I'm trying to do some higher consciousness work in the sleep stages. What's better- sleeping however you want to, or sleeping with your back/feet flat on the mattress? The reason I'm asking is because I've been reading about our spiritual bodies and how they leave us during sleep- when I was a child, I recall many, many times of a 'body' being 'dropped/falling' down into my physical body. I could actually see the top of the room from a first person view before I 'returned' to my physical body. When I returned, I always woke up, VERY vividly and full of energy.

And I forgot to mention that in all those instances, I was either asleep with my back flat on the mattress or otherwise leaning up against the back wall.

What would you reccommend for this particular work?

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If you are trying to improve your conscious projections, lying on your back with hands clasped over your Solar Plexus region would probably be the most effective.

But if you are just wanting to enhance your sleep "projections" then it doesn't matter if you are lying on your back or side, just try and sleep with your arms crossed/folded over your chest area if you can.

Another thing you may want to experiment with, if this is for sleep only, is aligning your body with the magnetic compass directions.

So try sleeping in turn for a few days with head to the North, head to the South, head to the East, head to the West. You should notice that the quality of your sleep is noticeably better/worse in certain directions.

And another thing to consider is there are certain phases of the moon when you'll find your night-time psychic activities are enhanced. You'll have to experiment for yourself (by keeping a journal of your experiences over a number of months) but I think usually that the period leading up to the Full Moon is especially powerful for many people.

And, finally, your intent for what you want to do with your sleep-time is probably far more powerful than any of the above. If you fall asleep regularly with a certain intent in mind, it will lead to results.


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I'm loving Inward Quest more and more. Sleeping in certain directions sounds like something to do, and having intentions (such as, I want to wake up feeling refreshed). Again, appreciate the extra work you do providing the hyperlink to the solar plexus region.

(08 Sep '11, 10:10) Nikulas

if you park your car front or back does it matter when you go out of it? some will say it is better for them this way or that way but every one is different. so no it does not matter that much. experience and enjoy.


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Yes I have a book someplace that says the ideal position for astral projection is on your back at an angle I need to find what the angle was I think it was 15 degrees but it might have been 30 degrees, I'll need check.


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My most profound OBE expeiences have not been at night, but rather mid-morning. And I agree with the others, that intent is more important than position, etc. When I was trying to do this, I would get up early, get the kids off to school, the pets cared for, clean up the house and only then lie down, when my mind was free from worry or obligations. Since I have damaged heels and it hurts to lie on my back for very long, most of my OBE's must have been while lying on one side or the other.


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Thanks for your take Lee Ann :)

(08 Sep '11, 10:09) Nikulas
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