I do a lot of work to try to stay or be near the Vortex. However, as soon as I see my refection, physical facial features, complexion, image, etc it immediate throws me far out of the vortex and makes me feel bad.

Yes I understand it is what is on the inside but matters but this still happens.

Where do these different forces come from? What the heck is going on? Am I just retarded or is there more to it?


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Work on loving and accepting yourself, and soon you won't be thrown off every time you look at your reflection. Be as accepting about yourself as you are with others. And definitely make up an affirmation to say right away when you see yourself such as "Every day and in every way I am getting better and better." or something like that. You will need to counter bad thoughts right away. It will be tedious at first, but soon you will not think of your appearance negatively. And of course, that will help you be in the vortex more and you will see yourself in a more loving and pleasing way more easily. You just need to get started with better thoughts.


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I think the key here is to work on acceptance as LeeAnn so rightly pointed out. Often we are our own worst critics when it comes to physical appearance and spend more time looking for flaws than for the beauty that is always there that we just can't always perceive. Remember that what you look for in the mirror is what will be reflected right back at you. So if you're looking for the imperfections in your appearance, that is what you will see.

As LeeAnn suggested, begin by using some positive affirmations, and maybe until you begin to feel a little better about yourself refrain from looking in the mirror as much as possible. Work with affirmations that are somewhat believable to you at first such as I choose to accept myself just as I am. The key is to get yopurself moving in the direction of feeling good about yourself so affirm and dwell on those positive aspects about yourself and then in time incorporate some affirmations around your appearance. When you begin to feel better about yourself, you will begin to look different.

Remember you are an individual, unique expression of the Divine and you can never be any less than that so you really are beautiful just as you are :)


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You need to do some vibrational work which is specific to your issue. It seems from your question that your issue is not a recent one, but one which you have been living with for some time. This implies that you have been flowing a lot of energy towards it and it has gradually become worse and worse. You have probably built it up to be a really big issue if not the biggest issue in your life.

You are absolutely right in saying that it is all on the inside. It is all about how you feel about yourself that gets reflected in physical reality. Therefore, you need to change your vibration (the way you feel) about the subject and your reality will then have to change to match your new vibration per the Law of Attraction.

The focus wheel method that I have given an overview here on the site is a good way to start moulding your vibration about the subject.

Stingray has also expanded further on this method and has provided some links to where you can get further information on how to apply the Focus Wheel method here.


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will start a focus block/wheel, thanks

(18 Oct '10, 17:15) Back2Basics

i agree with what the others have said. There seems to be a disconnect between the physical manifestation you and the spiritual. Try to focus on the joy of being. Find things that make you feel good to just think about or to engage in. Remember you experience the spiritual through the physical.


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Do you have some unanswered fears, and what are you holding back on? If you have unresolved fears, it will affect you in a negative way. Are you comfortable about going into the Vortex? If you allow you’re self to relax and do not judge, to be accepting, and positive, and to open your mind to accept what comes to your mind, you will benefit more from your experience and the LOA.

The forces are the energy of your creation, and imagination working together with the positive, or negative energy that is around you. You have to remember that you are creating your own reality, so the forces and energy are taking the shapes you created in your vibration. Allow you’re self to be the silent observer, wait, and watch, and do not judge. Listen to your vibration ascension, and connect to your light body/ higher self.


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