“What if the student is ready and the teacher does not appear?” And a Good Samaritan comes along see the needs of the student, and tries to help; the teacher comes along sees what the Good Samaritan is trying to do, and stop him from helping the student. Was the Good Samaritan action inappropriate by trying to extend help to the student, or was the teacher’s action inappropriate by trying to stop the Good Samaritan from helping the student? What do you think?

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Couldn't help but think that it almost seems like you're hiding a deeper problem under your abstract outline of the story. tell us what really happened and we will help you. don't give us your (biased) interpretation of the situation, give us something to work with.

(30 Nov '10, 21:36) zvolkov

@Zvolkov Is that how you have interpreted this question? I am sorry but I cannot tell you how to think, and interpret, and unless you are trained to read peoples’ mind, you are doing what you are accusing me of doing, when in fact it is not a bias question. I should know, because, I asked the question! It is a question, like every other question on this site, and I am very sorry to hear you have interpreted it in a negative way to suite your own personal biases against me asking this question. On the contrary I have the same rights as you do to ask any question that I feel passionate about.

(01 Dec '10, 02:21) Inactive User ♦♦

@ Zvolkov, also, it is unfortunate, that you chosen to see my question in a negative way, but you are entitled to your opinion. Every day I learn something new about human behavior. Thank you for your answer.

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It all depends on if this situation applies to you and you are looking for the right justification to make your decision, and you are hoping that one of our answers will provide that justification.

If I were in this situation this is how I would see it. I am the decision maker in all the decisions that affect me. It is not in the hands of the good Samaritan or the teacher, unless of course, I am in the habit of blaming others for everything that goes wrong in my life, and I am trying to decide who to blame when things don't work out.

The Good Samaritan and the teacher can only help to the extent that I allow them to help me.


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The Traveller

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Hi, Traveller. I like this new your answer. You are right"Help yourself and God will help also".

(26 Feb '10, 10:34) Gleam

Nice one Traveller!

(23 Nov '10, 15:15) daniele

No the situation does not apply to me, and I am sorry to disappoint you. It is a scholastic question that I think that we can all learn from. So perhaps, you may want to rethink your answer. Thank you.

(24 Nov '10, 01:28) Inactive User ♦♦
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If the intention behind the Good Samaritan's actions was genuinely good then I don't see any reason why a teacher would want to come along and stop it.Maybe at that moment in time the Good Samaritan was in fact the teacher. We're all students and teachers at different moments on this journey called life - someone can irk and annoy you when in fact they are sent to teach you patience. I think if we look closely enough, everyone we interact with can teach us something, and the most unexpected people can in fact be our greatest teachers. So the right teacher is always appearing in our experience - it just depends if we are conscious enough to recognize them as a teacher and get the lesson presented.


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You have given the best answer! It is so true...we all are teachers and students at the same time...the best teachers actually learn more than their students do! Blessings, Jai

(26 Feb '10, 21:09) Jaianniah

Thank You Jai :-)

(26 Feb '10, 23:47) Michaela

I like the fact that you said that everyone we interact with can teach us something, but in the same token there are some people who will disregard you, perhaps because there are the ones that need to learn patience. Thank you for your answer.

(24 Nov '10, 01:45) Inactive User ♦♦

@Vee - Even those who disregard or even irk us, can often, unknowingly, be our greatest teachers. When we can look at EVERYONE through the eyes of love, then we are truly living an awakened life, and that includes even those who disregard or irk us - they do in fact show us those areas we still fall short on.

(24 Nov '10, 12:22) Michaela
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The "apparition" of teacher could be appreciated as an opportunity, which "appears" (was attracted} when the student is truly ready for and the need is enough present into area of consciousness to observe the theacher (opportunity).

But obviously, the ready student will search a teacher. Now they are aboundently. For choosing within teachers or methods, listen to your intuition.


answered 26 Feb '10, 08:03

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I'm sorry. I let slip the "denuded need". But, being words about a "ready" student, I presumed all the process: need -> striving -> wish -> intention. Please, considere you as.

(26 Feb '10, 11:20) Gleam

No because the need attracts the thing needed, a need is a vacuum and pulls to it what is needed, so it could be said the student needs the teacher but the teacher doesn't need the student the teacher is.

In this case it would not be though because the good Samaritan should mind his own business, like when a friend gives you bad advice it is more of a hindrance than a help.

Example: "Forget about her, lets go to this party and get smashed drunk" the next thing you know you end up vandalizing something for fun or fighting, something like that you are out of your mind for because your friend decided to get you smashed drunk. The next thing you know you are sitting in jail saying "why did I ever listen to you!"

