical journey of mine is that there are either teachers who talk about the powers of the subconscious mind or about the LoA. Some of the teachers of The Secret like John Assaraf and Jack Canfield talk about mind powers but Abraham-Hicks do not. The differences I have noted between the two are:

The teachers of the powers of subconscious mind generally are of the opinion that we should be extremely desirous of what we want to manifest. Napoleon Hill makes this clear in Think and Grow Rich. The teachers of LoA are of the opposite view. They believe that need hampers the process. User Stingray and The Traveler mentioned this in one of their answers.

The former believe that writing down goals in very crucial whereas LoA preachers say the asking part is completed in the first step so there is no need to write down the goals.

There are some others too, but I am not being able to recollect all right now.

So what are your thoughts on this and what do you follow and if you follow both then how do you integrate both these teachings, especially when they are contradictory?

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I have the original The Secret movie with the original Ester Hicks teaching and in it there is no conflict.

The original the boy wants a bicycle, he gets a picture from a magazine and pins it up thinking that this will draw him to his bicycle but it doesn't so he throws it away and gives up on it for a bit. But then he has a new inspiration he draws the bicycle on paper and himself sitting in the picture on top of the bicycle. He draws himself happy driving the bicycle up the road waving to his friends!

This brings the desire to have it stronger but not in I want that but in I am going to have this, this is mine! This desire is fulfilling and exciting it does not come from a lack place but an expectation place! Like from my cds Your Wish Is Your Command, you are so excited expecting this, like it is the day before Christmas, and you just know you are going to get it, you feel it you know it with all your being! That is the desire that is spoken of the desire so strong it is beyond desire it is now determination and destiny!


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I would say that the writing down of what you want serves as a tool that reinforces and cements in or makes solid a) clarity of your desire, and b) your belief that your desire is indeed possible.

The LOA works automatically 24/365, all we need to do is allow it to work. And the only thing that stops our desires from being experienced by us is our own resistant thoughts and beliefs.

So in that sense, subconscious Mind Powers can be viewed as ways to gain control of your own mind. And once you have control, all that's needed is a light touch or a brief focus upon the object of your desire and then a relaxing into it and an allowing of it; then the LOA does the rest.


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Either way is fine, and you will manifest what you desire. So, believe it, and you will see it!


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