how to shield our energy?

how to protect ourselves from black magic?

ur answers are gonna be highly appreciated.

love,light and blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Mmmm. I felt it for some time, but now it's crystal clear. In all these question there is underlying assumption of one's identity. From which then arises the need of protection. As such, identity is always changing and thus there is no truth within any definable identity. Deluded by our absurd idea of who we are we seek to protect it.

Mmmm. If I shall meet the void and be consumed by its darkness, I think i'll make for a great commander. And the universe will become mine. mwhahaha

(02 May '13, 03:39) CalonLan
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raise your vibrational level
the best shield comes from within

in silence and solitude
ask for a spirit of light

to guard your back


answered 02 May '13, 22:14

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yes @fred totally agree, we all shine inside; in the world of duality that light can be dimmed so keep your vibrations high, brighten your spiritual light; this is exactly what the precision graphs do, the shield guards your entire body and stimulates your defences, the eliminator throws out any vibrations that are slowing you down :)

(03 May '13, 01:51) ru bis

@fred- thank u fr the wonderful answer..:))

(04 May '13, 07:45) supergirl

Hi supergirl,

To "shield" yourself from black magic, you just have to stop giving it your attention and focus. You can only be affected by black magic if you are a vibrational match to it. That is why those that believe in black magic are often "hurt" by black magic.

However, you'll notice that the majority of the world outside of south-east asia are barely affected by black magic, simply because it is not in their culture, so no one is ever a vibrational match to it.

So: Make peace with black magic. Know that nothing outside of you can hurt you, the outside is just a reflection from within. Then let go of the idea. Don't speak of it or give it your attention.

Hope that helps!


answered 26 Jan '14, 15:08

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You are safe. Believe that you are safe and that Your Higher Self , Source Energy (White Light) AND Guides are ALL protecting you :)


answered 02 May '13, 00:00

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@arpgme-thank you :))

(05 Jul '13, 03:13) supergirl

Our aura is like an egg shell that surrounds us. The aura contains the energy system of the body. This also is a shield that protects us. However this field contains our emotions so if we fear it is like opening that door. Couragousness strengthens this shield, it is like shutting that door.

We could strengthen this by visualizing that we are in a bright light of gold flame. All negative gets burned up in this flame. We could also visualize silver violet mirrors surrounding us.

Another thing is James 4:7 memorize this, cast any devil out! Satan must flee at Jesus name!


answered 23 Apr '13, 15:02

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Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi-thank u fr the wonderful answer..:)) God bless..

(04 May '13, 07:26) supergirl

Hello again supergirl, i love this question because it fits in beautifully with one of my favorite subject, radionics.

Serxranx (yes again, lol) do two graphs specially designed to deal with this kind of situation.

Graph no.44 "éliminateur de rayonnement nocifs" (eliminator of harmful vibrations) is specially adapted for places and people, it throws out any harmful subtle energy vibrations that are actually disturbing harmony, it also reinforces resistance.

ffalt textff

Graph no.15 "bouclier" (shield) acts as a barrier to any exterior harmful vibrations and prevents them from disturbing your equilibrium

alt text

both of these can be obtained at the servranx shop in belgium;



If you're good at drawing there're quite easy to make using a fairly thick sheet of white paper, a graphite pencil, compass and ruler. A graphite pencil gives good results, for even better results use indian ink.


answered 24 Apr '13, 04:10

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ru bis

@rubis- cos of u ,radionics hs becme evn my topic of interest. Thank u fr tht. Thank u fr ths wonderful answer. Can u pls tel me,hw to use these graphs. ? After drawing we hav to keep our photograph on it ?

(04 May '13, 07:32) supergirl

@supergirl the eliminator graph should be used carefully; place your photo on the center of the big circle with head towards the upper circle and leave it in place for 24 hours ... after 10 days you can repeat the exercise ... if you feel the need, do another seance of 24 hours, one month later followed by a last seance of 48 hours, 15 days after ... hope all that is clear ... the best way to control it is to use a pendulum

(04 May '13, 07:52) ru bis

@supergirl for the shield graph, take a bit of absorbent paper such as kitchen towel that you chew to saturate it with your saliva, this will serve as a witness, put it on the center of the graph for 10 minutes, this will give you protection for 36 hours ... repeat as often as you wish ... the graph should be lined up with magnetic north ... the servranx graph has a small circle above the graph which dispenses the need to orientate it

(04 May '13, 08:04) ru bis

@ru bis..,thanks a ton dear.., but tell me if suppose i draw these graphs in my big drawing book n there i keep by photo in the middle of the graph n i keep the book closed fr 24 hrs..,so, still the graph wil be activated ? cos i cannot use these graphs naked..,i need to hide them while using ..,cos i hav my parents wth me all the time..

(12 May '13, 05:27) supergirl
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I'm not a big believer in black magic, but I do believe that we can be affected by the negative energy of others if something within us resonates with receiving this energy (e.g. fear, insecurity, a victim mentality, even if it is subconscious). Have you tried protective crystals or talismans? Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone against negative energy.

I am a big believer in orgonite - this is a tool which transforms negative energy to positive energy. It also contains gemstones, and magnifies their energy. I have it all around my flat, and I wear a pendant 24/7. it's made a big difference in my life, the energy at home is great, and I find it easier to manifest things I want. You can read more about it on my website if you want: http://www.orgoniseyourself.com

Disclaimer: Although my website is an informational one, I do have an ad to my Etsy shop on my website. However, orgonite is easy to make for yourself, and beginners can make highly functional pieces if they are not overly concerned about the aesthetics of the orgonite (this takes time to learn!). Instructions can be found with a quick Google search.


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The question arises though, how can you defend yourself against something you don't know for you never let negative energies take over. Because if you did let it happen, then you know what they are like and you won't fear them anymore, thus there will be no need to defend yourself against them.

We want to defend ourselves against things we don't know and therefore fear.

(03 May '13, 02:32) CalonLan

@cassiopeia-thank you fr the wonderful answer :))

(05 Jul '13, 03:15) supergirl

I found myself with this prayer on the internet and it have been very useful, even in life-or-death situations. Notes that is related to the Hermetic philosophy. It has in his body the seven hermetic principles. I reduced it to the size of a credit card, I plasticize the card and i carry it in my wallet all the time. I hope it is useful for you.I read it at least once a day.....

I am positively Vibrating in higher plane, Polarized in the opposite end to the evil, the law of compensation acts always in my favor and the law of Rhythm cannot affect me, using a law against another gain control, the Universe is Mental and that is why it is transmutable, I create(Gender) what i think, the Effect is always the product of Cause, and with it i am in Correspondence with the absolute Causal Matrix.... The seven Principles 1 Principle of Mentalism 2 Principle of Correspondence 3 Principle of Vibration 4 Principle of Polarity 5 Principle of Rhythm 6 Principle of Cause and Effect 7 Principle of Gender


answered 26 Jan '14, 21:34

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Roberto E Conde Balza

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