Do you think you can become dependent on a spiritual teacher for blissful states and not develop your own independent experience. do you think it is possible for a teacher to orchestrate their students dependence through stimulating bliss?

my mum followed a guru for ten years, when she went to see him she would come back super charged and would talk of how blissful the meetings were, The energy in that place is amazing she used to say. A few weeks later she would thud back down to earth and chase her tail meditating and talking at small meetings but i could tell nothing hit the spot like going to see the guru and being in that room with hundreds of followers. i think the teacher operated in a way where without him that blissful energy release was not possible.

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paul st

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Barry Allen ♦♦


I have seen this before whether it is spiritual or say marketing seminars , there's a group energy and yes , the Teacher plays a part in triggering it , it kinda like a party for 1 or one with lotsa people , whats more fun ;-) Like anything it can become an addiction

(23 Feb '13, 00:10) Starlight

It takes everyone how ever long it takes to be able to listen to their own guidance.

(23 Feb '13, 05:32) clearheart

yes, however becoming dependent is the first step towards becoming independent

(23 Feb '13, 05:54) ru bis

ru bis, if when a child then dependance help development. when in control of how you use your brain it (decisions) ought be understood and deliberately you

(23 Feb '13, 10:26) fred
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Yes. I do believe that can happen and experienced it in varying degrees. With therapists, the need for books. I guess because there was just so much de-programming I had to do through, haha. But, the key was self-awareness because I would notice how "helpless" I felt without the guidance. And, that helplessness "bothered" me so I sought to gain more independence. I consider myself rather independent, but it is hard when one is starting off on their quest, to not feel the need for that "helping hand" at first. Now that I look back, whatever guidance I became dependent on eventually waned or turned in such a way that detaching from it was the best thing to do, and in the end, that was what was for my highest good. I realized I could also rely on looking within. :-)


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Those that seem almost, hypnotic, magical, divine or energizing have an energy flow pattern advantageous to this.

The infinity symbol holds the key. There are just as well those that drain a whole room. Everyone feels like why did they even go to hear that speaker? They feel drained and worse than they did before.

A student should be encouraged to do for it self. To find not how good the teacher is, but the student, is of most importance. The student can not be praised too much or is at a risk of getting addicted to praise. A student can not grow adoration towered the teacher too much or runs the risk of worshipping the teacher. There must be balance, likewise if the teacher grows to love the adoration and crave it then the teacher has become the parasite.


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Wade Casaldi

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Please explain here why you downvoted

(23 Feb '13, 20:24) paul st

I'm am surprised it says I down voted? I know this phone was making it hard for me to vote and give you a star, someplace it must have thought I down voted. I will fix this immediately. Sorry for the confusion. Now I see some of my own past down votes could have been others mistakes as well.

There should be confirmation on down votes. "Are you sure you want to vote down? Click here to cancel, or here to down vote." I would immediately had said, "Ah, no, no, no cancel now!"

(23 Feb '13, 20:47) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi dear wade forgive my downmark i wish not to cause offence my reason is this to help you realise you are too attached to this forum. i found what i was looking for and am now un atatching my last post is to you i wish you and yours love.

(24 Feb '13, 10:44) paul st

@paul st Ah my last sentence, yes I never thought of it being applicable here in IQ.

Jai has told me, I'm addicted to IQ before. I disagreed because it is not a drug, alcohol or cigarettes. But she said people can be addicted to anything including IQ....

I send you and your family love too.

Bye paul st....

(24 Feb '13, 16:42) Wade Casaldi

@paul st I like that ~ attach & detach. Your last post with this user name? @Wade Casaldi Good thoughts. Your Jai is sooo smart! Anything can be an addiction & she's attached to IQ as much as you are. I'm attached to feeling good. I would have said 'we' instead of you; but paul st doesn't like that term much.

(25 Feb '13, 21:21) ele
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I have attended many retreats with astonishing leaders that have taught me so much. Yes, I left the retreats higher than a kite...but! The leaders were there only for the space of the retreat, and I never experienced the same one twice. I think it is important as a spiritual leader to recognize the sheer power you hold if you are teaching spirituality. Shame on those leaders who lead their flocks astray! Shame on them who make their followers addicted to their teachings! Proper teachers teach, and then send you on to the next teacher.

I thus have put the blame where I think it should go- on that guru or minister or leader. The sheep naturally follow their shepherd. If the shepherd leads off a cliff, so too will the flock go. A good shepherd has a rod (discipline) and a staff (guidance) for his sheep, and uses them. And a good teacher knows when his time is done. He dismisses the student.




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so true, it's a wise teacher who knows when to let go and guide their students to independence.Sometimes the teacher is too needy.

(23 Feb '13, 21:09) clearheart

A "rod" sounds like that vengeful God you both fear & believe in.. Personally I'm not a follower aka sheep..

(25 Feb '13, 21:28) ele

Yes, you definitely can. It is similar in the way as to how people turn to cigarettes and alcohol for instant relief which is only temporary.

Personally, I have had the good fortune to come in contact with a person who was psychic and spiritual in nature, and what I learnt from him was that the teacher can only teach you so much, but everything else is actually up to you yourself.

For instance, the teacher might say that you are going to win lottery today, but if you do not even take the effort to purchase a lottery ticket, then there is almost no way for you to win that lottery.


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I always love reading your answers boo...

(25 Feb '13, 21:32) ele
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