Hi, I have a perplexing question. I have usually found love easily in my life and have for the last few years been perplexed by a relationship that seems, no matter how hard I try, to not go away. I know the love is there, however, realistically, we are too different to really find many common interests or perhaps even to make a living as a couple or to be able to sustain our lives. But..... For some reason, situations seem to keep bring us together or certain similarities of when we were dating seem to keep manifesting. Also, It almost feels like the "physical heart" is tearing in trying to separate emotionally from this individual. I am perplexed at the level of connection with this person and the difficulty in trying to separate. Any suggestions.??? Grateful for any comments :)

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I have a lot to hear from this question as well.. In myself I feel it is a conflict of the heart and mind, or even a torn heart being pulled in many directions. But it is definitely perplexing to say the least..

I suppose there's a reason that love is the most complicated thing around.

(18 Apr '13, 19:20) Snow

True... Thank you Snow, hopefully we will get some more insight from others too. ;)

(18 Apr '13, 20:54) Dragonflybreeze
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Dragonflybreeze, I have read many books on this very subject, and all seem to have a different take on it.

I can tell you what I believe: I believe we feel this strong connection to another at times because we either have something to learn with them or from them, or because we know them from a past life/lives (or in-between lives). Sometimes these feelings will go on all of your life for that person, and sometimes they will be very intense and then pass once the thing that the two of you needed to learn or accomplish has passed. And according to Edgar Cayce (and me, for all it's worth!) we have many "soul mates" in our life, not just one.

You may also feel strong affinity to someone here from your soul-group, because after all, you have been together through many oceans of time. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to be with that person as a romantic partner, only that you have a deep relationship with him or her. It can mean you agreed to help each other through something.

It seems to me that if you were "meant to be" with someone, romantically, the universe would be helping it along and not throwing roadblocks in your path instead, but only you know what is best for yourself.

Your soul belongs only to you and is unique. There isn't another side of you off someplace else, residing in another person, only those you are intensely close to for one reason or another.


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LeeAnn, thank you for the explanation, it certainly helps to put some of the situation into perspective.

(18 Apr '13, 22:20) Dragonflybreeze

I concur with everything said here. I think there are many people who can fit with you in varying degrees of comfort and chemistry according to who you are at any moment.

Different people have different types that attract them, repel them, different ranges of tolerance for varying levels of attraction or repulsion which influence 'categorizing' those people.

All of these variables come together to give you a range of people with dynamic ranges of compatibility.

(18 Apr '13, 22:24) Snow

This means if you demand you must have a special one out there who fits you perfectly then you will attract the closest person out there who also has that same requirement.

I think this is why a lot of relationships will start out easy and end up becoming more and more work to maintain. You're drawn together as magnets and held together by what attracts you, but the tension of what repels you can build if not properly released and eventually reaches a breaking point.

(18 Apr '13, 22:26) Snow

True, thank you for your input snow. So why do some people say they "wrote a story" with you in your past life and it is being played out in this one with them??? Ever heard anything like that??

(18 Apr '13, 22:31) Dragonflybreeze

Guess I am just got tired of trying out new relationships..... too painful...

(18 Apr '13, 22:48) Dragonflybreeze

Guess i am just gotta get some sleep tonight so I can type tomorrow..lol.

(18 Apr '13, 22:49) Dragonflybreeze
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