This is an enlightenment that just came to me while answering Grace's question on why we visit gave sites. It came to me that all communication breaks down to an expression of unity or division.

If we look at the reason we talk with each other, not just here but everywhere, we may say why do we have this need to talk with each other? Even people that talk about trivial things that mean nothing but you see them enjoying the time together there is something more there than what they are talking about between them.

Two friends could sit on a porch together and not say a word to each other and feel like it was a good day! Not a word said and yet there was something that needed no words. Two lovers could spend time just holding each other without a word said and feel wonderful.

This all seems to boil down to unity, when we agree, when we feel a need to talk to others we are reaching out for that unity or affirmation of unity.

On the other hand when we turn away or worse use our words as an instrument to push away we are expressing division. No matter what the words are it is an expression of division. Even when no words are expressed as two people sitting on a porch that do not like each other. Not a word is spoken and yet both feel it was a lousy day.

This expression of division is empty, lonely, separate, painful, depressive, it leads to death as it is depressing and angry at the world.

I have noticed this basic communication of unity or division works through the spirit world and in animals. They can't talk but they understand unity or division. We might say Good or Bad as when we are happy with them or yelling at them it is not the words but the emotion we are creating with our thoughts.

I find this an amazing find because everything EVERYTHING we say or respond to comes down to Unity or Division or in computer Binary is it a 1 or a 0?

This blows my mind could existence be that simple that everything is just Unity or division? It makes me wonder about the phrase in the Bible "Be fruitful and Multiply.", Jesus multiplied the fish and the loves of bread, again and again it talks about multiply in the Bible or as I was saying Unity.

Meditate on the why for communication and see if you come up with the same answer. Could every expression break down to just is this unity or division?

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

the whole 0 (truth) (left and right) doing a single one 0 (above and below) etc.....()=0 hope my comment help you on your quest to find unity then you will not cast thoses stone and will be able to lift that stone. and will be able to properly split thoses pieces of is like a balenced plate on the end of a stick when it is not properly balence the plate fall and it shatter in pieces on the one holding the stickand he is sad,and the darkness shatter is heart.

(11 Sep '12, 20:49) white tiger

but when it is properly balence the plate does not fall and the one holding the stick is happy,and the light shines in is heart. let there be light,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(11 Sep '12, 20:50) white tiger

@Barry Allen Thanks Barry, I am not sure what you corrected but it needed correction. You don't often get thanks for the work you do, but you deserve it. Thanks. :-)

(12 Sep '12, 11:22) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi, you are welcome. I corrected a couple of spellings. You can see the revision history by clicking on the link at the bottom of your question starting with the word "edited"

(13 Sep '12, 08:29) Barry Allen ♦♦
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Hi Wade, your post made me think of this beautiful book cover. Cats can simply sit like nobody else I know.

Just thought I'd share.


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answered 11 Sep '12, 18:41

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cat have a good balence have they not?

(11 Sep '12, 20:53) white tiger

That's a brilliant comment white tiger. (Metaphoric)

(12 Sep '12, 16:05) The Traveller
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