Ok, so long story short, After speaking with a channel recently I have just learned that I can perceive things that other people can't, but I didn't know that I was different in that way, I assumed everybody could see things or do things that I could do, but that they just never really talked about it in public life.

So now this has started a whole new chapter in my life in finding more about myself and learning more about the visual perception part, which is where I can see energy, but still with what I am seeing I don't know what it means half the time. I had decided to join a reiki share group a week ago because I thought it would be a great idea to go see people who are constantly working with energy to see the visual feedback I get in order to help me understand better what it is that I am seeing.

So the next week we get a new guy who show up who claims to be a medium. From get go this guy starts telling everybody how he can see their angels and they are communicating with him at this very moment. I never seen a medium in real life, before, but while I am sure this person had the best and most positive intentions, I never seen someone be so wrong consistently and then transform what he originally said until it finally fit with the person.

It was almost exactly like the John Edwards spoof done by South Park. I couldn't believe it. It made me so mad because there were people in the group that were totally buying into it and trying to schedule a future meetup with the guy. Later on, as they were all practicing on me during the reiki share. He told everybody I had bad energy. I knew that was crap, he then said someone kept coming through, he said he could see a face. -I did see a face, but I knew he had made that up. So i said in front of everyone, what did the face look like? Because you were right, I did see a face.

Guys goes onto say, "well you know...like a face." -Ok I said, but tell me more, be more descriptive, there are lots of faces out there. He was not able to hold eye contact after I put him on the spot like that, he describes it as a dark person. Evil. He is bald and has pure white eyes. I then told him NO, sorry, way off. I then gave him the description and the a$$hole actually transforms his description to fit my description I just gave him.

I guess why this pisses me off so much, is because while I am sure this person just wants to help people, he makes people who really do have psychic senses look and feel like a joke to the world. I find it hard to learn more about myself when I feel like a great deal of people I might meet to help me understand myself better might just be a fake like this guy.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? Is this really a typical thing within this type of community of people?

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Good question. My question would be.. how do you know he wasn't seeing exactly what he claimed to? I wouldn't know without being there, or even then because I lack any sort of refined 'extra sensory perceptions' of my own. So I am not trying to say the guy necessarily wasn't a fraud and making it up or whatever, simply offering the idea there may be another possible explanation.

In my world, this is how I understand the basic workings of things.. Perception is reality, we see what we want to in a manner that suits us. When we allow others to influence our reality (accomplished simply by occupying the same general space) then it becomes a shared reality between those involved. If the two share beliefs, their beliefs are reinforced and they experience the same perception of their shared reality. If they have separate but not exclusive beliefs, then both will experience the same reality through a different 'lens'. Both can experience their separate perceptions of what should happen in the scenario and feel it as such.

If they have separate conflicting beliefs, a battle of what I refer to as 'will' begins. Their independent wills compete in a somewhat 'rock-paper-scissors' style game. This contest can have a few outcomes, and the result of the contest determines what those sharing that experience observe. One will may be crushed, reshaped, one or both could retreat from the encounter entirely, or they could both stand immovable and locked in their split perception.

I do not know if the person was making it up as they went along or not, but I would give credence to the possibility that he actually did experience what he claimed to until either your will or theirs had some kind of rejection or unacceptance for the other's. If that was the case, then the outcome depends on how the contest went, according to the beliefs and/or rules of each individual involved in the experience. (And even after the contest is finished realize that each observer can still choose to apply whatever 'lens' they choose to according to their own reality.)

[Edit; added because of impulse to do so, as per usual. ^_^y]

Also as an aside, I'm still training my visualization skills and have very little actual perception of anything beyond what I see in black and white with my 'normal' eyes.

Despite this, I've always known there has been what I have always felt to be identified as angels 'flying at my back' so to speak. They've saved my life more times than I can appreciate, and even taught me much. I never doubted and always knew that I was being protected by guardian angels, even at the time in my life where I was as close to an atheist and non-anything-spiritual believer as one can be without committing to the idea.

I wasn't always sure whether they were 'teaching' me anything real or valuable at certain times in my life, and even started to believe that I was simply schizophrenic and the things I was coming up with was craziness. When I finally started being able to listen to the message more clearly, without 'interfering with the signal' so to speak, I began to be able to test my belief in the 'supernatural' very easily by putting the knowledge I heard to the test. I observed the information proving to be true and valuable- even under the scrutiny of others, so I was able to decide for sure that there was much to this reality I had yet to learn.

I told you this to explain why I say the following: Whenever I hear any 'good' person claim to have angels around them or see angels or feel angels with positive intentions in mind, I tend to always believe they're speaking some strong degree of the truth. If they're claiming some kind of dominion, or divine right, or that others lack the same potential (or existing condition) of having angels I begin to raise my brow; but as long as no negative conditions are met I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Just my [a bit more than] two cents. ^_^y


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