Hi Questers,

I wake up daily around 4 am.

What could be the reason behind this? I only wake once & it is around 4 am. Does this have anything to do with the expansion of consciousness?

Is there a remedy for this?

Looking for your answers..

Thank You in advance.

Stay Happy. Stay Blessed.

Love, Light & Blessings Your Way.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Why is it a problem ? Is it impossible for you to go back to sleep ?

(24 Feb '13, 00:43) Yva

@supergirl I have heard that it is one of the symptoms of the ascension process - I don't know any more info though - try googling it for more info.

(24 Feb '13, 03:39) Catherine

@Yva- yah..i go back to sleep after that. but, my sleep gets disturbed. thts y..

(24 Feb '13, 05:13) supergirl

@catherine- yh..i know it is one of the symptom of ascension. but, how long it continues..,any idea??? .., even after ascension,it continues?

(24 Feb '13, 05:14) supergirl

Maybe there's invisible connection between us. Since I go bed at 4 am. Although I have to wake up at 6 to go to work LoL.

(04 Mar '13, 02:39) CalonLan

@calonLan- omg..u jst sleep 2 hrs..?

(04 Mar '13, 04:27) supergirl

@supergirl, most of the week yes. I'm torn between the worlds of wanna do and have to do. But I simply cannot justify going to bed instead of staying up and doing all I want, in face of getting some sleep and going to boring work and doing what I don't care for.

After all, this is my life. I might be a plane crashing down, but boy you watch the sky and see that ball of fireworks. What a show.

(04 Mar '13, 06:01) CalonLan

@ calonLan- same here..,even i am always hanging between these worlds of.."wanna do n have to do..", i feel there is lot to do..specialy in this area of loa..,its unending..

(04 Mar '13, 23:06) supergirl

@supergirl, I guess I'm on the opposite end then. I think there's nothing to do at all. Not that there wouldn't be things to do. It's just non of them are important or necessary. Nothing's mandatory, everything's optional.

(05 Mar '13, 05:33) CalonLan

@calonlan- true.., but u know its important to sleep also,yesterday itself i read here on IQ tht.."sleep is unconcious way of releasing resistance.."

(05 Mar '13, 11:23) supergirl

@supergirl I think Seth has something to say about sleep as well - although he says that sleeping too long is disadvantageous (that feeling of sluggishness when you have over slept) he suggests most people require no more than six hours per 24 cycle - preferably in two blocks, so no more than five hours in a single sleep session is optimal.

(05 Mar '13, 13:02) Catherine

I think some of us our more efficient sleepers than others. I rarely if ever sleep more than 4 hrs. If something wakes me 15 min's after I fall asleep, I'm in middle of a dream. It's only an issue if I think it's a problem.

(05 Mar '13, 16:17) ele

@supergirl, what good is resistance released in sleep if it builds up during wake time again. I rather punch a bag.

(06 Mar '13, 03:27) CalonLan

@catherine n @ele- thanks for the info.. :)))

(06 Mar '13, 23:15) supergirl
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Happens to me a lot - and has been happening for years. Nothing to be concerned about.

Many years ago, I asked a reputable psychic medium about it and she said it was just "information downloads" that were occurring during the sleep state that might have been a little too strong and woken me up rather than just keeping me in a semi-conscious borderline-consciousness state.

My wife, who suffers from the same sort of thing also - mostly since she met me, actually :) - asked The 9-D Pleiadians about it. They said something like it was just "excess" energy.

They said if it was keeping her awake, she should just get up and do something "creative" to dissipate the energy and then she would find it easy to get back to sleep again.

As I said, it's not a problem...and too many people sleep too much anyway. Seth has some good ideas about sleep which I have personally verified and which I pretty much live by :)


answered 24 Feb '13, 07:51

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@stingray- thank u so much.., u know ,u actually gave me a feeling of relief. i was scared of sleeping disorder. feeling really good now. and ur right, mostly wen i get up at 4am..i drink little bit of water..and listen to a song n thn only i get my sleep back.

