i am rather confused in this case. i am not getting..what shld i do? my list for all the qualities of my hubby is still not finished. so, i should be specific in it or open minded? for example..m confused regarding his profession.

u all won't believe but,script of my life with my hubby is still goin on..,m writing it since 6 months n it has covered 3 big diaries till now..lolzzz.., n it is so detailed tht i nvr re-read it n i hav almst forgotten wat i wrote few mnths back..hehehe..

so.., i should be open minded in this case or specific..? wat do u al think ?

hope to hear the answers soon..

love,light n blessings ur wayy...

supergirl.. ;))) alt text

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Barry Allen ♦♦

thank u dear..,its amazing,loved it :))

(23 May '13, 06:49) supergirl
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If your fairly or strongly aligned with your greater dimensional self then you can afford to be precise.

However i always leave just a little " wriggle room" . My higher self may have a "knowing" about a certain person that i only " think" is right for me.

Im always ready to be pleasantly surprised about the choices my higher self makes.


answered 18 May '13, 03:06

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Monty Riviera


your a wise person Monty!

(18 May '13, 03:17) ursixx

Thankyou ursixx

(18 May '13, 09:33) Monty Riviera

@monty-thank u :))

(20 May '13, 06:48) supergirl
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I will not resend a link to my Florence Scovel Shin quote. Instead I believe I'll write the word for you as she probably would.

I now release this to God to bring me a man to be my husband with all of these qualities. (list here)

I trust that the best man for me will come to me in the best way. I trust the divine choice will bring me the right man that treats me as equal with love that last. He will be handsome, kind, considerate, loving, caring, compassionate the divine correct choice.

I give thanks and trust everything will work out as I await the perfect husband for me.

Thank you God, I now place this in your hands, in Jesus name I pray, amen...


answered 17 May '13, 23:57

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Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi- thank u dear..,this is surely taken from the game of life.., thank u wade..,m gonna write this down ..,thanks a lot.., :))

(18 May '13, 00:49) supergirl

@supergirl aww thanks, that is a big complement indeed. Well it shows I learn and apply what I learn. I just thought what would Florence say?

(18 May '13, 03:19) Wade Casaldi

@supergirl- This was actually a No-Brainer for Wade. He flat-out made all that up... Truly, he just looked into the mirror, and wrote what he saw there...Hah! You bought that Florence Scovel Shin stuff??? LOL!

(Wade actually is quite an angel. Truly!)



(18 May '13, 03:31) Jaianniah

@Wade Casaldi- Darling...Everyone knows that you were telling the truth. My comment is actually showing what a darling you are...Now you are showing it by thinking everyone will say you are a liar. Everyone here knows you are a great guy! Love you, your jai

(18 May '13, 03:38) Jaianniah

@jai- yup..,truely wade is an angel..,evn fr IQ...:))

(20 May '13, 06:17) supergirl
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Like $Bill, I had some ideas about what I wanted in a hubby. Including many things I did NOT want. I know better now to focus on the things I do or do not want.

However I suggest that being "open minded" is the best option. In my wildest dreams I never could have written a script, a list, a set of qualities as personified in the package known as $Bill.

If I had thought it through with a list, I probably would have run the other way! Rich; powerful; arrogant; womanizer; been married four time before we met (I have been married three time, before we met); "my way or the highway" was his outlook and the women he dated were so far out of my league that I never thought I had a chance.

But I was there, renting an apartment in his house! I was there every single night, and they weren't!! Hee Hee!

He is also scary in how well he manifests an amazing number of fascinating things! At first it really frightened me, but there was something deep down that began to connect. Weirdly enough, I found that I just liked him. So I waited and jogged and spent time with him and we connected!

Though it can be tough at some times, we have laughed more often than cried. It is not a fairy tale, but I have never been happier. I'd strongly suggest that you relax and let the universe bring you together with a person who you might never otherwise have known.

Ask for someone with whom you will be happy. Let's start with the basics. First be happy with yourself! I am happy with me and I want to be happy with him!

Even in my pre-Source days, I was Wise (my maiden name), wise enough NOT to ask that he MAKE ME HAPPY! Nor that I would MAKE HIM HAPPY. I already knew, intuitively, that happiness comes from the inside.

So I say again Ask for someone with whom you will be happy!

He may or may not fit your "list", but if you are happy with him what else matters?

You can help by making some "room" in your life. Sleep on one side of your bed. If you have a two-car garage, make room for his car. Make some space in your closets for his clothes. Get an extra toothbrush. I don't know your situation, but I think that you get the idea.

Do not limit Source. Be happy! There is nothing else.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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No Brainer

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@no brainer- thank u darling..., u both make a beautiful love story..m gonna follow u fr sure :))

(20 May '13, 06:50) supergirl

Like most in life, you have two options and you can land anywhere along the line between you desire. Rather than asking which is the 'correct' answer or what you 'should' do, I'd suggest a different approach.

Look at a detail you're desiring, analyze it and ask yourself is this something I truly want? Do I believe I need it? If I didn't have this would it be a deal breaker? If I found someone one with this characteristic how would I handle it? Figure out what is or isn't important to you, what really matters in your own eyes, and let that decide how general or specific you want to be.

You can create a list of details you must have or must not as you see fitting, all it will do is widen or restrict the range of people who will fit into your compatibility range. I personally do not accept or reject the idea of singular 'soul mates', and I would figure if you were one who 'needed' this then you would be attracting another who also needs the same. For those looking for this, more power to them.

For me personally I'd rather subscribe to the idea the more restrictive I am with my qualifications, the smaller range of potential will fit my criteria. For the things I do have specific tastes on, I also try to approach them in a way I can positively reframe in either outcome. Ultimately I could turn a huge range of varieties into someone who would suit me well, as long as at some point they have a open heart and mind to trying new things with me. The only thing one cannot teach or force is loyalty.


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@snow=thank u fr the wonderful answer..

(20 May '13, 06:52) supergirl
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