First question this.

On a recent scripture swapping comments session i was informed by a very learned biblical scholar that the universal salvation doctrine preached by Mike Williams was a Satanic Heresy.

For those who arnt to bothered about Gospel teaching Mike Williams believes that everyone will go on with God to whatever we do go on to God with.Call it heaven or whatever.Its a theme thats older than Mike Williams of course.

The liKes of Ralph Waldo Trine,Thomad Troward and Ernest Holmes have long taught that there isnt an angry God waiting to throw people who havnt made Jesus there personal saviour into hell.And i thank God for enlightened minds like these.

My question really is this...Whats SATANIC about everyone going to heaven?

Of course this is open to any kind of answer,but im not looking for people to throw lines of scripture out ( although its a free world ) just an honest answer from the heart. But i am prepared for a pile of scriptural quotations...karma really... as i used to hand them out like confetti.


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Labelling is a tool that insecure people with tunnel vision use. Heaven and Helk are not some locations in the Universe where we will be marched to upon our death. I think Heaven and Hell are both here on Earth. When you live in despair and darkness and attract people in your lives who are just as hopeless and despairing as yourself, you are in Hell. When you are on a path of enlightenment and evolution of your mind and spririt and you are surrounded by people who are happy, growing and encouraging you are in Heaven. Satan is not a physical being, he is the doubt that lingers in our hearts. God is the hope and joy in our hearts. When we move our focus away from joy i.e. God doubt i.e. Satan comes into play and that despair and negativity takes us into Hell - in this life.


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I Think Therefore I Am

Well said,i think along a similar line.


(06 Sep '10, 11:13) Monty Riviera

@Graham Cook - Thanks:-)

(06 Sep '10, 19:12) I Think Therefore I Am

@I Think: Very well said

(07 Sep '10, 06:34) Stingray
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