This is one question that is hankering at me lately.

I started in all this from paradigms that have "energy" as a very important part of the process. I used to sit for hours doing breathing exercises, or visual meditations accumulating 'vitality' and then send that out to create what I wanted.

That made sense to me, because although I had ideas similar to what "The Master" gives in "Message of a Master" (that the image in the mind is the real thing, and the manifestation is just the out-picture)...there was (and to this day is) the idea in me that it required something more to coalesce into physical form.

When I am truly non-resistant and focused on a desire, I can also feel the energy in me flowing.

So my question is...if what I desire is already created - what is my energy flowing towards? And if towards my desire...then why?

asked 06 Oct '10, 07:12

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Great question Liam:)

(09 Oct '10, 12:15) Michaela

Thanks Michaela. :)

(10 Oct '10, 06:13) Liam
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You say...

"When I am truly non-resistant and focused on a desire, I can also feel the energy in me flowing."

But I think there is a word missing from that statement.

I believe it should read...

"When I am truly non-resistant and focused on a unfulfilled desire, I can also feel the energy in me flowing."

Think about the things you have already physically manifested in your life that have just become a mundane part of your everyday life.

When you think about them, do you still feel that same strength of energy flow?

I doubt it, unless there is some aspect of that thing that still feels incomplete in some way to you.

It's the incomplete and unfulfilled aspects of our lives that draw life energy through us. And ironically, it is exactly those incomplete and unfulfilled things that the majority of the world is trying to eradicate from their lives :)

Fresh new, unfulfilled desire gives us a reason to focus (to come into alignment with our broader self which has expanded to include that desire), and in that focus, we feel more alive. We experience the purpose of life, which is joy.

I've explained this idea of the thrill of unfulfilled desire a bit in Good things happen when I’m feeling negative and bad things when I’m positive - WHY??

See if that helps. If not, please let me know and I'll try to be clearer.


I think what may be causing problems for you is the limitations of the analogy/paradigm you are subscribing to.

As a convenient shorthand to discuss these ideas, people (including myself) tend to refer to creating or manifesting as though there are things that are external to ourselves that somehow need to be manoeuvred into physical existence but it's not really like that.

Take a look at Am I responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill, from a Law of Attraction perspective? for some initial thoughts about moving away from this idea.

Now, let's update the analogy/paradigm a bit to bring it a bit closer to what is really going on while bearing in mind that doing this will make it harder for us three-dimensional physically-focused consciousnesses to be able to comprehend it.

Some preliminary considerations...

  • There is only one particle in the universe but it moves infinitely fast giving the illusion of a vast number of particles

  • There is only one moment in time (NOW) in which this particle is moving (because it is moving infinitely fast)

  • Consciousness redirects the motion of this particle into new and different forms. But there is no new matter being's all about changing the path of the infinitely-fast moving particle

  • Because there is only one moment in time, there is no past, present or future. They are all happening NOW and therefore your past is always changing, however your now memories of the past are also changing in a synchronized fashion so you believe the past is solid and stable. I said it was going to be hard to comprehend, didn't I? :)

  • Because there is no time, there can be no cause and effect (like gradually manifesting something into existence, in the way we think of it) because that implies linear time. Instead there is continual expansion i.e. more and more intricate patterns of paths for that particle to follow to give the illusion of a changing and expanding physical reality.

alt text

  • We are all sharing the redirecting of the path of that particle because we are all one consciousness acting upon it.

  • What we perceive as moving through time, or manifesting something, is an illusion caused by a change of our perspective to observe and redirect that particle's movements in different ways.

  • In other words, you are recreating (manifesting) your entire universe in every Now moment through shifting your perspective of consciousness. But our habits of thought (habits of perspective) are such that the manifestation of each new universe in every moment seems to be a continuation of the last we think there is only one Universe.

  • In order to manifest something (as we physically-based humans understand it), we must try and shift our perspective of this one particle in this one moment of time enough that the re-creation of the entire next universe is sufficiently distinguishable from that last one that we appear to have manifested something physically in it that wasn't there before in the way that it was in the previous universe. So, manifesting is really about making one universe seem different enough to the last that you notice the difference.

So, to come to your question, everything you want is already created in the moment you think of it. Thinking of it creates a potential universe containing it. But where you choose to focus with your consciousness is what determines what potential universe is realized. When you decide to focus your consciousness dominantly within that series of universes that contains the potential you are after, you will bring about the physical experience of it.

So what is energy flow really?

Well, is energy ever flowing towards something external? No, it can't be because you are re-creating the entire universe in every moment and that universe is personal to you. Everything in it is your creation - you cannot create something new without creating a new universe with that new thing in it (a new path for that one particle to follow).

Energy flow, in my current understanding, would be more akin to consciousness having an intent of focus, and the energy flow being our interpretation of the potential difference (like electrical voltage, but in a vibrational way) of that new intent as compared with your current intent.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well. As I said, I don't think these are ideas that are easily understandable from a physically-based perspective. And I'm struggling to verbalize these concepts myself right now.

Does that bring you any closer to a better understanding of an answer to your question? I think you'll have more chance of finding an answer when your starting premises are based on firmer foundations, like the ones given.

If this still doesn't make things any clearer (and I don't blame you if you are even more confused now!), say so, and I'll take another stab at it. :)


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edited 09 Oct '10, 09:53

I can understand that much. My issue is more specifically what the energy is doing after it has "left me". I always thought the energy was creating what I wanted. But if what I want was already created the moment I had a rocket of desire - then I'm confused about what the energy is doing - if there is nothing to create. I hope that clarifies my question a bit better. :)

(07 Oct '10, 06:29) Liam

Okay, Liam - let me think a bit about how best to clarify this. Will get back to you.

