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Have you ever changed a cherished belief, learned something really profound, or experienced something that transformed your understanding, productivity and quality of life, and permanently changed the way you think about things? Can you describe your paradigm shift, and how it changed your life? Was it difficult to make the transition?

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I was dying. I was deliberately mis-using a great deal of pain-killing meds, living alone and feeling sorry for myself, and thinking constantly of suicide.

It suddenly occurred to me that IF I DID NOT CHANGE SOMETHING, I WAS GOING TO DIE.

I made the decision to go back north with Wade after the last surgery on my leg in 2011, and with that derision, I faced three months of intense withdrawal from all the drugs, intense grief because I had ruined or denied that all sorts of relationships were gone because of my own behavior. The move to Pennsylvania changed my life.

Yes, I love Wade, but it was more than just moving for a man. It was moving out of a place that I did not fit into and did not nurture and support me. I had been so alone for so long that it took a year of living with Wade's family to realize that I was alive again, with a new life.

That was a big shift for me, and I am still shifting. i am finally dealing with my headaches in a non-medical way in that I am willing to turn to other people than doctors and nurses for help. Big Shift. I have a lot of stuff wrong, but I am halfway to my Yellow Belt in Karate, and that means a great deal to me. Wade doesn't even know what his classes mean to me.

Uncoordinated me, taking Karate? Who would have thought it?

I have lost 25 pounds in the last three months, and plan to lose fifty more.

To make a long story short, I am living as if I am finally responsible for what happens to me. I am in charge. I cannot blame anyone for my troubles. They are of my own making.

Paradigm shift???

Hell, yeah.

Jai (Jeannie)


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When I was a senior at the university I said to myself I need a paradigm shift. So I travelled to Mauritania. Wow! I got a little more than I bargined for but I learned more in the two months I was there than I did from four years at the university. I learned what hungry was. I learned that suffering needs a perspective and a point of reference. I also learned to count my blessings and appreciate. This micro journey was the catalyst to my inward quest and here I am today, still going strong.


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I do it ALL THE TIME and so do You!

The thing you do when you change your beliefs is as follows: You identify the 'bad' belief (by identifying you cancel it out), you change it to something you prefer, you ACT AS IF.. the new belief is in place and by that you 'lock it in'.

Now this is how it works - by identifying a belief you don't prefer it no longer has ANY power over you. Well people will say it's not true. They will say that they've changed they beliefs and still feel pain, grief and so forth. Well this may happen for two reasons.

First is that there are multiple layers to beliefs. Meaning you can identify one belief, but it is connected to another belief that overrides this one. So it's a matter of a constant 'trial and error' approach to clear out any beliefs you no longer find useful.

Second thing is that those emotions are remnants of old beliefs that haven't been digested yet. I use a pond anology. When you throw a rock into a pond it forms circles on the water. The same thing is with beliefs. The 'bad' emotions are circles that are only an illusions. Paradoxically acting AS IF.. cancels those circles out and makes the process that much more easy.

Is it too simple to work this way? You may think so, sure. You may want to use elaborate rituals if you so prefer. But you don't have to! It is and it works. I know because it has worked for me and is still working now.

In my understanding your question Vesuvius should be 'Have you ever NOT HAVE a personal paradigm-shift?' You see you and me and everyone else are shifting ALL THE TIME. We are creating our reality on a moment-to-moment basis. Most important thing is that when you change even a slightest thing in yourself YOU ARE A NEW PERSON. It is a fact that every new thought creates new neuro connections in your brain. So you can say that with every new thought YOU PHYSICLY ARE A NEW PERSON from one moment to another.

So to tell you what was my most profound shift would be nonsense, because my whole life is one big shift consisting of infinite small shifts. Even by reading these words you are shifting to another reality. Of course I have my own personal 'moments of clarity' which help me anchor myself in this 'spiritual path' theme, like lucid dreaming, multiple orgasm, smoking salvia, but I KNOW that talking to a friend can have a similar effect. It's just I can't see it right away. But that doesn't change the fact that it M-A-T-T-E-Rs what we do ALL THE TIME.

So if you will like to know about my life I will soon be making available a book I wrote for free, to anyone that is interested. On that example you may be able to see, how I see small and insignificant changes have grown, in time, into these great giants. Till that time, Namaste.


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Yes! My shift happened somewhere around the age of 19 when I awakened to the knowledge that I am responsible for the reality that unfolds as the universe around me with my point of view as its central point of reference.

When I realized that with this awakening I could no longer blame anybody else or anything else for the circumstances that were the source of my suffering.

When I began to test what was just a theory I read in a book into practical experiments where the expected outcome cannot be blamed on coincidence or random chance, and again and again the theory of consciousness (law of attraction) proved itself to be the basis by which my reality was being created.

The profound realization that this is ACTUALLY WHAT IS HAPPENING IN EVERY PERSONS LIFE and they don't even know it because it has never been taught, never been discussed, and when ever the subject is brought up it is always met with ridicule.

The realization that very intelligent people I used to respect just flatly laughed at or dismissed this property of consciousness that I tested with my own life and no longer just believed it is true, but I KNEW it is true!

The realization the so called intelligence in most people is not experienced knowledge but learned knowledge, or book knowledge.

The general public out there, not being able to relate to these subjects, actually made it much easier for me to begin to trust my inner guidance completely. This unfortunately made it much harder for me to relate to most people.

After almost 25years of crossing over to this other way of looking at life, it is nice to see that everybody is finally coming on-board. But people are trying to get somewhere fast with this transformation, and I hate to burst their bubble, but there is no destination, only the journey.

Consider that we are souls that have been incarnate for eons of time, where the hell are we suddenly trying to go with a few years of intense transformational work?


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Very eloquently put. I think this realization is a lot more mundane for most people; eventually, they stop blaming everyone else for their own problems, and start taking responsibility for their own life.

(04 Mar '10, 17:54) Vesuvius

Pigs eat bacon.

I still eat bacon, that was made by pigs eating themselves.

Personality not faltered. :)

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