There's a story about a person who didn't sleep for decades, but spent their rest time reading books. One might speculate this behavior was possible because reading was a slow paced activity allowing rest, but being who I am I of course believe where a little degree of something is possible it must be possible to extend further, often to extremes.

Sleep however is one of the most important parts of regenerating vital functions in your brain, among other things. So is it possible to function healthily and at full capacity without proper 'unconscious' sleep?

asked 07 May '13, 14:47

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question is what makes you not wanna sleep?? do you feel you need more time in life? to do more things?

(07 May '13, 17:27) abrahamloa

Ideally yes. While I do not utilize my time 100% as it is, the down time is part of my utilization.. lol. Assuming it were possible to live like this, likely not removing sleep altogether but sleeping less, then I could open up my schedule to include more recreation that I've omitted due to prioritization considerations.

Also I like the idea of figuring out just how far we can push our vessels, finding the limits we have and then raising them many fold.. Sleep is a big limitation in some ways.

(08 May '13, 00:25) Snow

by pursuing what you love usually you will push your boundaries and you will be maxing your output automatically. this happened to me. Where i did not consciously decide that i want to sleep less, but by involving more and more in activities i loved my sleep dropped from 8 hrs to 6 hrs and sometimes slightly less....

(08 May '13, 14:23) abrahamloa

also if most of the day you are loving it you would drop the idea to want more time since all moments you are mostly fully present and life is exciting and fun... of course i also some times feel i want more time but that vibration is not low but its from feeling more passion which is ok... as long as your wanting to have more time is not bringing your vibration down you are ok. Just focus on giving your full energy to the joy you are experiencing and thats all you need to do, in my opinion.

(08 May '13, 14:25) abrahamloa
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For a while, but sleep (more specifically dreaming) is important to connect with Higher Self. If one does not connect to Higher Self then they will start to hallucinate (go crazy) in physical existence because Higher Self needs a way to communicate.


answered 07 May '13, 15:16

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@arpgme So are you saying that hallucination is the last resort for higher self to communicate with you?

(07 May '13, 16:29) releaser99

A whole/mature person has no dreams.

(08 May '13, 06:35) CalonLan

Yes i do believe it's physically possible for certain individuals to live normal lives and never actually go to sleep as most people do, these people are of course exceptions.

Here's a bit about Al Herpin known as the man who never slept

Tesla also claimed that he never slept, though i suspect that in his case he was speaking metaphorically


answered 08 May '13, 02:44

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ru bis

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