I have just started working through the Master key System. This is probably the first of many questions I will have. It seems that some people have very material hopes and requests to achieve through this system. Then again the creative power of the mind is not all about materiality.

Is it better to focus on things that are creative or altruistic? Once a clear goal has formed consciously, do I need to keep reminding myself of it to gradually embed it in the subconscious mind? Can the conscious mind help by, for instance, being attentive to the many ways that the universe might offer to manifest the request?

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What are you looking to get out of The Master key System ? @Ariadne

(16 Apr '13, 03:49) ursixx

ariadne, the reason for the adage 'know thyself' may be that the subconscious mind has the answers. the conscious mind is but a tool, sorting out what we our senses are able to percieve

(16 Apr '13, 07:21) fred

@Ariadne the secret of all initiations including The Master Key system is magnetic energy also known as chi, ki, vital life force etc ... it's the circulating life energy inherent in all things, the building blocks of the universe. So the best kind of request is to gain control and increase the flow of this energy that naturaly flows through your body. There're simple exercises you can practice to accomplish this.

(23 Jul '15, 10:41) jaz
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Hopes, conscious mind and subconscious, are nothing but concepts that keep are minds busy as doers/achievers till the time we realize that all is but one and there never ever was any division anywhere as conscious or subconscious or mind. The state of duality that we exist in demands all these tasks of a doing nature when all that is necessary is to realize the one manifesting as many just like different objects made of clay have their identity as clay alone but due to the apparent multiplicity of forms, a clay pot hopes to be a clay bowl or wants to do things for its fellow clay objects. If at all one wants to "hope" for the sake of satisfying one's mind, one can ask for the veil of illusion to be lifted that prevents such realization.


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It is the coordination of these two centers of our being, and the understanding of their functions, which is the great secret of life. With this knowledge we can bring the objective and subjective minds into conscious cooperation and thus coordinate the finite and the infinite. Our future is entirely within our own control. It is not at the mercy of any capricious or uncertain external power....

(16 Apr '13, 03:40) ursixx
(16 Apr '13, 03:41) ursixx

"into conscious cooperation" = lifting the veil

(16 Apr '13, 03:44) ursixx

If our future is entirely within our own control, we should be able to defy 'death' which is also another concept.

(16 Apr '13, 08:52) Dolly Gupta

it's a paradox. Life itself defies death. Death defies life. We're not part of that equation, we are not life itself, but merely an offspring of it. And one day we'll become offspring of death.

Can't escape the circle forever repeating.

(16 Apr '13, 09:36) CalonLan

calonlan, perhaps one can grow enough to escape the cycle of repetition, since you are outside of it

(28 Jul '15, 20:56) fred

Life itself defies death, yes it's everlasting ... the flip side to death is "birth"

(29 Jul '15, 00:59) jaz
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A pure, aligned, and clear request, FROM that alignment, after all or most of the resistance around that particular request is dissolved. From this alignment your request is coming from your center, thus you're manifesting from the heart so it wouldn't be necessary to rely on the conscious mind to be attentive to the many ways a desire could manifest, you would instead trust your intuition, as the conscious mind can't possibly conceive the infinite possibilities or routes towards a manifestation. Focusing on things that are creative sends a very powerful vibe, especially things we are passionate about, while anything, material or not, can be achieved through law of attraction, the more purer desires like creativity, self expression, and discovering a purpose, they all seem to have the strongest energies, while material things such as houses, cars, and material wealth [ego based] usually carry more resistance with them. Whatever your goal is, just focusing on it and feeling good about it ''predominantly'' will do the trick, Universe will handle the rest.


answered 29 Jul '15, 15:04

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