Usually the vandalize part comes long after the smashed drunk part, it is not usually a suggestion that is started off with. You see it in the paper all the time, "we didn't know what we were doing we were drunk." I just saw it on Judge Joe Brown these 20 somethings were expecting him to say something like "Oh you were drunk you didn't know you were trashing the place you were suppose to take care of okay don't let it happen again, I'll let this go because you were drunk."

These kids for some strange reason believe being drunk relieves them of responsibility for their actions!!!

Added more still

A book does not need to be read to exist, it still exist whether it is read or not, but a student to learn needs to read the book. This is why the student needs the teacher but the teacher does not need the student.

This is why the saying is "when the student is ready the teacher will appear", not "when the teacher is ready the student will appear."


answered 26 Feb '10, 09:17

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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you Wade, for your attention regarding my answer. I will correct

(26 Feb '10, 10:40) Gleam

But if the teacher don't "needs" the students, why being teacher? For having only a job with spiritual aura? I think, feel and hope better about you. My best regards and blessings.

(26 Feb '10, 11:01) Gleam

"Forget about her, lets go to this party and get drunk then we'll go vandalize something to feel better" - A Good SAmaritan or true friend wouldn't give you this kind of advice.

(26 Feb '10, 14:27) Michaela

LOL Michaela I mean the friends that have good intentions but all the wrong advice. For me I am glad I never listened to such advice, unfortunately I do know people who do for some reason or other that I really wish and pray would someday straighten up to have a good life.

(26 Feb '10, 23:00) Wade Casaldi

Oh what I meant by the teacher not needing the student is, the teacher learns because he wants to progress he doesn't learn to be a teacher that sort of comes along with it. In other words I'll use math let's say I don't know any math but I want to someday teach math. That does not come first, first I want to learn math because it fascinates me then after I know it then I enjoy sharing it. The being a teacher comes after learning what it is.

(26 Feb '10, 23:08) Wade Casaldi
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Any person who has an answer for your doubts and questions is "the teacher", always will be a person that came before you. You make the teacher, it is not a maxim to take it literally in the concept of a teacher with an University diploma. Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion.


answered 23 Nov '10, 12:49

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Really good one Maya! thank you, namaste

(23 Nov '10, 15:18) daniele

I agree that we all learn from each other, and of course teaching is a career for some of us. Good point. Thank you.

(24 Nov '10, 00:59) Inactive User ♦♦

I agree with some of the answers here... a teacher is any person who is able to share some insight with you and is able to as a result enlighten you even if its for just a brief moment... these roles are constanly reversing, at times you may be a teacher for someone.. and others for you. When you are ready for an answer, the universe will send you a teacher via the most appropriate method.


answered 23 Nov '10, 16:13

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I like your response, and you are right we are constantly teaching someone else something, whether we realize it or not. Thank you.

(24 Nov '10, 01:04) Inactive User ♦♦

help and truth comes in many way be the wise and learn what is good to know!


answered 27 Apr '11, 21:21

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white tiger

The 'teacher' not appearing then would actually be the teacher itself.


answered 29 Apr '11, 17:11

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it may be that the student is not yet ready,
the teacher may be with someone more in need of his/her services than you.


answered 01 May '11, 01:21

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Fortunately, when the student is ready the teacher will always appear without doubt or hinderance. There seems to be an assumption that the teacher is a physical being that comes along. I say to you that the statement "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is a spiritual statement. Meaning, that when the student is ready in character and spirit, the inner master-teacher will appear. The teacher is an inward spirtual non-physical inteligence. Not a physical person. Therefore, with the story above, the student wasn't ready. Don't get me wrong, there are lessons to be learned, but for this issue, the student was not ready.


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It is allways good to help as much as we can.Sometimes we tend to let ourselves either be passive and give to much effert in our help,but if good intentions are in the mix of our decission we are only doing what comes natural and doing it for the greater good.But you have to ask yourself,what was it that led you to the decission to help,was it out of pitty,or for the better good of the person?We all make mistakes and there is only trial and error that we grow as a person,and see our true selves.To teach we must first learn,so who is the teacher,and who is the student,don' we learn as we try to teach?Becouse all walks of life are differant.You and i are all learners of life,When you graduate to the other side then you get all your knowledge returned to you,and then you can apply what you've learnt from this life to the better good.Don't putt yourself above others and think you may have all the answers,Keep the oppisite in mind be the student even wile you teach.And then down the rode when and if the same person has the same problem,you will see a differant answer.The Teacher is within,Fallow the true light and you will be were you need to be!


answered 03 May '11, 15:44

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randy 1

I agree, "The Teacher is within." Thank you.

(07 May '11, 04:32) Inactive User ♦♦
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