(07 Oct '10, 18:11) Stingray

Wow! - You've definitely given me food for thought. Would it be fair to say that the manifestation is actually moving toward us, once we launch our desire, instead of us having to flow energy toward it? - and the energy flow Liam is referring to is the 'good feeling' flowing through us before we are able to perceive it with our physical senses?

(09 Oct '10, 12:14) Michaela

@Michaela - I think the idea of the manifestation moving towards us is a good one because it confirms that we resist what is coming to us to stop it happening. Without that resistance, we would align our focus naturally with the universe that contains it. The energy flow is the energy summoned as a by-product of the conscious awareness of a new desire (intent) and the 'good feeling' is an indication of coming into alignment with the newly-focused Higher Self on that desire. So yes, you could say the 'good feeling' is an indicator of that energy flow. I'm guessing though :)

(09 Oct '10, 13:20) Stingray

The idea of it being the potential difference actually helped quite a bit - still some niggly bits in my mind left...and trying to wrap my head around some of it. I know the past can be changed from a load of parapsychology experiments for example, but it was always on the basis that there was no awareness of what the past was when it was changed. The idea of memories changing to be consistent with a changed past is new to me...and a bit disconcerting. :P I will ponder over everything you wrote some more.

Thank you for the effort in typing out this answer, I really appreciate it. :)

(10 Oct '10, 06:12) Liam

@Liam - It's no problem. I think everybody benefits from watching an exchange like this, and I benefit too from trying to explain vague, wishy-washy concepts that are floating around my mind in a much clearer way :)

(10 Oct '10, 09:18) Stingray

Im just browsing thru some links and have arrived at this one.VERY interesting.It ties in with some stuff thats been coming into my life recently.

(11 May '11, 09:18) Monty Riviera

Just studied this for an hour or two.Hate to use the phrase "resonate" but this does.Is this purely a Hicks taught thing or does this spill over into anyone elses work? Ive read a phenominal amount of spiritual literature and this stands out in a good way. Ive spent no small amount of time jumping thru your links,have you ever thought of condensing all youve learned (or expanding it ) into one book? I know you base a lot of your thinking on Esthers work,but theres a lot more besides that youve gleaned.If not ill makw do with the links!

(11 May '11, 11:43) Monty Riviera

@Monty - A lot of the ideas in this particular answer are based upon the teachings of Bashar ( ) but mostly I just regurgitate and reword more than a decade of intensive Abraham listening. What I tend to do with all these ideas is think about them deeply within myself and, especially with Abraham, then subject them to rigorous testing in my own life until I am absolutely convinced of them. During that process, I usually get more insights and perspectives and that's what I tend to share on IQ. So it can sound like I'm coming up with new stuff but ultimately I'm not :)

(12 May '11, 06:05) Stingray

@Monty - I tend to live a fairly busy life myself, because applying these ideas tends to get you more involved in every aspect of physical reality, and just throwing in the occasional answer to IQ now and again that might help someone is a comfortable balance for me. I think trying to turn all of this into a book of some kind wouldn't feel as comfortable - it feels unnecessarily limiting. Besides, as I implied above, the only real value I'm adding is my shining my own perspective on established teachings. People are better off going to the source teachings rather than following me :)

(12 May '11, 06:12) Stingray

Good point,i think as long as the source material is divulged, which in your posts it allways is,people can dip into this for themselves, and perhaps shine their own light on it.

(12 May '11, 09:23) Monty Riviera

But having said that.....if you published a probably but it !!

(12 May '11, 09:24) Monty Riviera
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Your desire already exists in the Real World. The energy then produces circumstances which mirror this into the temporary world...this one. I dont believe its our energy; we channel it, but ultimately it comes from our Source.



answered 06 Oct '10, 08:52

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Monty Riviera

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That is actually pretty much what I always thought. :)

I figured it took energy to "give form" to the desire. But the way I've heard some like Abraham speak about it makes it sound like it doesn't need anything else to come about.

(07 Oct '10, 06:32) Liam

I know what you mean. Im still not at all sure about the abraham thing...but i will kee an open mind

(07 Oct '10, 09:58) Monty Riviera

A Supermarket has a variety of items already stocked in their store, with the understanding that people will need these items. You are using the LOA to manifest this desire within you that you need a specific thing, so you go to the Supermarket, and you picked out the item that you desired.

Anything that you can think of that you want to manifest is already available to you. But, because we may all want something different from the Supermarket, there is that constant flow of energy to manifest our specific desire.

You have to do the work to manifest your desire for the LOA to work for you, and then you have to take the necessary action to get what you want. This cycle is repeated every time you need to manifest some thing new, so the energy is in constant flow, and it could be positive, or negative; because we do not always get what we want. The energy is the spiritual flow of the LOA at work to manifest your desire, for you, and only you!


answered 07 Oct '10, 01:45

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Inactive User ♦♦

Sounds pretty similar to what Graham said above - and like I said in the comment of his answer, is pretty much how I've felt it was for years. Although, the way you explained it has given me a new angle to look at it from that I never considered before, so props for that. :D

(07 Oct '10, 06:48) Liam

I ask my chi kung master that question once. He briefly said to me "When you've achieve that, you'll move on" - By that he meant physically dead and into the spirituals. Since you no longer belong in this world.


answered 01 Apr '11, 18:35

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