This question is only relevant depending on your answer to another question: Do we resign ourselves to the idea once we find a solution we don't need to continue improving it?

I wrote that question to be ambiguous because in my mind it has applications to relationships, life, reality creation, and everything in between.

Often I observe that when people are given what they view as a 'solution' or an 'answer', they no longer seek to find further validity in it and resign themselves to the idea "this is how it is meant to be done, there's nothing more to see here." This is why I always encourage others to take the standpoint that we are all students, and anything we learn is subject to adaption.

Though I feel this is one of the most important things I can teach anyone it doesn't always come across, and people will take instruction and then follow it to the T leaving no room for improvement or adjusting it to fit one's self more comfortably. It seems that 'just saying it' isn't always enough. Is this my fault as the instructor by coming across as an 'authority' that is not meant to be questioned?

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That is why I do not wish to be anyone's teacher or to give out any instructions. Further more, as I said in another thread, life is not an exercise and we're not in a classroom. There is no test.

If anyone ever learns anything, assuming they see a problem in the first place and want to fix it, it's from their own actions, rather than instructions or guides handed over by anyone else.

The very idea of seeing problems in life, is like a tragic story, I find it sad yet still beautiful.

(13 Apr '13, 05:32) CalonLan

What you say sounds to me like you have a negative way to frame what is in my mind a very positive idea.

We have a whole world out there, even if no aliens exist on any of the planets in the Verse when stars are more plentiful than grains of sand on every beach on the planet. I personally find this to be somewhat unlikely, but EVEN if that is the case we have a whole world here to ourselves filled with more people we could count to learn from and share with.

Sharing.. going back to that word.

(13 Apr '13, 05:46) Snow

Life isn't an exercise, nor a test. To me, it is a journey. And to me, we have a whole bunch of other journey[wo]men out there to experience and share with.

So they don't need to do anything, nobody needs to learn anything or even spend a moment with another person.. And if that's what feels right for you in your experience that's all good, but I like my adventure and I'ma enjoy it with anyone who wants to come along for the ride. ^_^y

(13 Apr '13, 05:49) Snow

nourish questions, listen to what is asked, present them with a ladder to climb

(13 Apr '13, 11:11) fred

@Snow Absolutely love this question - maybe there isn't anything really to learn but it sure as hell makes life more interesting to learn and share - great question. Thanks so much for asking such thought provoking questions.

(13 Apr '13, 14:14) Catherine
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Snow I think that this is a very important question for teachers/uplifters. We want our students to learn. We want our students to take our information and live a better life. We want them to grow so we can feel fulfilled and happy. It's our heart's desire to teach. Do you agree?

What I learned is that the biggest mistake a teacher can make is when he wants his student to

  • feel like he does
  • think like he does
  • be in the same vibrational state that he is in

But each person is different. Each person feels differently. Each person thinks differently. Each person is in a different vibrational state.

You may have the talent to learn constantly and seek further validity in everything. But not everyone is like you.

Some like to learn concepts only. Some like to learn "how to's" only. Some like to know one piece of the puzzle only. Some like to know cause and effects of everything.

We must respect that. Otherwise we shoot ourselves in the foot.

You might know the ultimate solution to something. But if you tell someone everything that you know, he might get bored. If you expect everyone to be a self learner, you might expect too much.

So sometimes it is just better to offer just one piece of a puzzle that the students wants to know. If he wants to know more afterwards, he will come back to you, guaranteed. So I think that it is better to relax and don't bother about teaching everything to everyone.

Just offer one piece that the student is ready to hear.

Teach what your student thinks is important, not what you think is necessary!!!!!!!!!

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Great appreciation for sharing, lots of valuable feedback here.

Must be able to adapt to a teaching style that fits the student, and each student is unique.

Thanks. ^_^y

(13 Apr '13, 03:10) Snow

@releaser99 Like your analysis of the three biggest mistakes.

(13 Apr '13, 14:15) Catherine

I'm glad it helped. Btw just found a picture that is related to my answer and reminds me of my first attempts to teach :)

(14 Apr '13, 18:04) releaser99

As expected, great answer releaser99 It's also wise to remember the teacher is still the student.

(14 Apr '13, 21:34) ele

Thanks ele and yes, it can't be otherwise. Teachers are often naturally born to learn. Because without the desire to learn constantly, a teacher wouldn't have anything to teach. Learning sometimes also requires to go through "bad" experiences in life. So it makes sense why so many teachers go through a lot of struggle. Because they need to learn the solution to have something to teach to others.

(15 Apr '13, 07:29) releaser99
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