Esther Hicks channels Abraham.

Is it possible for me to channel my own spiritual advisor? If so, how?

asked 21 Dec '09, 03:29

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Vesuvius, I believe this to be similar to the counsel that Napoleon Hill spoke of, a room he imagined with all those he needed. There would be great philosophers, mathematicians, technicians, and many more, anyone that could help him. He would pose a question to them and give it to them to work on. That is very similar to the brownies Robert Collier wrote of in The Secret Of The Ages, Robert would give his mental brownies something to work on for him.

Now from a channeling perspective, I do that too, here is what I do, I imagine the one I want to channel as standing in front of me, then as I take a deep breath in, I imagine that soul merging into my body. Example: if I were sitting down, I imagine the person sitting down into my body or If standing I imagine them stepping into my body. I do this with my guitar playing many times, but this can be done with anything, wisdom as well. Who ever has the answers you are looking for, so it is contingent on what you need to know or how you need to be, I have to wonder if you could if need be channel Sampson for strength in an emergency.

On an esoteric level it could be said that person represents the frequency of the known answer and as we channel that person we are actually attuning the body vibrations from ignorance of the answer to knowledge of the answer as everything is frequency. If we think of being in a sea of consciousness then ignorance has a different frequency than that of knowledge, and so to get from one to the next is like turning the dial of a radio to a higher station, it is there we just previously were not in tune with the answer as say the one we imagine as to have the answer.

I have seen it said that who we channel is not as important as the quality of who we channel in other words if a fictional character has the quality you need, you can channel that character. This fits with my frequency tuning hypothesis very well, plus fits with what I read of the ancient Gods and Goddesses form my mystery schools. They were not worshiped by the initiates as much as represented the qualities of God that could be focused upon and as we would say today "channeled."


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Wade Casaldi

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+1 interesting perspective.

(21 Dec '09, 17:45) Vesuvius

In the Silva tradition, you "go to your level" (a relaxed state) and there you can "meet your counselors". This really does work and I have gotten pretty good at it over the years. You can also meet there, in your mind, with physicians to get treatments for pain, sleeplessness or whatever. There are a lot of Silva websites out there, I am looking for the correct one, and will include a link later. Best wishes.


answered 21 Dec '09, 19:13

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LeeAnn 1

Here is that link. I found the counselor exercise in the "Life" series.

(21 Dec '09, 20:18) LeeAnn 1

I like this it seems to expand on Napoleon Hill's concept, that more could be done with this.

(22 Dec '09, 11:35) Wade Casaldi

Read the book "Seth Speaks;" it is very insightful, and you may very well find the answers that you are seeking. And you may want to share with us at a later date, what was your experience, after reading the book "Seth Speaks." Enjoy!


answered 23 Dec '09, 09:59

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Does Seth teach you how to find your own teacher?

(23 Dec '09, 16:12) Vesuvius

You already have your own teacher whether you know it or not. There is a saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. But you can learn a lot from reading the book Seth on your spiritual journey for enlightenment.

(24 Dec '09, 05:46) Inactive User ♦♦
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