(24 Feb '13, 11:30) supergirl

....anyways i am really curious to know about "information downloads"..in sleep? what do u actually mean by this? is it that we get some special info abt our life in sleep? this is happening to me since, a year.

(24 Feb '13, 11:32) supergirl

@supergirl - I think nearly all (if not all) of the non-physicals I know about say that during the night, we withdraw our consciousness from the physical plane and return to a "native state" where we have many non-physical experiences and interactions. If any of those experiences will have value to us in our physical lives, they get "downloaded" for our physical self to unravel and use in some way. We may not necessarily be conscious of how to apply that information but some part of us knows

(24 Feb '13, 13:56) Stingray

@stingray- ok..i gt tht, thank u.. :))

(24 Feb '13, 23:02) supergirl

@Stingray This is interesting, over the past year or so I have experienced feeling tired in the evening and then on trying to get to sleep, just feeling like I'm plugged in to a socket - way above anything to do with caffeine intake. Can I assume that this solution has worked for your wife? I quite like the idea of pottering around at night, doing creative stuff and then returning to bed later.

(25 Feb '13, 10:33) Catherine

"They said if it was keeping her awake, she should just get up and do something "creative" to dissipate the energy and then she would find it easy to get back to sleep again." This is what I always do when I wake up in the middle of the night. And I've never seen it as an issue. I quite enjoy the silence of the night and to be creative in any possible way for 15-60minutes. Then I can sleep even better so the quality of the sleep afterwards compensates the quantity.

(25 Feb '13, 10:44) releaser99

@Stingray, @Supergirl - Re: "information downloads." I recently had an experience where I dreamed about a very specific event occurring. I woke up that morning, remembered the dream, and brushed it off. A few hours later the exact event occurred. There is no way it could have been a coincidence, the odds are one in a trillion. The human decision that led to this event actually occurred the night before (several hours before I had the dream). Is this an example of a "download", or is it...

(25 Feb '13, 11:56) lozenge123

...something else completely? It has really piqued an intense curiosity in what exactly are the substance or relevance of dreams. To be sure, I have had plenty of dreams wherein the content seemed to be nonsensical or simply "echoes" of things I was feeling or thinking about previously during my waking state. Not so with the incident I just mentioned; I had not considered it, and there was no way I could have or would have predicted it in my present state of consciousness while "awake."

(25 Feb '13, 11:58) lozenge123

@lozenge123- i agree with u.., with me too .., my many of dreams have actually , came true as actual events..in just few days.

(25 Feb '13, 12:26) supergirl

@supergirl - Wow, that's really interesting. Admittedly this experience is a bit new to me. I am wondering why this is happening to me now...if it is a result of consistently being in the vortex, of activating something in me spiritually, or if these dreams are somehow vibrational matches. Why do we have these experiences and others don't? I told one of my "friends" about it, and I could tell that they just didn't believe me, they thought it impossible or an exaggeration.

(26 Feb '13, 01:11) lozenge123

@Catherine - "Can I assume that this solution has worked for your wife?" - It probably would have if she had tried it :) - I know because it works for me - but when someone believes they have an "issue" they push themselves away from the vibration of the "solution" so they often ignore the thing that will help them most - happens on IQ alot :) She doesn't really have that problem now and she was saying that, looking back, it was only her attention to not-sleeping that made her not-sleep :)

(26 Feb '13, 05:53) Stingray

@releaser99 - " I quite enjoy the silence of the night and to be creative" - I quite agree. I see it as a gift to be naturally up when the world around you is sleeping. It gives you so many new and varied perspectives on life that others miss. Plus I would look silly wearing my Batman outfit on the streets during daylight hours...at night, obviously no problem :)

(26 Feb '13, 05:58) Stingray

@stingray- i agree with u..,same thing may be happening with me also.

(26 Feb '13, 06:01) supergirl

@lozenge123- these dreams may be.. "premonitions" of the future events in our life. wat say?

