I really want to change my facial appearance eg-make it make higher cheek bones,change my nose shape,eye color .Pls dnt tell me to accept myself the way I am .I am here to have some encouragement so pls give your views .BTW HAS ANYBODY TRIED SUCH A THING.

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Barry Allen ♦♦


"Pls dnt tell me to accept myself the way I am" I'm not going to tell you to, but I do highly recommend it. It helps out your life alot if you love yourself unconditionally and take yourself easy.

If you smile more you cheek bones will raise naturally over the few months. Watch a ton of Jim Carrey and have compassion for others. Over the past year I have developed dimples in my cheeks, some call it sexy btw.

(01 Nov '12, 06:01) Nikulas

@Nikulas - :)!

(01 Nov '12, 13:44) Grace

@Sayantan, we noticed you seem to be giving your karma points away to the extent that you have few left. With few karma points, the Inward Quest software will not "trust" you and will restrict your participation in the site. Please refer to the Inward Quest FAQ for information on using voting instead of awarding points. Voting still allows you to reward existing users but does not cost you any karma points. FAQ: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq#voting

(03 Nov '12, 07:13) Barry Allen ♦♦

ok thanks for reminding me.

(11 Nov '12, 02:04) Sayantan
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I believe that our thoughts and vibrations shape our facial structures, as well as our bodies, from the time we are born anyway, so yes, I absolutely believe you can deliberately change your facial structure with your thoughts. For me, it would mean finding the right vibration and making sure I stay within it. I had a friend who made her nose smaller and her breasts bigger, all with thought-----no surgery!

Here is what my friend did: For her breast size, she began picturing her breasts bigger, and she would wear bras in such a way as to make them look bigger. Every day, really anytime that she thought about them, she would think about them getting bigger, and she would look for them to increase in size, but also, she even molded them into the shape she wanted using her thoughts, just picturing them that way. She did this on a consistent basis, and it took less than a year, as I recall. It was an amazing transformation. She believed she could do it and she did. As for her nose, what had happened there was that she kept going on and on about how big her nose was, and I noticed that her nose had actually gotten bigger, so I told her, “You’d better stop going on about it, I swear you’ve made it bigger!” Well, this kind of freaked her out, of course, but she got hold of herself and just went the opposite direction with her thoughts. She started seeing it get smaller and smaller, and she made it go back to its original size. I believe you get what you look for, and in this case, she looked for what she wanted. In both cases, making her breasts bigger (wanted) and making her nose bigger (unwanted) she got what she was looking for!


answered 01 Nov '12, 08:50

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Fairy Princess

@Bedazzled what were the specific methods used by her

(01 Nov '12, 09:59) Sayantan

Here is what my friend did: For her breast size, she began picturing her breasts bigger, and she would wear bras in such a way as to make them look bigger. Every day, really anytime that she thought about them, she would think about them getting bigger, and she would look for them to increase in size, but also, she even molded them into the shape she wanted using her thoughts, just picturing them that way. She did this on a consistent basis, and it took less than a year, as I recall. It was an amazing transformation. She believed she could do it and she did.
As for her nose, what had happened there was that she kept going on and on about how big her nose was, and I noticed that her nose had actually gotten bigger, so I told her, “You’d better stop going on about it, I swear you’ve made it bigger!” Well, this kind of freaked her out, of course, but she got hold of herself and just went the opposite direction with her thoughts. She started seeing it get smaller and smaller, and she made it go back to its original size. I believe you get what you look for, and in this case, she looked for what she wanted. In both cases, making her breasts bigger (wanted) and making her nose bigger (unwanted) she got what she was looking for!

(01 Nov '12, 11:10) Bedazzled

@Bedazzled So it is all about imagination and belief :)

(01 Nov '12, 11:39) Sayantan

Yes, @Sayantan, that is what I believe. I believe all things are possible!

(01 Nov '12, 16:25) Bedazzled
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Sure, in these times we live in, people change their facial structures using the Law of Attraction every day.

Here's what happens.

  • They launch a desire for a different facial appearance
  • They align that desire with their belief system by hunting around for a plastic surgeon
  • They get inspired to have the plastic surgery operation done
  • They have now manifested a different physical appearance

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the Law of Attraction works through "magical" means. It will provide you with whatever you want according to what your belief system perceives is the path of least resistance. Something that aligns with your belief system never feels magical to you, it just feels normal and everyday to you...it feels like "No Big Deal".

If taking a physical action of having a plastic surgeon operate on you is the path of least resistance for your belief system then that's what you'll end up eventually doing to get what you want.

I know that what you seem to be asking is that you want your appearance to change just through the power of focused thought, as though you go to sleep one day looking like one person and wake up looking like another.

Yes, you can do that because anything you can imagine is possible but that doesn't mean that anything that you can imagine is probable.

