Many years ago, when I first began studying new-age spiritual concepts, I came across several different authors, all promoting techniques that fell under a banner loosely termed "programming your subconscious." These techniques were somewhat different from each other, but they all held to a basic principle: plant a suggestion in your subconscious, and previously difficult tasks would now be effortless.

How does this "programming the subconscious" thing relate to the Law of Attraction/manifestation process? Are they both the same? Why is "the subconscious" seldom spoken about anymore? Have we just changed the words?

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I have exactly this same question in my mind now.

(28 Oct '10, 15:44) Pranay

Great question!

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I think the subconscious is the aspect of mind that actually does the attracting.

We can convince our conscious mind and understand everything from an intellectual perspective, but if our subconscious is still holding on to and believing old habitual thought patterns then everything we get on an intellectual level is a waste of time because our behaviours and what we do and what we attract are based on those habitual thought patterns and beliefs.

Therefore, I think it's imperative that we not only learn intellectually but we also work on changing those deep-rooted beliefs thus convincing the subconscious to release those old patterns and adopt new ones. As Rpuls so rightly pointed out, repetition is a key component in convincing the subconscious and for the LOA to work to one's benefit I think undertaking subconscious programming can only prove to be beneficial.


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They are still the same. I like to think of the subconscious mind as the gateway to 'Source' or 'God' or 'Universal conscience' which are more spoken about nowadays. Current manifesting and law of attraction processes nowadays are also about influencing the subconscious mind, except we do it through the use of our emotions, rather than normal programming like listening to subliminals, affirmations, etc.

Through the use of emotions and getting into the feeling of already having what we want, we are also influencing the subconscious mind in a different way than the normal old mainstream 'programming'.


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Great question Vesuvius. It is a matter of repetition. Like driving a car down a certain route day after day. Eventually, you travel that same route and arrive at the destination not realizing the space you traversed. Your consciousness can be elsewhere while the subconscious gets you to the destination. The subconscious was programmed by knowing the end result ie the destination.

The relation to LOA would be the repetition of replacing limiting thoughts with abundant thoughts. Eventually, you replace the limiting thoughts and arrive at the abundant thoughts not realizing the limitations you traversed. Your consciousness can be elsewhere while the subconcious attracts to you the abundance. Therefore, it becomes effortless. The subconscious was programmed to attract abundance.


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I just finished reading this article that explains exactly how the subconscious is used with the Law of Attraction.

Basically the subconscious is the only gate way we have to the spirit side of things.

We have to program it because it is not like the conscious mind. We have to filter the subconscious with the conscious. or place things(program) the subconscious with the conscious.

What is planted here will be broadcasted out into the infinite universe, super conscious and attract harmonous energies to you.

In other words, thinking with you conscious is like broadcasting a radio show with the antenna off. Turn it on is analogous to using you subconscious.

Once it is broadcast, like energy will attract -> LOA


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The law of attraction works through the subconscious mind so I believe that we are talking about similar things. However I feel that the concept of the law of attraction is easier for most people to comprehend and accept and maybe that is why it is used more frequently. Some people fear the "subconscious" and therefore are not comfortable speaking about it but the LOA is a concept that involves words that are not too threatening or fearful and easier for the mind to process.


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It is rather late here,but after reading the thoughtful responses,which I find inspirational,I had to let it be known that I agree with all the above responses.As to LOA.The term LOA is only a modern way of speaking in referance to a spiritual concept or belief that has been driven home by every sage in history as for back as one cares to go.It is far older than any religeous doctrine and if studied carefuly they will find that most religeous texts support it in one way or another,without referance of course.I am a firm believer in the LOA even though I must admit that I am still on a learning curve and I suspect will always be.The more I feel I learn , the more I come to believe that if the LOA was higher education (which it is in my view)I would be in the third grade but moveing up due to my dedication to further my understanding of the so called mystories of life.I am convinced that had I not been seeking answers that resonate with me I would never have would never have attracted Psy Tech or heard of our benefactor, Simon Templeton or for that matter the inspiration that flows through reading the questions and responses by what I have come to refer to as my bigger and wiser brothers and sisters,but by no means older.I truly love this site and all of you.Don V


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Don V

Ditto to above ,good question. Having been very much into the Wattles/Trine/Holmes and Troward type books i was very much impressed with the subconscious mind re programming type idea. In a way it also linked in with the believe and receive principle taught in varying degrees by Christianity,especially word of faith type churches.Not exactly the same mind but similar.They place the emphasisi on meditation on promises and putting an effect on the spirit which then causes faith which alters circumstances.

Then i started seeing mor LOA especially on this site,fair is an LOA site after all.However i was led to this site thru the PSA TEK list of books so i figured there must be a link.

It seems to me that the spirit/subconscious is linked to the Father spirit or mind ,i do believe spirit IS mind,if it isnt how will we think when were out of the body.LOA seems a natural progression or after effect of this link.When we feed our thoughts ( through subconscious mind ) into the Mother mind this mind causes matter/circumstances to react.This has been described as LOA and it is .The all mind attracts to us what we think or put into it.The ATTRACTION which is after all a FORCE being All mind.

There is then the question is LOA a law.i would say yes just as the Father/God /All mind is a law.I see no conflict in Law and God/Father/Deity being the same.If we are to believe that God made this universe we must beleive He made the law which runs and governes it all.

I see the phrase LOA and see the same method and system Troward writes about.HOWEVER i will admit im still a little confused about the emotion thing that Abraham/Ester cite.Im not saying yea or nay...ive only been exposed to this recently and my juries out on that one.

For what its worth this is one of the most interesting questions ive read on IQ. I hope it gets many answers.



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Monty Riviera

I would say emotion is like to the wattage of a radio station and how far it reaches through space. The more positive the emotion the stronger and farther our attraction reaches or how quickly it draws abundance towards us.

(14 Sep '10, 10:01) RPuls

Thanks RPuls,im quite interested in this and its and ive posted a question along these lines as its something i would like more input on.Dont want to " highjack " this thread thou as this is also very pertinent.

(14 Sep '10, 15:05) Monty Riviera

New question is here:

(15 Sep '10, 04:40) Vesuvius
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The subconscious mind is a term used to refer to the part of your mind that you are not consciously aware of from moment to moment. That is where our beliefs reside. Our beliefs are expressed to our consciousness through thoughts and emotions and experiences. Our beliefs set our underlying vibration and are the lense through which we see/experience the world. How we allow how we view the world to affect our thoughts, emotions and beliefs affects how we view the world.

It all boils down to what you believe. Whatever it is that you believe is what you receive. Our beliefs are the lenses through which we view the world, experience the world. If you change your beliefs, you change the lense and the way you experience the world. Like if you draw a picture with special ink that you have to wear special glasses to see. If you take off the glasses, the picture is still there, you just can't see it. But instead, the lenses allow you to see things that are in vibrational alignment with them. Change the lenses, change what you see.

In the Bible, it says that there is nothing new under the sun. That means that even back then and since the beginning of the world as we know it, everything was already thought of. There are parallel realities that allow us to express free will by moving through the parallel realities as we make different choices and change our vibration throughout life. That also means that everything we could ever want exists somewhere for us to tune-in to to experience. We tune-in with the lenses we wear. If we change the lenses, we change what we tune-in to and experience.

So this is always already happening. The challenge then is to target certain items to tune-in to and to experience. In order to reach your target, you must believe that you can. Wanting to believe is not the same as believing. It is our beliefs that make the walls and ceilings to what we can do and experience. We can create for ourselves a hell or a heaven with our beliefs. So, which reality do you want to tune-in to?


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Fairy Princess

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