(26 Feb '13, 06:02) supergirl
(26 Feb '13, 06:12) ursixx

@ursixx - Oh, so you do it too? ;) You're missing the dark sunglasses though

(26 Feb '13, 06:19) Stingray
(26 Feb '13, 06:28) ursixx

@ursixx - "the kind worn by kings!" - Yes, I see what you mean: http://goo.gl/2DnXr

(26 Feb '13, 06:36) Stingray

@ursixx- beautiful glasses..

(26 Feb '13, 06:37) supergirl
(26 Feb '13, 07:11) ursixx

@Stingray @ursixx lol :)! Sorry to say, but you are both missing rollerblades and a necklace! http://1.media.sportspickle.cvcdn.com/54/59/53a8ace0a8e4bd67e2af76b1877f0d9d.jpg

(26 Feb '13, 07:16) releaser99

@releaser99 - And that proves my point. If he was dressed like that at night...no problem at all...honest :) I really must get myself some of that slick Bat Underwear

(26 Feb '13, 10:35) Stingray

@Stingray-so what one should do when they normally focused on problem? would you like to share more on this issue?

(26 Feb '13, 11:56) Zee

@zee- simple..strt..focussing more on solution..

(26 Feb '13, 12:00) supergirl

@supergirl-thanks for reply.what if one's inner self always stick with the issue?

(26 Feb '13, 12:07) Zee

@zee- get urself busy with some other work. or try resistance release methods. look for ur belief systems ,tht ur holding within u, cos remember we r 100 % responsible for all the things tht happens to us..,so ur thoughts may be responsible for this issue. hope it gets solved asap..- love,light n blessings ur wayy zee.

(27 Feb '13, 00:09) supergirl

@Stingray- In relation to these sleep comments, would it be worth experimenting (for myself) to un-naturally wake up via alarm at, say, 3am just to emmerce myself in consciousness at a time where most people are asleep? Or/and also because I am never up at that time of day anyways? Could you say I would get new insights in general?

(27 Feb '13, 00:24) Nikulas

@Nikulas - You can certainly try it and see what it does for you. I used to do that sort of thing - before I started waking up during the night anyway - and, for example, meditating at 3am can be a very unusual experience if you've never tried it :) You might want to keep notes, or a journal, of the thoughts and insights that come to you during those times because they are easy to forget again once you go back to sleep

(27 Feb '13, 06:14) Stingray

@Zee - @supergirl has it right in my view. If you are too focused on the problem, find ways to think about something else (good-feeling) instead and that will create space for the problem to fix itself. If you can't stop yourself thinking about it, you need to then do some "vibrational work" so every time you think about it, you think about it from a better-feeling ( "allowing" ) perspective instead...that stops you standing in the way of the "natural" solution presenting itself

(27 Feb '13, 06:18) Stingray

@Stingray I can visualize and see very clearly right in front of my eyes you writing your manifesting experiment 1 request... "I want that Bat underwear. Please let this sexy underwear be for the highest good of me and everyone else involved (especially wife)." :)

(27 Feb '13, 06:25) releaser99

@Stingray-@supergirl-Thanks a lot.its clear now.

(27 Feb '13, 06:31) Zee

@releaser99 - Ah, you know me too well ;)

(27 Feb '13, 10:20) Stingray

@lozenge123 - "Is this an example of a "download" - Sounds like it. When I spoke to the 9D Pleiadians myself in a separate session they said that during the night, we get back in touch with our spiritual "friends" and discuss the behavior of our physical selves and talk about why we did the things we did. Our physical behaviors are fascinating to those who are not focused in the physical because you can only truly understand the dimension by being in it yourself. And I suspect then, if...

(27 Feb '13, 10:21) Stingray

@lozenge123 - ...it is the case that these spiritual "committees" really exist (I'm not convinced yet myself), that we might also co-ordinate upcoming experiences that we wish to explore.

(27 Feb '13, 10:22) Stingray

@Stingray - Very interesting, thanks for your insight...I never considered the notion that I might have spiritual "friends". This is mind-bending stuff.