The mere fact that you are asking this question and wanting encouragement suggests that your own belief system might not be at the point where manifesting such bodily changes happens instantly without any physical action at all.

Mine certainly isn't at that point and I don't particularly have a desire to change it, and here's why...human creations such as plastic surgery are physical manifestations of past human desires to be able to change physical appearance on a whim.

So there is now an entire physically manifested beauty industry that exists to satisfy those desires in a way that suits the mass's existing belief systems on this planet at this time. So why not take advantage of all that? Why reinvent the wheel? :)

If you want to mold your belief system because you are testing out these reality creation ideas and want to fine-tune your manifesting skills, that's one thing. But if all you want is to change your physical appearance as soon as possible in a way that fits what you already believe, why not take the easy option? :)

Why walk on water when you can take a boat? :)


answered 01 Nov '12, 07:11

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@Stingray- You have made so many important clarifications upon the Law of Attraction, really showing it's merely a working 24/7 law and not some "magical means." Very, very clear points; maybe it's just me picking up on this, yet I feel this answer tells much more.

You talk about "re-inventing the wheel" with beliefs. I recall on IQ something here about a self manufactured belief (personally) of how watercress is your redbull. May you please provide some links for doing this?

(01 Nov '12, 07:29) Nikulas

@Nikulas - The watercress thing (which still works very effectively for me) was not really a self-manufactured belief (I used a clumsy phrase), it was a belief that I picked up somewhere along the way (accidentally) and found that it worked very well for me so I saw no reason to change it despite evidence to the contrary. I call it a convenient belief . The idea is basically about using what already works for you to your advantage.

(01 Nov '12, 07:50) Stingray

@Stingray Thank you so much .This really means a lot to me .

(01 Nov '12, 10:01) Sayantan

@Stingray If someone launches a desire and meditates, shouldn't it be coming about through 'magical means' as we're calling it here, since during meditation we're letting contradictory beliefs and vibrations subside? In more general terms, since we're launching all sorts of 'quirky' desires all the time, shouldn't we be seeing all sorts of 'miracles' associated with meditation, and in relatively short spans of time to boot?

(07 Sep '16, 11:41) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass - "shouldn't it be coming about through 'magical means'" - I can't see how you've reached this conclusion. The principle of the Next Logical Step doesn't allow magical means. Something might seem like "magical means" to an observer who doesn't share the manifester's belief system. But the manifester is always operating within the confines of their beliefs, even if there are impressive coincidences along the way.

(07 Sep '16, 14:01) Stingray

@Stingray Yes I understand what you are saying. What I meant to ask is for instance with regards to the question posed in this page. She wants a change in appearance, and preferably without having to resort to plastic surgery. If she meditates, shouldn't such a change start to occur naturally since any possible contradictory beliefs and vibrations are deactivated, even if such a change is not considered possible by most people's belief systems or even hers?

(07 Sep '16, 14:49) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass - "even if such a change is not considered possible by most people's belief systems or even hers?" - You can certainly have manifestations that are outside the belief systems of others because the beliefs of others are irrelevant to your physical reality. But you seem to be saying manifestations can happen outside of the belief system of the manifester. A belief is just a dominant thought. Your entire life is a...

(08 Sep '16, 04:40) Stingray

@Surfgrass - ...reflection of your dominant thoughts (beliefs) because dominant thoughts, given enough energy, eventually condense into something perceptible by the physical senses of you and others (a physical manifestation). You have the choice of making any thought dominant, so you can mold your physical reality into whatever you want. You seem to be implying that some random non-dominant thought can come out of nowhere and override all your existing dominant thoughts on a topic i.e. you...

(08 Sep '16, 04:44) Stingray

@Surfgrass - ...get a physical manifestation outside of your belief system. I don't see how that can happen. You can certainly have a desire so strong that it temporarily overrides existing beliefs - and that might appear to be "miraculous" to others including the manifester - but I don't think that's what you're suggesting.

(08 Sep '16, 04:47) Stingray

@Stingray Thanks for going over this point with me! Yes, that was what I was suggesting. Doesn't meditation play in favour of this "desire overriding belief" phenomenon? For example, I do not see people 'shape-shifting' everyday in my reality so there is a high probability that I do not believe it is possible. However, let's say I have launched a strong desire to shape-shift into a different appearance. If I meditate often and hence let my contradictory beliefs regarding this subject drop...

(08 Sep '16, 12:53) Surfgrass

... and since strong desire + absence of resistance = manifestation, shouldn't the next logical development be a shift in appearance without taking physical action (plastic surgery)? In other words, in the absence of resistance, shouldn't the manifestation be forthcoming in the swiftest and most natural way with the least amount of physical action?

