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I was shown early this morning that we are all born with a Memory Virus implanted into our brains at birth to protect us from remembering our Soul Memories. My Guides wanted me to tap into my Soul Memories to help me remember who I truly am and I was shown a part of my True Self. The memory I was shown was very overwhelming .... not exactly what I had anticipated and on top of that they have shown me abilities within me which lays dormant within my Soul Essence in which will be Awakened very soon. I guess a part of me always knew but my rational brain could not accept it therefore thought it was an impossibility. They have shown me this before but I didn't put much thought into it and never took it seriously. Sometimes it is best not to remember who we truly are because the truth can be hard thing to accept for some if not many. For the last few months my Spiritual Guides have been showing me things of myself in which they believe I am ready to see and experience and I have to say it is very hard for me to accept this as truth.

I can't remember how many times my Guides have told me "Remember Your Soul Essence ... You Are Peace, You Are Love and You Are Light ... You Are Not Alone ... We Are Here With You ... So Awaken My Child For The Time Is Now ... You Have Come to Earth To Shine Your Light ... So Shine It." I have goosebumps all over my body as I write this. I have been transmuting the negative energies of my city and other cities in need Worldwide for some time now and I really believed this was my calling but they keep telling me that "I am more than this, I am stronger than this ... I am the Light of the World."

I have always laughed and dismissed what they have been telling me because it sounds too outworldly and too surreal and I am just a regular dude and there's nothing special about me but now after everything I have been through ... I am starting to believe that maybe there may be some Truth into what they have been telling me and showing me and that I may be more than who I thought I was. Maybe I need to start believing in myself a little bit more and to listen more and to finally find out why I am truly here in the first place ... After unlocking some of my Soul Memories ... I really don't know who I am anymore!!! Maybe I am just terrified of accepting the truth my Spiritual Guides have been sharing with me all along and maybe I am terrified of where it may lead me in this incarnation ... They say I am The Keyholder. I don't even know what that means!!!

I guess the bottom line is maybe the memory virus that is implanted within us all is a good thing considering some of our soul memories may not be what we had expected or are ready to handle or even to accept and some memories could be extremely shocking. On the other hand there are fantastic and excellent memories which can help us to understand who we truly are and eliminate the limitations we put on ourselves ...

Peace, Love n Light

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@Moonbeam - "I am just a regular dude" - No-one on this planet is just a "regular dude" ;)

(04 Mar '20, 05:08) Stingray

"Esoteric Memory Virus" is a catchy name, but we are really talking about past lives here. In my experience, one must put some time into meditation and spiritual development if you want to remember what is laid in your soul as a memory from another life.

I began remembering past lives after I was fifty. I don't know if age really has much to do with it but I became more willing to remember as I got older. Being willing to remember failure also has much to do with this. Most people "live lives of quiet desperation". If we all succeeded in every lifetime, there would be seven billion souls achieving like Mozart or Einstein! We learn much in the many quiet, unsung lives that we may live. We are here to "grow our souls"; not just to be rich and famous! One might spend an entire lifetime just learning about patience, for example.

Anyone can remember past lives, but, as I said, it takes some work, and humility, too. You have to be willing to remember a life lived entirely in an Irish cottage, as a woman who did little more than cook and clean (as I did once). I also was a WWI pilot who was shot down and killed the very first time that I went up.

Another note: we spend lifetime after lifetime with pretty much the same group of souls. Are you ready to remember that you have been struggling with your mother, not just in this life, but in many lives? We graduate from our "pod" when we have learned all we can from those souls in our group.

What caught my eye was your title, and the fact that the word, "virus" was used. That is a misused word. No one is blocked from remembering. Not a single soul. Rather, you must work on your soul to get to that point.

Good luck to everyone who tries!

Jaianniah ♡♡♡


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I agree with what you say Jaianniah. For some these memories only come through Spiritual Growth and Meditation until we learn to quiet the mind enough to explore beyond our own dimension of existence. For others something simple can easily trigger a past life memory. I know I have been getting them since I was a child. Most choose to ignore them or dismiss them as an over active imagination. But I am not talking about our time here in the Earth realm. Before I found out about Soul Memories ...

(05 Mar '20, 05:28) Moonbeam

... I have spent some time experiencing Past Life Regressions and other forms of memory recall to confirm some of the visions I have received since I was a child ... but they where only past life memories related to the Earth Experiences exactly just like what you have shared with me in your statement above. Soul memories goes way beyond the Earth Experiences to the many incarnations we have lived on other planets in this vast Universe or Multiverse (depending what you may believe in) and ...

(05 Mar '20, 06:15) Moonbeam

... all the way to the beginning when we became consciousness. Grant you some Souls are Young and others are Older who are living in the here and now on Earth and some are Very Old in which I know are not living in these lower dimensions. The Esoteric Memory Virus or should I call it Memory Chip is implanted in all of us at birth for many reasons. Most couldn't handle knowing all of their Soul Memories as it would be too overwhelming. So they let us explore our Earthly Past Lives in moderation.

(05 Mar '20, 06:55) Moonbeam

@Moonbeam- Thank you so much for your comment!♡ I wish sometimes that when we get excited about a good question we could just pick up our phones and talk for a couple of hours. Have you ever heard of Bridey Murphy? Her story, which came out as a book years ago, started the whole past lives thing. I think her story turned out to be a hoax, but many many people came forward and shared their experiences with the media. I could talk about this for hours; it's really fascinating. Thanx!

(05 Mar '20, 08:50) Jaianniah
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Your spirit guides sure don't hold back do they? As you said, this memory virus might be there to safeguard us being flooded with past life memories. It might disorientate us too much. Mind you, I'd love to have full memory of my life track from my first incarnation. That would include not only the good or bad, but also the wisdom and talents and abilities we honed during those lives. So now I want to know: how do we remove this virus?


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You are so right they don't hold back with me at all lol but it's totally my fault I told them to shock and awe me as I was ready to handle whatever they wanted to show me/teach me. I have a big mouth sometimes and I got exactly what I asked for lol. I do feel as you do about unlocking all of my memories but there is a cost as always. Sometimes I feel like they do it on purpose to keep us limited. I will soon find the answer to unlocking our Soul Memories. I am limited to what I can write here.

(05 Mar '20, 07:23) Moonbeam
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