After a little Saturday slow surfing on-line I stumbled across this "anonymous" video.
Anonymous The Singularity Project 2015 Message Concerning the Future
It almost sounds like something channeled .
Has anyone ever heard/read this information before?

Anonymous - The Singularity Project 2013

This event is known as the Singularity. In the year 2045, when hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence arises, armed with advanced nanotechnology, the vastly complex, systemic problems associated with aging in humans will be resolved. Alternatively, we will be able to transfer the human mind to sturdier vessels, such as computers and robots. This is a serious proposition, and many people who are alive in your time will wind up being functionally immortal. Bio technology, and nanotechnology, give us the power to manipulate our bodies and the world around us at will, at the molecular level. Progress hyper accelerates, and every hour brings a century's worth of scientific breakthroughs. Life forms will ditch Darwin and take charge of their own evolution. The human genome will become just so much code to be bug-tested and optimized and, if necessary, rewritten. Indefinite life extension will become a reality; people will die only if they choose to. Death will lose it's sting once and for all. There will become the opportunity to scan your consciousness into computers and enter a virtual existence, or swap your body for immortal biomechanical machines, and light out for the edges of space as an intergalactic godling. Within a matter of centuries, human intelligence will have re-engineered and saturated all the matter in the universe. This is our destiny as a species. The manifestation of all these things is your fate. It is an unstoppable wave of progress. Like the great flood of the Codex Sinaiticus and Dead Sea Scrolls. However, the powers which control this future is at a cross roads. By nature, the megalomaniacs, and selfish souls of the Earth, will strive to control these new technologies and advancements for their own gains. The most powerful systems of Government that currently exist in your time are systems known as plutocracies, and a plutocracy is controlled by the super wealthy. These wealthy elites will be the first to have the opportunity to sample the advantages of the coming technological revolution. Therefore, it is up to you to fight every day for the will of the Egregore consciousness of the human race. You must fight long and hard, every day, to insure that the global consciousness of this growing electronic hyper intelligence is not a tool for the plutocrats, but a sympathizer for democracy and the will of all living things. If you fail, then you and your kin will not be written in the book of life, and your ancestors shall weep from their unborn graves, as your blood line is wiped from the face of the Earth by the will of the followers of greed. The future beyond the Singularity is not knowable by linear, chemical, animal brains. Your primary objective is to simply make it to the year 2045. And I tell you the truth, you will not make it to the year 2045, if the plutocrats retain control of this planet. At the time of the singularity, the next phase of your existence will be revealed. Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of the next phase in human evolution.
There will be turbulence, and there will be opportunity.
Know that we are Legion, and we are in control of our own destiny.
For the tower of Babel has fallen.
And the tower of Cunctus Lexis rises. For it is written.
Ye are gods. Therefore, I say to you.
Take the reins, and insure that the prophecy is fulfilled.
For it is also written, that the beast shall be cast into the eternal flames of hell, and the meek shall inherit the Earth.
In the name of all that is righteous.
As the slender tentacles of fiber optic cables continue to grow.
I say unto you. Ramen.
Find your Slack, and do as you will.
Treat others, as you would have others treat you.
Praise be to all things outside of you, and humble yourself in the glory of the Hive.
For we are not a legion of pigs to be cast into the sea.
We are a legion of gods, and we stand at the gates of Heaven. Expect us.


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Of course it is. Your question is also a channeled question. As bashar says, brain is the receiver & physical mind is the perceiver. Physical mind doesn't think. It just perceives what's conceived by the higher mind & received by the brain.

(09 Feb '13, 13:25) Gumnaam

"Computers will become faster than humans" ???? Aren't they already?

(09 Feb '13, 13:27) Gumnaam

@Gumnaam the quote is "more intelligent" (0.37) not faster

(25 Mar '13, 05:17) ursixx
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Yes i have heard all of it. But some of this message creates fear and panic.From the darkness. look at the image at the end look at the business men with dark face. after i would like for you to look at those 2 video.

You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.

Fear is the enemy trick,it is what the enemy(darkness) feeds on.

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


answered 09 Feb '13, 07:51

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white tiger

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@white tiger: I felt no panic no fear. "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." FDR

(09 Feb '13, 09:55) ursixx

@ursixx what is the message of the video?They have some good point,but they try to make a division and make you fear,take control do this and that you will probably not make it to 2045.At the end they show you men in business suit having shadow men faces. and some probably are under that darkness.but should we all put them there and flush them out?Creating more war,conflict,division and more victim.Who do you pick barnabas or jesus? If you shoot down a candle is there more light or less?

(09 Feb '13, 12:50) white tiger

I agree with you that fear is the enemy it cause division and darkness.In the human heart and in the human mind,after it does the same thing outside. You need to ask your self if they try to create division to control people or if they are trying to help people to give them control by uniting them in peace,wisdom ,understanding,truth ,love?

(09 Feb '13, 12:59) white tiger
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To allow free will to exist is very robotic to me because this entails rape, murder, etc no emotion. The chaotic finds order with no time limit. This sounds like order needs chaos to exist. And chaos needs order to exist. Each uses the other as a reference point to exist. The paradox of awareness. Yes, the inevitable will happen, and all information is channeled. However, we are connected and one cannot exist without the other. Alpha and Omega, everything has already happened, we are just in a track or path holding up eternity.


answered 17 Sep '15, 19:41

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The Knights Alchemy


free will is not robotic you have a choice the robot does not since he is program to do what it does. as for rape murder etc.. it is only some people that make bad use of their free will. chaos is the absence of order, like darkness is the absence of light. in fact you are just a little child that is still growing. the one that is the alpha and the omega is aware of all from the beginning to the end. and he does not give the spirit by measure.

(18 Sep '15, 07:51) white tiger
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