(08 Sep '16, 12:58) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass - It might be worth asking this as a separate question. It'll give @Stingray and others an opportunity to further clarify the principle of "your vibration stays where you last left it" and in what capacity meditation allows us to circumvent that.

(08 Sep '16, 14:22) WeRadiateBeauty

@Surfgrass - "let's say I have launched a strong desire" - Now that you've mentioned strong desire, the game changes a bit. Strong desires can overwhelm weakly-held limiting beliefs.

"strong desire + absence of resistance = manifestation" - Meditation is only a temporary distraction from resistance, not absence of resistance. See the link @WeRadiateBeauty posted. As soon as you come out of the meditative state, your vibration about the subject goes straight back to resisting your...

(09 Sep '16, 02:08) Stingray

...desire again. If you never thought about (i.e. activated) the subject again (even after meditating) that would provide some "breathing room" for you to get what you want (within the confines of your belief system) and then you've invented Manifesting Experiment 1 :) But for your manifestation to come quickly as possible, you really need some kind of alignment on the topic so that if you do happen to reactivate it, you are...

(09 Sep '16, 02:12) Stingray

...feeling good about it i.e. the thoughts of your Physical Self and your Broader Self are both synchronized so that Law of Attraction is generating a stronger "pull". See the analogy of Big Guys vs Little Guys. So if you want your desire as easily and naturally as possible, get aligned about it (instead of just meditating about it)...and that is Manifesting Experiment 2 :)

(09 Sep '16, 02:20) Stingray

@Stingray Thanks Stingray, you've completely cleared this point for me now! :)

(09 Sep '16, 11:50) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass - You're welcome. For completeness, I should add that there is a shortcut to releasing resistance without needing explicit alignment on the topic...and that it is to stay dominantly (habitually) Vortex-aligned...which is why I keep pushing the idea for people. The link in @WeRadiateBeauty's comment explains it. Meditation can be regarded as a weak Vortex-aligned state but you can't keep it up for long periods of time.

(09 Sep '16, 13:04) Stingray
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@Sayantan - Welcome to IQ!

I agree with @Stingray; you can do what you really believe you can. What can you believe? That is the question, in my opinion. I also agree with @Bedazzled. This is exactly what I've done for myself... With certain bits I wanted to change on my body. For myself, I won't cop to exactly which bits :) but yes, I believe it really can work. I have managed real change on several different things that bothered me.

It's a lot of fun - and I think that is an important point - the spirit of fun. If you get your heart set on it, it is not the same vibe at all. Keep it light, like a game. I look at myself and say, look at that! my ..... is/are looking really beautiful! :) Getting bigger/smaller/smoother/prettier! and laugh about it and have fun in the mirror! :D At first I thought it was just my imagination, but as @Bedazzled mentioned - when someone else notices it, there is no way to doubt it.

Believe, and you will see!



answered 01 Nov '12, 14:19

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Yes, @Grace, and @Sayantan, give it a try and see what happens-----keep looking for it, expecting it to show up, like a package due to arrive! I have manifested things that I had no faith in that way, believe it or not!

(01 Nov '12, 16:04) Bedazzled

@Bedazzled @Grace sure buddy i will definitely give it a try thanks for your support and encouragement.

(01 Nov '12, 22:54) Sayantan

@Grace You make a really good point - by keeping it fun and not absolutely needing it ... it comes to you sooner. I too have experienced changing the body in ways that most people would consider impossible within the laws of biology as they understand them. I'm just not that consistent with it though so get patchy results but I believe in it for sure and so should Sayantan!

(02 Nov '12, 14:10) Catherine
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The short answer is YES absolutely.

There are several aspects to this - firstly BELIEFS. You have to believe that it is possible. As Stingray says it might be easier just to go for plastic surgery. On the other hand I think as more people see the link between their thoughts and their reality, it is easier to hold such beliefs so go for it!

However, I think there may also be a hidden aspect to this because people who have plastic surgery often, not always, start noticing something else about themselves that they don't like or find that even though they have a new nose or pert breasts, they aren't any happier. It might be worth just digging a little deeper into what the underlying beliefs are .... why do I want these changes? What do I believe would be the benefits of these changes? Why do I want to change the colour of my eyes? Just keep asking yourself questions. You can then work on those beliefs at the same time.

Advice for changing your face - would be to focus on a generalised belief about being attractive rather than on the specifics. This way you aren't limiting how that attractiveness can come to you - your skin, hair, eyes may also all improve as well.

Have you ever noticed a person you perceived as having perfect facial features but you don't find them in the least bit attractive? Alternatively, have you ever thought that someone was incredibly attractive even though their features are less than "perfect"? Focus more on how you want to feel when you have your perfect face rather than the individual mechanics of rearranging your face because even if you did achieve higher cheekbones, you may still not feel how you really want to feel because you don't believe it on the inside. Always go for the feeling of something - that's ultimately what you're after.


answered 02 Nov '12, 07:02

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@Catherine- I love your fourth paragraph! Why not just create a reality in which everyone finds you attractive, regardless of the specific physical facial geometry!

