we all know that common phrase ' i'll put a spell on you ' but what does this really mean ?

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It's a phrase that is based upon the mistaken idea that you can assert into another's reality, which you actually can't but it can look like you can.

The idea with telling someone you are placing a "spell" on them is that they now accept the suggestion that you have some power of assertion over them.

Of course, spells don't have to be negative in intent (there are positive spells too) but once your subject has accepted that you have some power of assertion in their lives, they now either fear your assertion (in the case of negative spells) or positively expect your assertion (in the case of beneficial spells).

Whichever way it works (positive or negative), the caster of the spell actually has no power of assertion whatsoever, it is only the subject's belief that is activating thought patterns in their own life which are matched through Law of Attraction manifestations.

Think about it logically. If you were truly able to assert into another's reality, then why would you ever need to tell them about the spell? You would just do it and it would work...except it doesn't :) ...it requires the belief system of the subject to be activated in conjunction.

The best you can do is influence another as discussed in the link referenced above. But it's always their own choice about how to react to that influence.

Follow the idea of spell casting further and then ask yourself why human beings go to war? There are some highly-intelligent and insightful people within the military as there are in all walks of life.

If all these assertion spells really worked the way those wishful asserters want, wouldn't they have developed a way to harness that ability and our armies would just be sitting at home casting negative spells on the other side instead of using up trillions of dollars from military budgets?


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interesting comments

(13 Jan '11, 17:48) blubird two

Well the general idea is to put a "curse" (usually of evil intent) on someone.

While those who have experience and understanting in the natue of consciusness as an energy and it's ability to be maniupulated with specific intent are here in this forum, In answering this question we maybe getting into areas where this knowledge could be mis-used by someone who is new to this.

I think to answer this question from the perspective of "how to" would be rather irresponsible of us.

It will be no different from giving a child a match stick and an explosive to play with.

So let's be a little bit responsible in how we explore this subject.


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The Traveller

thanks for your comment

(13 Jan '11, 07:05) blubird two

@Traveller - Not sure about what you've written here...seems rather fear-based to me. Either we create our own realities completely, or we don't. And if we don't, doesn't that contradict what you've learned from Seth? And if we do, what is there to be worried about with all this "curses" business because it will only work if you manage to convince another that it will work and they believe...but then it's them doing it to themselves and blaming it on you :)

(13 Jan '11, 13:22) Stingray

Hi Stingray. Your point is well taken. I agree with you almost totally. There is that small area where cause and effect can be manipulated a little differently, in a way that the one who "causes" does not suffer the "effect". Imagine if you learn martial arts and the first thing they teach you are the pressure points to cause harm (in self defense). Now that would be irresponsible wouldn't it?

(13 Jan '11, 14:16) The Traveller

@Traveller - Using your analogy, the only harm you could do would be to those who are a vibrational match to your intention of harm. And if they are that, they will attract that harm anyway from someone/somewhere else even if you were not aware of the pressure points. To me, education for all, who want it, of how the universal laws work is the answer, not suppression of information. Sorry Traveller, I'm not picking on you today :) ...too many people live in unnecessary fear in this collective reality and I just like to soothe those fears where possible :)

(13 Jan '11, 14:58) Stingray

What do you mean "Not picking on you today"? I feel sooo picked upon. So much that that there is nothing left in me to pick myself up. Now my entire day is shot. (This is my own weird sense of humor, so don't reply with concern).

(13 Jan '11, 16:40) The Traveller
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This means to put a curse on someone. Not a good practice. The problem is that it is a double edged sword. Weak people that have no personal power use this type of weapon. Spells do work, but they have a very bad backlash that will blow up in your face on levels not fully understood. Stay away from that area.


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The Knights Alchemy

i entirely agree with you , it feels as if you have some experience in this domaine , would you like to explain more ? this is all new and interesting to me .

(13 Jan '11, 17:55) blubird two

We have connections in other levels of awareness. Spells are tools to trap ones attention or disrupt or control another person or group. It is a form of communication not normally used. There are many rules you must follow. This requires a level of self control to separate oneself from the spell. This is not easy to do because you must act first with intention. This gives one a sense of power and reinforcement. Not recommended.

(26 Jan '11, 14:32) The Knights Alchemy

I've been reading on Magick. I think the right phrase is 'to cast a spell on someone'. (Assuming your intentions are good. I'll speak of a spell not a curse. The process is the same anyway).

For you to do this and being effective two things are needed:

-You casting the spell on someone.

-That 'someone' to be aware of it (whether because they've asked you to do it or because you're letting them know.

The 'spells' act by suggestion. A more powerful mind (yours) acting on a weeker (the other person's). And this other person needs to fully believe (Belief is a key word here) that you are more powerful and it is going to work. It's more in the mind of the 'receiver' than on the 'giver'. You are only acting as a medium for that person to enter into a feeling of 'Positive Expectation/Belief' that will make the 'spell' work (i.e. the thing to manifest).

I hope this helps.



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