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So the question is, Is my mind playing tricks on me? The daydreams as I call them, have been going on for about over a year now and I am not sure what to make of them yet; a trick maybe, a daydream, or a vision perhaps. I'm not sure and there lies the question.

How the daydream starts is me or something running, running hard and fast down a road. It's night time, as I or it looks up at the sky, stars everywhere and the moon is in full view. The moon is in It's crescent but still giving off enough light to see the trees off both sides of the road.

As I or it goes down this road the daydream shifts too me or it over looking a beach, I hear the sea crashing, and on the beach it self sits a pillar or maybe a pedestal of some sort. On it sits a woman long dark hair with slight waves running thru it.

Before her is ether me or someone else knelt at her feet, they look sad in some ways not sure why, as for the full view of their faces it is blurred can only make out their basic body shape and lips. While it is going on (the daydream) I am still focused in real time doing mundane things It's weird, well that's the best way I can explain it.

As for my feeling or mood is lifted not here nor there but away from my body. These daydreams change slightly day-to-day, sometimes she is dancing over the sea splashing me from time-to-time with a smile on her face and other times I or it is flying thru the clouds so fast, and changing into something.

I'm not sure what it all means but every once in a while they get so intense that I tear up and my body is shaking, not in fear or sadness just does.

I personally think I'm just going crazy and my mood after these events is sad, distant, alone, and not connecting.

asked 02 Nov '11, 07:35

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Mr. Smith

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Mr. Smith, there are any number of things that may be going on with you...

1.) You may be having flashbacks. A flashback is a deeply vivid memory that comes back unexpectedly...this happens to veterans after they come back from war. They might hear a backfire, and suddenly, they see the battlefield, and are back at the war. It can be very scary, especially if the memory is repressed.

2.) You could be experiencing a repressed memory. In this case, you are actually seeing a scene in which you actually participated. This is a complex and hotly debated subject; suffice it to say that you would definitely need to see a counselor to check this out, especially if you are shaking after you experience the memory.

3.) You could be hallucinating or having a drug flashback. Now do not get me wrong- I am including this here for general knowledge, and not accusing you in particular. Drug flashbacks are like regular flashbacks, except they are due to taking LSD or some other heavy drug in the past, doing something while high, and then reliving it now. If you are hallucinating, it could be from the same reason; I do not know. Only you do.

In any case, you could also be

4.) Leaving your body and astral projecting without knowing it. Your experience sounds a lot like what I experience when I journey as a shaman. I see things in the "spirit world" that do not exist in the real world. You might be journeying without realizing it.

All these things are possible. Only you can figure it out.

I hope this helped! Leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Blessings, Jaianniah


answered 03 Nov '11, 11:52

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Thank you for your post I highly appreciate it. I do see truth in what you give, it seems to me that there is a message within these flashes I have. It almost has a feeling that I am being prepared for something, something soon wish I knew what. The man/entity has a stature of a soldier of some sort, besides the flying I have also seen him/it/me wielding a sword, not sure what that means. To be honest I didn't want to talk about that part of it but seeing how this site is some what private I guess it doesn't matter. But he/it/me is fighting something very powerful, dark, without shape/mass.

(03 Nov '11, 21:20) Mr. Smith

Again, it could be a past memory, perhaps from another life; it also could be a classic anxiety dream- being chased or threatened is classic for anxiety. Is your anxiety high? Check your "gut" and see what it says. Keep talking to me and we will work this out! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(04 Nov '11, 06:07) Jaianniah

I used to have high anxiety when I was young, but now in my later years it has gone into a mild and controlled. As for the sensation from the dream there is no anxiety just the feeling of necessary. As well I do meditate in a manner, I can bring myself too total physical exhaustion and see myself lifted out of body into a peace. The woman is in it too watching from above some where.

(04 Nov '11, 15:47) Mr. Smith

As well do you know what it means to be an old soul? I get that comment about myself from many random people that only talk to me for a short time. It's odd too say the least, seeing how they randomly talk to me and only for a instant.

(04 Nov '11, 16:04) Mr. Smith

It sounds to me like you are journeying, as I mentioned above...You need training to journey, or it can be quite scary! You are having out-of-body-experiences...apparently, you can do this quite easily...Look into OBE's on the Web, and also look into shamanism, especially journeying. You need to bring this talent of yours under control- to use it only when you want to. I am a trained shaman, so I know how you can see things and not understand them; like I said, it can be scary without a teacher! What do you think? Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(04 Nov '11, 16:05) Jaianniah

It does seem like OBE, not sure about a teacher I'm a private fellow when it comes too this area of my life. But words if wisdom such as yours are helpful.

(04 Nov '11, 16:08) Mr. Smith

Thank you. I hope I have helppd clarify what you are experiencing. The world you are seeing sounds really very much like the "Shadow World" of the Shaman. Just try not to be afraid, and go with it. Good luck!>>>>>>>>

(04 Nov '11, 16:27) Jaianniah

well Mr smith i have seen that black thing that attack people it killed a bunch of people that where fighting it. but it did not fight me. i have even rewind it and pass it in slow motion. it could be fear and a test. if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. so move away from the shadow and become the light. experience and enjoy.

(05 Nov '11, 01:53) white tiger
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Hello Mr. Smith , it seems to me that there is a lot of potential creative energy in you that is trying to manifest itself ... i would suggest channeling this energy and bring it under conscious control ... the best way of achieving this is to practice daily meditations.


answered 02 Nov '11, 16:36

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blubird two

i agree well done blubird.

(02 Nov '11, 22:48) white tiger

Yes Mr. Smith, there seems to be a lot of uncontrolled psychic energy manifesting itself. A good way of dealing with this is to meditate.

Your meditations can be greatly enhanced by the use of vibrational therapy in the form of specially designed graphics, which produce specific vibrations that interact with your vital energy.

You could try the "fiat lux" graph, designed to open your consciousness, and the "cosmic 2000" graph, designed to filter the useful from the non useful information, they are both produced by the servranx laboratories.


answered 10 Apr '13, 13:13

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ru bis

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well Mr smith who own this mine of yours. did you not learn to control it yet? if you control it why ask if your mind is playing trick on you? like blubird has said meditation could help you control your body mind and spirit. also learning to become lucid in dreams could help you alot to become more active in your dream. experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Nov '11, 22:53

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white tiger

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