If the LOA is correct, then what perpetrators have been saying all along "you've asked for it" is quite correct, and therefore the need for the current justice system is obsolete for each party (victim/perpetrator) got what he/she attracted and no one is to blame. Or is there more to it?

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it sounds like the answer would be yes, if everyone was on the same playing field of self-realization and beliefs.

(08 Oct '10, 23:53) Back2Basics
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You're quite right that we all get what we attract and no-one is to blame. However, I don't think humanity has awakened enough as a species to dispense with the justice system quite yet.

Those who are still completely unconscious, without any awareness of their true nature, will continue to commit crimes until they realize or become aware of the illusion created by the egoic mind. Without the current justice system at this point in time, I think the egoic consciousness would run rampant within our societies.

However, if we, as a species, wake up to our true nature and are willing to accept responsibility for all of our actions, we may at some point be able to dispense with the current justice system - I think we have a long way to go before we realize Heaven on Earth.


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Common misconception is to think that "magic" (LOA and other spiritual laws) works despite the "regular" physical and human laws. The truth is, the magic comes to life via the regular stuff.

You think if I used magic to make rain, the rain wouldn't have been forecast? It would! Even if it wouldn't, there would be an objective reason why (the glitch in the computer weather forecast system that was there months before I made my magic procedure etc.). You get the idea.

The justice system is just one of the forms the LOA "uses" to manifest itself. Others are: good and bad accidents, pseudo-random events of all kinds (lotteries, transport delays etc.) that can always be traced back to a normal source.

This is why the science could not find any evidence, and never will. This is how it works. The LOA does not exist as any super natural magic energy, it's just how our normal world works.


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@zvolkov that's so amazing! now I realize why a logical explanation was always found by those I tend to surround myself with, no matter how supernatural the experience had been. Thank you, namste

(13 Oct '10, 05:42) daniele

In addition to what has been said here, I ought to mention that the existing justice system doesn't protect anyone from the operations of the Law of Attraction.

The justice system has always been obsolete - it's an illusion that human justice exists separately from vibrational justice - and maybe therein lies the issue.

Humankind believes that it has overridden the operations of the Law of Attraction through man-made laws and legal systems. The underlying assumption is that a bubble of human justice prevails over natural law.

But, as your question implies, it doesn't work like that.

I have relatives who are highly competent lawyers. And they don't believe that any such Law of Attraction exists. And despite my advice to the contrary, they use their professional legal knowledge to personally litigate against anyone and everyone who they perceive has violated their legal rights.

They are masters at making the justice system work for them - and they have obtained many legal victories.

But their personal and family lives are in turmoil and disarray, with extensive and extreme unrelated legal actions being taken against them (or, at least, they believe they are unrelated).

The more they "push against" others through the legal system, the more that vibration of pushing against attracts those who want to push back, even though the topics on which they are being pushed are completely different ones.

It's a remarkable example for me to observe of the obsoleteness of human justice pitted against the justice of natural law.


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Great answer stingray. I guess the point is that the law of attraction is greater than any man made law.

(13 Oct '10, 00:05) Drham

I fully agree with Michaela. If everyone undestood the law of attrction there would be no need for a justice system or any kind of system because there would be harmony and maybe there would be no need to even have this physical experience.


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maybe there is an island or a hilltop village somewhere where all adult citizens strive to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
we seem for the most part still to need guidance and/ or knowledge that leads to expanded concsiousness, it may be awhile before we realize what our destiny is in the role of things is;
so until we are there or trying to get there, we have the guidance of our governments,
is a system of justice for all the ultimate goal, are or are we not helping it grow.
yes karma is cause and effect, and everything set into motion will be responded to in time.


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Let me offer another perspective on why I think the justice system is obsolete.

We come from the non-physical and that is where we go again when we die. And when we do merge into the non-physical again, we achieve pure bliss as in that state, we do not experience any resistance (negative emotions) which we do as humans. We experience ultimate joy and are pure positive energy.

So then why does the justice system condemn people to death? It seems more of a reward than a punishment.

Humanity needs to awaken more to the 'Law of Attraction' and that we should only hold ourselves responsible for things that happen to us, nobody else.


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Pink Diamond

@Rani You're quite right. I would go further, killing the supposed "bad guy" is not about punishing him/her but about so-called "decent folks" perpetrating negativity they wouldn't otherwise do. thank you, namaste

(11 Oct '10, 07:31) daniele
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