What are some methods of seeing through illusions?

For example, Jesus mentioned something about not falling for false oasis'.

How can we see the truth in everything when it is made to not allow us to do that.

I don't have any good examples right now but the idea is being able to see the real thing.

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See also http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/3777/how-does-one-discern-what-is-true-among-the-many-opinions-expressed-here-from-wha

(11 Sep '10, 00:08) Vesuvius

To me the recognition of the illusion is the first and therefore the most important step toward attaining freedom from the power of the illusion.For over seven decades I lived in and under the power of the illusion.It was as far as I was concerned the only reality,thefore I was not moved to seek anything outside it.WE do not know that we do not know until someone or something reveals to us what we do not know and unless one is drawn to seek truth,wisdom,awareness and understanding as was I so drawn they may never become knowledgable .Unfortunately the vast majority appear to fear the idea of launching out into,at least for them , the uncharted waters of the unknown.The big illusion was born of the acceptance of what I call myth,yet those who labour under it's yoke would be quick to call my belief as being one based on myth as well.Once one becomes so dependant on the illusion,they find it very difficult to seek other possabilities,thus choosing to remain in a state of ignorance and denial by adopting the I don't know and I don't care syndrome which,until changed will keep them firmly trapped in the illusion as I was and many if not most now are.Only by the efforts of the more enlightened,such as those like you who conscously choose to become more enlightened and aware will they ever escape the illusion.Even though there is much more to discus,I choose to wait for a later time.May God bless and guide you on your journey. Don V


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Don V

Your wise words are a welcome addition to this site - Thank you:)

(15 Sep '10, 11:13) Michaela

@Don V: Thank you, that was very helpful. (I'm curious what illusion you are referring to here...)

(15 Sep '10, 17:57) Back2Basics

The only answer I can give you is to listen to your own intuition and discern what feels right to you. There is no right or wrong answer to this, only what resonates with you , and your Truth will be what you feel is right in each and every moment.

The truth is always available to us , the question is are we always available to realizing it?

I don't know where this statement arose - "How can we see the truth in everything when it is made to not allow us to do that - How is it made to not allow you to see it? The Truth is what you feel right Now and as your perceptions change, so will your Truth. In each and every moment you are realizing your Truth and as you continue to ask and grow your Truth will change in accordance with that.Accept your own Truth - you don't need anyone else"s.

Truth is not something that is etched in stone and for each individual, at differing points on their journey, will be different - none right or wrong and none better or worse than the other.


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couldn't have said it any better, thank you Michaela! Blessings

(11 Sep '10, 09:43) daniele

Well said,like the bit about not needing anyone elses

(11 Sep '10, 11:02) Monty Riviera

take time to play out the illusion, see where you will wind up, if anyone is harmed;
or to explore what is supporting the illusion, is it absolute;
does it measure up to proper principal


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You are probably thinking of false prophets.

In the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 7:15–23, Jesus said,

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.


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What has helped me is to live by a certain set of principles.

"Actions speak louder than words"

"See things from their point of view"

"To thy self be True"


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I would say that a simple method of not getting all of your information from one source would help.

If your only getting your particular religious leader/pastor/web site/book etc s version of how they view spiritual things then you could easily end up being duped or misled.

It seems healthier to sift through as many viewpoints as you can and take from each what you feel in your gut is right for you.

If your under one particular teacher you may end up getting what THEY deam is correct.



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Monty Riviera

Ah, yes. THe "smorgasbord" approach to spirituality. :)

(11 Sep '10, 17:01) Vesuvius

Thats right.I get a better choice than the set menu.

(11 Sep '10, 17:50) Monty Riviera

I feel that life is all an illusion anyway. The question I sometime ask is what is the lesson in a particular situation. Sometimes I just relax and enjoy it.


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@Drham: So do you just see all aspects of the illusion as a lesson? Is that all we are here for?

(15 Sep '10, 01:38) Back2Basics

the illusion is in the veil of the mind! once you get rid of those veils you can see the truth! the only way to get rid of those veil is to understand the meaning and putting them to rest! example: you fear fire! why do you fear it? because it can burn you or kill you! it can also warm you and protect you from the cold! so is it not because you don't master it enuff that you fear it? then you can learn to master it! you have understand the meaning and can put it to rest! you just eliminated one veil of the mind! the mind is full of veils similar to this example!it can be fear belief concept or things that you experiance in life and think you cannot do anny thing about it or thing you don't understand anny thing unsolved in the mind becomes a veil! same as magicien in life they do stuff that you don't understand and you experiance it and it form a veils in your mind because you don't understand it! if you would know how they did it what is the trick to do it! or what you missed that they did not show you then that veil would fall!


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white tiger

What method to see through my erroneous beliefs in other words how to see my "truth"? Here then is the paradox we all possess the knowledge within however very few attain genuine access to it due to the hypnotic hold of reality. How do I dissipate my clouds that distort my reality? How do I release myself from the magnetic hold of beliefs?

There is a very simple method that anyone can use if they just wish to set their mind to it, after all "context" is very important. When you take a roller coaster ride the context is fun and the bends and ups and downs, the excitement, the fears, the "feelings" all blend into an enjoyable experience. If you used the same context or "mind set" when driving your car you'd probably end up being stopped by the police.

This is where this graph comes in

alt text

It opens the way to the path of knowledge, gives access to the universal psychic consciousness, to the essencial notion that matter, thought and life are just different aspects of the whole.

From a symbolic point of view the 9 petals represent the 9 paths or vehicules of the total human being, the triangle represents the essencial notion of the supreme all powerful.

graph ref; http://www.servranx.com/Categories/Graphiques/DE-RADIONIQUE/N%C2%B0-46-%C2%ABFiat-lux-Que-la-lumiere-soit%C2%BB.aspx

It brings into reality being "on cloud nine" :)


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jaz, one has to be ready to leave impulsiveness, more than a body, have ability to reason, or sufficiently well traveled

(28 Jul '15, 20:50) fred

oh yes I know exactly what you mean @fred, I must admit when I first looked through the servranx www site about 20 years ago my first impulse was to think "what a load of ****, who do they think there're kidding": now I know these soft gooey instructions and peculiar drawings printed on white sheets of plastified card really do work.

(29 Jul '15, 00:35) jaz
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