(27 Feb '13, 11:56) lozenge123

@zee- ur most welcm zee.. :)) be focussed on solution dear..,:)))

(27 Feb '13, 11:58) supergirl

@stingray- dream is astral travelling. so, this may be the case tht aftr astral travelling wen my spirit enters my body again..tht too between 3-5am..,my body is unable to dissipate tht energy n it wakes me up. wat do u thnk abt this? cos samething happend yesterday night. i had a dream n it woke me up sharp at 3:30 am.

(27 Feb '13, 12:05) supergirl

@supergirl - "wat do u thnk abt this?" - I can't really say. It might be something spiritual you have to figure out for yourself (just hold an intent to get clearer on it) ...or it might just be something as trivial as your neighbor noisily leaving the house for an early work shift at 3.30am - 4am every morning and waking you up :)

(02 Mar '13, 05:08) Stingray

@lozenge123 - "I never considered the notion that I might have spiritual friends" - According to the 9D's, we have multitudes of them. They gave me a whole list of various groups that are hanging around me :) ...and I'm no-one special. I think it's just a different way of looking at the age-old concept of "spiritual guides". They said many are buddies from other incarnations, often from other star systems.

(02 Mar '13, 05:13) Stingray

@Stingray, @lozenge123 - I'm loving this conversation, the idea of a nightly "committee meeting" just thrills me. But it is also a little bit frustrating, because I always want more. Who are they? What was said? What did it make me decide to create? And as ever, Why??? I can never seem to get enough. :)

(03 Mar '13, 01:55) Grace

@stingray, @lozenge123, @grace- actually ,this conversation is getting damn interesting. ..

(03 Mar '13, 13:17) supergirl

@stingray- what do u mean by "spiritual guides? ".., do angels also come under our long list of spiritual guides?

(03 Mar '13, 13:19) supergirl

It is a fascinating conversation - it sounds like quite a crowd of spiritual friends are always there for us. That's a lovely thought!

(03 Mar '13, 14:32) Catherine
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From a numerology point of view 4 is made up of 1 plus 3; 1 is primal energy descent into matter and individuality, 3 is creativity and changes, 13 is the divine feminine and also jesus and the 12 disciples. All this adds up to 1+3=4, and 4 is the number of physical stability on earth ... in other words you are approaching the state of living in the "now", being in the flow.


answered 24 Feb '13, 03:50

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ru bis

edited 24 Feb '13, 03:53

@ru bis- wow..gud to hear that.., thank you dear..

(24 Feb '13, 05:16) supergirl

@ru bis: numberwise my favorites in descending order are: 0, 13, 7, 11, 1, 3 and 5.

@supergirl: everything changes. what you resist persists. get into the vortex b4 bedtime. if u wake up @ 4am, practice dream recall and journaling.

(24 Feb '13, 06:24) don

@don - yes in my experience noting dreams and synchronicities induces us "into the flow"

(26 Feb '13, 06:04) ru bis

@ru bis- i do tht on regular basis..

(03 Mar '13, 13:12) supergirl

not 2+2 ? lol

(04 Mar '13, 02:35) CalonLan

@CalonLan speaking of 2's. You wouldn't be messin' with my deuces would you? I liked my 2, 2's. I wasn't going to answer another question ever. hmm, deuces = Peace, hey @ursixx.

(04 Mar '13, 22:45) ele
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Supergirl - Just one more thought for you. Sleeplessness and excess energy could be because you are opening up to higher frequencies and therefore taking in more energy but if you aren't properly grounded it can leave you feeling a bit "wired" and over excitable. You may need to complete the circuit and earth yourself (much like the electricity supply in a home). Try googling GROUNDING techniques but a really simple one is just to stamp your feet on the floor, preferably outside on earth or grass. Also, you can imagine roots anchoring you to the earth. We are spiritual beings but we need to connect to our physical bodies and the way to do that is with grounding techniques - not being properly grounded and opening up psychically can play havoc with your nervous system. Try doing this during the day a few times and then hopefully your sleep won't be so disturbed.


answered 17 Mar '13, 16:20

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@Catherine :It's funny when I come home from "work" I often take pause to look at the sky. I stand look straight up and I am in awe for a few wonderful moments,never crossed my mind that I was also connecting to the earth beneath my feet.. and I sleep like a baby log ;)

(18 Mar '13, 05:31) ursixx

@catherine- thank u dear..for the answer.., well,my ths prblm is solved..now i sleep undisturbed. :))) ..i just holded in ma mind tht i don't have ne such prblm n it gt solved..

