Isn't the fact that we are changing our mind to "pretend" we have what we want in paradox to the loa.

Isn't the only reason we are manifesting is because we lack it.

Isn't it only from a place of lack that we even think of practicing such things?

Thank You.

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Often - and that is why you will read people like Stingray saying to do things just because they feel good and not to manifest something...because then your (perceived) 'lack' is not mixed in with your vibration.

Such things needn't be practiced from a place of lack. Sometimes, you may just want to experience a variation of something. In which case, you are approaching from a more abundant mindset.

For example, say you're at a buffet and just ate a few slices of Hawaiian pizza. Then you see your friend eating a spicy one with jalapenos on it and decide you want to try that too. All you're going for is a variation - you've already had your fill. You know it's there to try and requires nothing more of you than what it took to have the Hawaiian. It's like that.

(Then later on, you find out you can actually go up to them and specify the exact toppings you want on a pizza - or even what type of crust you want. It doesn't have to be out on display)

Or someone is out with a large group of friends, and meets another person they would like to get to know better. Or say a billionaire is trading in the currency markets - has 10 profitable trades going and decides to make another trade. They want that trade to be profitable too - but they're not approaching it from a state of lack.

So the answer is no - it isn't only from a feeling place of lack.

You can argue they "currently lack that person as a friend" or something. But that is being a bit pedantic and I differentiate that kind of pseudo-lack from an actual feeling of lack...which granted is where most of us approach it all from, initially at least.


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Yes, I particularly like your final paragraph Liam :-)

(10 Sep '10, 00:54) Eddie

Thanks Eddie. :)

(11 Sep '10, 08:02) Liam

I would answer the question with a no.

To pretend we have something that we havnt got would be dishonest and foolish.

I come from the perspective that in the spirit i ALREADY HAVE the things and circumstances i desire.It does seem a conundrum until we realise that there are two planes of existence which we live in and enjoy.The physical and spiritual.

Now ultimately they come from the same source,but we have a foot so to speak in each one.We draw from the invisible/within/spiritual not what we wish we had but what we already have and more importantly ARE.

Also WERE not manifesting.Were a channel through which God manifests.Even Christ maintained that the Father within Him was doing the works.

Ive lost interset in the manifesting bit now,Im more concerned with keeping my focus on who i actually am and what i have. The rest is like gravity.the law just does what it does.



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Monty Riviera

Manifesting from want is magnifying the lack of.Manifesting from a point of desire is creating.
Wouldn't you say that "changing our mind to "pretend".
Is what we do when we learn something. We "pretend/imagine" all day it is a part of how we function .When a second cup of coffee is wanted/desired do we not "pretend/imagine" that it will be as good as the first.
Pretending and imagining shape your reality.

For every pleasing thing, there is an unpleasing counterpart, for within every particle of the Universe is that which is wanted as well as the lack of that which is wanted. When you focus upon an unwanted aspect of something in an effort to push it away from you, it only comes closer, because you get what you give your attention to whether it is something that you want or not. It is up to you to focus upon and attract what is wanted.

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness"



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Good answer!

(04 Jun '13, 02:39) ele

or, we use what we know until other options appear

(04 Jun '13, 14:43) fred

I think it is the ones that ponder, analyze, and discover the truth of why some people can have the same education, the same opportunities, and the same amount of lack, but some achieve and produce what they want and others don't. Why does this phenomenon occur? We have concluded that the mental world is the real world and the physical world is a reflection or manifestation of the mental world.

Just because one person says a million dollars means wealth may mean lack to a billionaire. I think it is a matter of creating from desire what you want and not a matter of coming from a place of lack and pretending. I'm not sure if pretending yourself into abundance is passionate enough for the self to attract the correct results.


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