Similar to how you will see people throwing around slogans like "Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones." You regularly see people suggesting appreciation for outer beauty is somehow wrong, or if someone has outer beauty there is no way they could have substance or heart or be good people as well.

Why is it so often those we see encouraging non judgement also throwing around judgement for appreciation of beauty, or attaching presumptions that one cannot be beautiful on the surface as well as so much more?

asked 21 May '13, 15:03

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Those are sorry ### people, only the scared ugly of its ugliness attack beautiful beauty. Only those who feel insecure about their own ugliness try to throw dirt on beauty. Only they say it's wrong and superficial. While in reality they are trying to validate themselves, they lower the bar so they can reach it...

I'm ugly as ####, at least I consider myself to be so, in my eyes, in relation to others I see around, I'm ugly. But I'm also not asking anyone to like or love me either...

(21 May '13, 16:36) CalonLan

...I've seen past the pretentious nature of the world of delusions we create and perpetuate with lies, illusions, fake morals and standards. Past the desperation of broken souls trapped within its self-created misery of seeking for happiness forever.

It makes me tired and sick sometimes.I think I lost regard and respect for anything and anyone. Outer beauty is mighty fine. Relationship because of money is mighty fine too. Being superficial is alright. Being a jerk is damn ####### fine as well.

(21 May '13, 16:43) CalonLan

you show on the outside what you are on the inside. it is the confusion with the world of glamour that has you believe the outside is separated from the inside

(22 May '13, 06:00) fred

That comment has everything, topical humor and more. I need more thumbs for the upvotes..

(23 May '13, 00:06) Snow

are you afraid of purity or a design of visual balance?

(24 May '13, 18:27) fred

@Cal I actually pulled this ? up when I posted my answer on 'ugly guy' question last night because it reminded me of you. Sorry you're going to get hashed.

Replying to "I am as ugly as _ _ " I sincerely doubt if you are ugly; but if you believe so, it must be your belief. My advice ~ embrace your ugliness ~ make it work for you ~ Own your 'Ugly" Cal.

"I'm also not asking anyone to like or love me either" ~ how could anyone not love you Cal?

Thanks for the wisdom & the laughter..

(24 Oct '13, 05:36) ele
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It's imbalance.

"ONLY focus on physical (the body), and NOT on spiritual"

"ONLY focus on spiritual (the qualities), and NOT on physical"

There is no need for separation, it is all ONE. Why hate one entire side of reality and not the other?...


answered 21 May '13, 23:10

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Along the lines of what @arpgme says. We have been told and sold on what is beauty. By creating an image that is limited thus making it more attractive to the ego. That ego-centered one separated from everything.When marketing a product that is in limited supply you create a demand. So to say or give the appearance of that only a certain type of image is beautiful,creates a demand. And the ego-controlled mind wants it's surroundings to be in it's comfort zone. Outside of that zone it is fight or flee.
When we expand the comfort zone, stretch the limits of it we can come to the realization that there is no judgement.
As far as "others" that say one thing and do another .It is good that one can see the difference in their actions and in their words. But do you really experience this "so often" ?



answered 22 May '13, 05:21

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Good place to post that link to the documentary you posted on another thread. Great video ~ a must watch.

(24 Oct '13, 05:44) ele
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