(18 Mar '13, 13:19) supergirl

@supergirl That is fantastic Supergirl - well done you!

(18 Mar '13, 13:26) Catherine

@catherine- thank you..:))

(18 Mar '13, 13:29) supergirl

@ursixx I find myself looking at skies more frequently these days ... maybe it is a Northern European thing? It's the clouds that make them so interesting. I always imagine skies in California to be bright blue all year round - at least that is the impression I get from films.

(18 Mar '13, 13:30) Catherine

@Catherine the movie Collateral damage really captures the night sky of a summer LA. And if you watch The Flintstones movie you can see the hazy smoggy summer of the San Fernando valley , a northern suburb of LA. When I see movies and TV programs I often remember those kind of days.Now living in rural Sweden I am amazed at how many stars I can see,and how far...

(19 Mar '13, 05:23) ursixx

Today, there was nary a cloud in the sky. Breathtaking Beautiful Blue Sky. @Catherine I love clouds; but I would not trade a day like this one for a cloudy day. You have to get out the city & then you'll understand about the stars.

(19 Mar '13, 22:50) ele

@Catherine, its dramatic clouds in the daytime that make a beautiful day to me. I dislike a clear, featureless sky day after day here. Boring. It may also have to do with being a migraine person; bright lights in general are annoying to me, usually. (I know, I need to move LOL!)

(19 Mar '13, 23:34) Grace

@ele - I have two dear friends who feel as you do about a bright, clear, blue-sky day - they thrive on them - really revel in the sunshine. Just seeing their joy in it - I call them my Sunflowers, or Sunshine Girls, helps me enjoy those days as much as I can. :)

(19 Mar '13, 23:40) Grace

@ursixx - I wonder how long its been since you visited? In the last 15 to 20 years, things have become a lot better. Now, it reminds me of how it was when I was little, before the smog alerts used to shut the playgrounds down - remember? Waaay before that, I used to sit out in the backyard with my dad, wishing on stars, asking question after question about them. Then later on, there were no more stars for years - maybe a few, weakly struggling to shine through the smog....

(19 Mar '13, 23:56) Grace

.... Now, I guess all of the smog control laws have helped a lot! The stars have been back for several years now. No more smog alerts or smog headaches. When you come down the Cajon Pass off the Mojave desert, there's only a wisp of brown cloud.

You made me think - my sky is still nothing like yours, but I too stop and gaze at the stars for a few moments when I come home. I appreciate their beauty so much the more, now - remembering when they were hidden. No idea I was grounding myself.

(20 Mar '13, 00:00) Grace

@Grace Totally cloudless days are NOT the norm where I live. We had nearly a foot of new snow & the temp was about zero. It was awesome laying in a 4 1/2 foot drift of snow for a half an hour or so. I could have stayed there forever with the sun beating down... "smog" Are you serious? Whoa! You can breathe, see the sun, stars & moon in Orange now? Promise?

(20 Mar '13, 00:50) ele

@ele - It's true! I never thought things could go back; get better, once they'd gotten so bad, but they have! It has actually been an important reminder for me, and an encouraging perspective I can share with my son and any young folks who will listen... They tend to think sometimes, as I did, that "this is just the way things are now" there was only clean air in The Old Days... or any good thing that seems to be gone. The only thing certain is change, and the human spirit can surprise you!

(21 Mar '13, 00:33) Grace

@Grace I did hear the air quality has improved. I didn't know if I really believed it. Will take your word. More apt to visit friends than relatives in the 3 'S' cities & N part. Good old days . . . hmm . . . let me think . . . you mean back in the day when guys didn't have to wear raincoats & we didn't have to worry about deadly or lifelong std's? Or when it was ok to be 'strangers' in the night. Otherwise, I can't think of anything.

