I just got into buying some gemstones as I read that they could augment your psychic powers, heal migraines, improve relationships and help with grief and depression and anxiety attacks. But nothing's proved, or is it? And I haven't yet had any definite result.

I can see their aura though, as well as mine. Aura are energy fields, and if two auras are in touch with each other some effect could be expected...or not?

I would like to hear your thoughts about gemstones' powers and auras if you please!

Thank you!


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buenas preguntas

(26 Aug '11, 13:56) ursixx

:) hope i don't get on your nerves lol

(26 Aug '11, 14:01) BridgetJones09

haha I have nerves of ..grass, very flexible

(26 Aug '11, 17:12) ursixx
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I am a Certified Crystal Healer, and also a Certified Crystal Reiki Healer.

So I guess I am uniquely qualified to answer your question!

Yes, if you look at everything at a vibrational level, everything vibrates. Quartz vibrates so regularly and predictably that we literally set our watches to its 40+,000 vibrations per second. ( A computer chip counts these vibrations, and when the precise number has gone by, your quartz watch advances a second...)But all crystal vibrates, all at different frequencies, and even unique frequencies from stone to stone of the same type- sometimes. The amethyst mentioned in one of the answers above illustrates the power that crystal can have to absorb negative energy- literally, lower vibrations than we are used to-and how crystal healing can work,as an adjunct with other healing modalities.

Here are some things to Google for yourself to learn more about Healing with Crystals:

1.Crystal Healing


3. Chakras

4. Alternative Healing with Crystals.

As a final note: You can learn more from me if you are interested. My email is my name at yahoo.

Many Blessings, Jaianniah


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So, I wonder how these vibrations match up with the emotional guidance scale. Are crystals able to help us move up the scale? Thanks! Blessings,

(27 Aug '11, 02:55) Fairy Princess

I believe they do, but this gets a bit tricky-you need to become sensitized to what stones enhance your own vibrations. You may get some clues from the jewelry you already prefer- but you may have to hold the crystals to begin to get the hang of sensing what enhances you and what does not. I own many crystals, but not one of them was purchased or obtained and then kept unless I felt at home with that crystal. It takes a sensitivity that is very high, if you know what i mean...some people get it-some just do not. A good stone can raise you up, yes. I wear a rainbow.....

(27 Aug '11, 08:00) Jaianniah

moonstone pendant at all times...it just makes me feel better, more complete. hope this helps...email me, please if you want to chat, lower case, my name at yahoo.

(27 Aug '11, 08:03) Jaianniah

Thank you very much. It's very generous of you to offer such help. What I am strugling with is becoming more Spiritual, Present, Now-based, and I don't know what stone is best for that. I already googled all the items you suggested. I am very thorough when I am looking for answers ;) It is said Rhodochosite enhances spirituality. I got a slice of it. What would you say? I will mail you no doubt besides. Thanks again! xxx

(27 Aug '11, 13:59) BridgetJones09

Rhodo is a powerful stone that heals and helps the Heart Chakra...I left all my Crystal Healing stuff back in MS, unfortunately...so Google it and learn about it...this was how I learned at first...on the backs of other people's knowledge...there does come a point where you will just "know" when you touch a stone or crystal that it is right for you...it depends on your basic vibrations and inclinations...bj, it sounds like this seems to resonate with you..i would be happy to teach and help..email me for more info...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(27 Aug '11, 21:08) Jaianniah

Great answer Jai.

(29 Aug '11, 10:56) Paulina 1

Thank you, Paulina!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(29 Aug '11, 16:02) Jaianniah

Jai, I have sent you an email. Please check if you got it, it might be on the junk folder. If you haven't got it please let me know. Thank you!

(01 Sep '11, 13:32) BridgetJones09
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I work with very psychic craving teenagers I come home completely drained after a half days interaction. I read somewhere about the benefits of amethyst and we had a tumble stone on a string. So I started wearing it over my heart chakra during the day and took it of when I got home to the family (almost like a uniform). I have been doing this for about 6 months. I really can not say if the energy comes from me or from the stone but it does give me a feeling of well being when I do have it on. So I continue to wear it.
An interesting read


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Thank you! May I ask how you atach a string to a tumbled stone? I don't wanna do anything that could damage the energy field of it. I just hold them in my hand, some three of them, when I'm at home, but not all the time as I have to do things! :) I have an amethyst... Do you think they only have an effect on the long term? Sorry for so much asking... and thanks for the link! x

(26 Aug '11, 13:59) BridgetJones09

The stone I have was bought by my daughter at a fair she did not pay much for it. It had a hole already drilled. she wore for a few days and then it just sat . I decided to wear it so I sat it in a blue colored glass of water in the sun.(read blue water at Psi-tek) and let it cleanse. The sting is leather.There are a few other stones that I want a lapis lazuli and a turquoise. But it seems to me that they need to find me. It like when you least expect it (LOA) you get what you need! :D As far as effect I think it should be direct as soon as YOUR energy/vibration is in them.

(26 Aug '11, 16:48) ursixx

Since everything is energy, then everything has vibration. If the gem or crystal has a vibration and if people can set their intention on another vibration and change their vibration to match the other vibration, then yes, a person can set an intent and change their vibration to match one of a gem or crystal. Now the question is, how do we align our vibration to match the one of the other object, or gem?


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Fairy Princess

it doesnt really matter what one believes or nt believes. what matters is what u believe. bt most importantly, belief is nothing, but having full knowledge of smthn, and continuous exposure of smthn.. so if u dnt believe, its possible to believe if u r in the company of those who believe, if u read y they work, how they work. there r loads of astrologers who r nt genuine in india, n whatever they say will be wrong, or will compell u to disbbelieve in the sience itslef. bt that shd not b ones approach. a practitioner may be wrong n corrupt, but the science may be true and pure. but u need to gt to the depths. as for me, im generally a huge believer.


answered 28 Aug '11, 15:55

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abhishek mishra

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