I hear and see lots of people who claim and behave as if they are attached to everything around them, and everything in the Verse.

I am curious at this point as a student in this area myself, because I am able to raise my awareness or connection if you will, but when I do it is not always a pleasant experience. Whereas, if I go out and connect with only myself and nature it is 99.99% of the time nothing but positive and amazing.

People tell me they're in touch with every other person on the planet. When I reproduce this phenomenon I feel connections to people like the hurting, the needy, the rejected. I hear screams from heroes imprisoned for defending their countries, lives, and freedoms.

My question is.. What 'One' are you a part of? Because apparently I'm connected to a different 'One' and here things are not always so lovey dovey as some would have you believe. Maybe this explains much of my desire to heal others and the world around me: I have a desire to grow my spiritual and physical potentials which the Verse has delivered in spades, but now I feel as though there is a greater hurdle to cross before reaching another level in my spirituality, otherwise the growth could be more detrimental than I desire.

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Na, just aliens....

(18 Apr '13, 22:26) Dragonflybreeze

snow, sounds like your minds eyes is actively connected to a compassionate heart and has you consider other than what is of your five sense perceptions

(20 Apr '13, 17:40) fred

I'm pretty disconnected. I don't want to learn anything, I want to forget all of it instead.

(22 Apr '13, 07:06) CalonLan

I like your answer Fred. :)

(25 Apr '13, 20:51) Dragonflybreeze
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To keep this simple look at it as the radio band. We could include all broadcasting frequency including television and Citizen Band also Side Band and Ham Radio.

All of these bands of frequency existing within the Radio Band, all are one band, but within that one band are thousands of bands.

Let's say now we have a multi-band radio, we tune into this one band. But depending on where in this one band we happen to tune, we hear anything from some pastor preaching Hell fire and brimstone to Death Metal to Breaker anyone have their ears on?to I love Lucy. If you were evaluate the entire band of existence by your experience of tapping into any part of the band you could not judge the full band by only a slim frequency. As explained, each tiny frequency that all together make up the frequency band seems to have nothing to do with each other. One frequency could be talking about love, and one frequency right next to it spouting hate, kill them all. Neither represents the full spectrum, just as the part of the One that you tapped into was the frequency you were in tune with at the time.


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Wade Casaldi

Hi Snow, we're all unconsciously connected to the collective consciousness otherwise we couldn't have a physical existence. Avoiding going into nebulous discussions about what is the collective consciousness, i'd simply like to say that it's the unmanifested, that absolutely pure formless place from which all manifestation and creation comes from, it's the unmoved mover;


When you hear and feel the screams from heroes imprisoned for defending their countries, lives and freedom, it means you're approaching the collective consciousness. Learn to filter out, not the screams, but the emotional effect that these screams produce, and you will attain higher heights of meditation.

It's all about enlightenment, of discovering the god within if you prefer, and here is a graphic representation "l'├ętoile internelle" (the internal star)

alt text

presented by Dominique Coquelle in the book "Les Trac├ęs d'Or des Emetteurs Radionics". It's a subtle energy emitter designed to assist those in attaining their inner being.


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ru bis

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Great point. There is a fellow I am dealing with who really digs deep into this concept. He is on the assumption that he doesn't have to be connected to all around him because if he stays in his own bubble it is really still all manifestations from within himself, therefore not needing to connect and still be connected to all. In his own way he prefers this bubble so that the collective doesn't affect him in the way that can hamper his happiness. Idk what to think of this idea, BUT it is always an interesting conversation with him n TReb. Take a listen if u want. All 3 are a blast.

love n light






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TReb Bor yit-NE

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