(21 Mar '13, 07:53) ele

@Grace Point was, the pill was supposed to be protection enough. (the ol' days) The rest in supposed to be funny - I grew up in the generation following the sexual revolution & in a blink of an eye things changed. I know you don't have sex w/o being in love & that's great & my post was not meant to offend. Me either; but we may define 'love' a bit differently.

(21 Mar '13, 08:12) ele
(21 Mar '13, 13:21) Catherine

lol! You do have a sense of humor dear, dear British @Catherine Love it! Raincoats & London. Snogging back in the day was safer. Now you have to ask if a potential partner has a current blood donor card. (snog, snogging, bécotage, se bécoter, Knutschen, pomiciare) It's just another good reason to be a blood donor.

(21 Mar '13, 22:42) ele

@Catherine - Lol! ;) @ele - Not offended at all, no worries. :)

(23 Mar '13, 01:08) Grace
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I dont really think this is an issue. If you still feel ok during the day why worry.

I often wake at this time and generally switch the PC on ( small lappy next to my bed....always keep it there ) and read a little of whatever im studying at the time ..Zeland at the moment.

I like this time because as im just in a woken state the information seems to sink into me a little more and deeper. The days stuff hasnt kicked in yet, perhaps were more receptive.

If it is an issue then perhaps downsize the importance of it, make it smaller in your own mind. Then it will doubtless dissolve.

I remember reading that Maggie Thatcher always woke up at that time, didnt do her any harm, she only had 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. She still managed to survive on that.



answered 24 Feb '13, 08:13

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

@monty Riviera- thank u for ur wonderful answer..:)), ur right, its not bothering me in day time. newayss, thank u..

(24 Feb '13, 11:35) supergirl

From my experiences, I have come to observe that most people who are more "spiritual" seem to be very light sleepers or tend to wake up very early in the morning.

Personally I almost wake up everyday in the middle of the night. Originally I thought it was because I needed to pee, but I realized that this was not the case most of the time.

As long as if you are able to get back to sleep almost immediately after you wake up in the middle of the night, I don't think that's much of a problem.


answered 25 Feb '13, 02:22

kakaboo's gravatar image


@kakaboo-thank u for the wonderful answer.. :))

(25 Feb '13, 12:25) supergirl

Your question reminded me of this beautiful poem:

The Breeze at Dawn

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open. Don't go back to sleep.

~ Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi


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answered 26 Feb '13, 15:09

Grace's gravatar image


edited 26 Feb '13, 16:10

@grace- beautiful poem darlingg.., thank u fr sharing :))

(27 Feb '13, 00:10) supergirl

yes a beautiful poem ... early morning upon awakening we are close the the alpha state, dream state, a great time to meditate

(02 Mar '13, 05:49) ru bis

@ru bis - I didn't realize that. It's nice to hear, because that is just what I do. I put on my favorite meditation cd, and just allow it to float me along - so easily. And here's me thinking I was just lazy. ;) Thanks!

(03 Mar '13, 01:43) Grace

@ru bis- i agree with u..:)

(03 Mar '13, 13:12) supergirl
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According to spiritual saints of Asians, from 3:30am to 8am is best time of any 24-hour-day! Thus, this time is allotted to spiritual practices.


answered 21 Mar '13, 15:49

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No, dear, what you have is a sleep disorder. I am serious. You need a sleep study, and you need to get it done soon. I know, because I have a sleep disorder. Everyone is going to write all sorts of stuff, but this is the truth in a nutshell. It is a type of insomnia.



answered 24 Feb '13, 00:47

Jaianniah's gravatar image



Aaah @Jaianniah , this be in a nutshell Your truth :-)

I have encountered this situation and it was related to low progesterone levels , addressed that problem , sorted . GF's have also had same and from time to time when I don't pay attention it resurfaces, no biggy :-) So all sorts of stuff can be quite helpfull.

(24 Feb '13, 01:08) Starlight

@jai- thank u so much ..dear., i l surely go for a medical check up for this. thank u..ty..ty.. :))

(24 Feb '13, 05:20) supergirl
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