And even if plastic surgery is done, that's not to say the people they interact with will be treating them much differently.

(02 Nov '12, 08:17) Nikulas

@Catherine - Yes! You hit this from every angle, right on target. You are so right - I have met people I thought were so attractive, and watched that attractive quality fade and crumble before my eyes as they spoke from a very unattractive mindset. There are so very many others who look like they have less than "perfect" appearance...

(02 Nov '12, 09:24) Grace

... turn out to be almost blindingly beautiful to me, when they open their mouths. :) The features that may not be conventionally accepted as attractive become hallmarks of the love and light inside of them, and make them even more beautiful in my eyes. @Catherine, I'm having such an epiphany as I write this, I'm feeling my room spin. I think you have helped me find another set of beliefs...

(02 Nov '12, 09:34) Grace

...inside me that do not serve; I can plainly see the beauty in others, but not myself, despising my own imperfections as I do... Come to think of it, being less than perfect but very loving myself, I am very fortunate this is the case amongst people like yourself as it is just such enlightened, wise, and loving people I want in my life. My own answer feels vain and silly to me now...

(02 Nov '12, 09:42) Grace

... I truly appreciate you, @Catherine. You have helped me so much, and will always be beautiful in my eyes :). Thank you for giving the answer I wish I had given.

(02 Nov '12, 09:43) Grace

@Catherine I loved the observations you made in the last paragraph its true that I am aiming for an overall attractiveness not just changing specific features.Yes there are people who have an aquiline nose ,piercing eyes yet the overall appreance looks kinda dull.So I have tricky job at hand..........

(02 Nov '12, 11:44) Sayantan

@Nikulas @Grace Thank you guys. @Sayantan Focus on that Sayantan and everytime something appears to contradict that new belief just thank it because it has given you an opportunity to re-affirm your new belief - the facial structure will take care of itself. If you did that consistently, you would see results really quickly.

(02 Nov '12, 14:14) Catherine

@Sayantan The part that trips most of us up is when the old belief is still in play and is reflected back to us and so we think our new belief isn't working or is untrue ... if you can hold you nerve at that point, you might be amazed at what you can achieve. Best wishes to you ...

(02 Nov '12, 14:15) Catherine

@Grace- I agree with you. The girl whom I thought and still believe to be my soulmate was a Danish girl. I'm sure other people contrary to what I think would say she isn't necessarily Miss Universe in the looks department, but her inner confidence, beauty and kindness creates her to be a goddess.

Point being, yes, the attitude and charisma of a person really either magnifies their beauty or destroys it. I get at least a comment a week on my good looks after I started really accepting myself.

(03 Nov '12, 02:38) Nikulas

@nikulas- so,u gt that girl back? actualy i am also sufferng wth same situation like u..,n just lookd fr all the solutions n processes, tried all of them n they worked too at tht time, may be cos of vibrational match,bt it ws all temporary...so,its kinda now,i hav completely surrendered to GOD.

(03 Nov '12, 10:03) supergirl

@Nikulas - It's true. This will sound silly, and it's embarrassing as hell, but I can't tell you how many times I have come home and walked up to a mirror, and thought - what on earth is he seeing??? hair's a mess, these jeans not flattering my curves at all, make up is a wreck, etc., etc.... yet I've just heard about how beautiful and unforgettable... I just... I can get it mentally, I guess...

(03 Nov '12, 11:23) Grace

... but I still haven't been able to process it internally somehow. I can apply it to others, but not myself. I guess I have a lot more work to do before I can truly accept "I am beautiful." Even typing this is making me feel ridiculus, but I want it out in the open so that I can't hide from it any longer. This internal contridiction has got to get untangled, somehow. I must give off the world's most confusing vibes to the men I meet. :)

(03 Nov '12, 11:25) Grace

@Grace- "I guess I have a lot more work to do"- hello limiting belief. I found I procrastinated a ton of my life with that exact same, "I got more work to do on myself before I'll have a girl" excuse. Realise that is the reason why you aren't where you want to be- that belief. @supergirl- No I haven't gotter her back; she's sadly gone back to Denmark :(

(03 Nov '12, 18:25) Nikulas
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i think there is a "danger" in manifesting the facial structure change without surgery. because manifesting is not really about the visual result. it is about the feeling you are after. therefore the danger is that the universe could give you the feeling you are after without giving you the change of your facial structure.

for example if the feeling you desire to have is one of beeing sexually desired by men and/or women the universe could give you a physical manifestation that would match this feeling. e.g. you could almost always meet men/women that find you incredibly attractive.

this is just an example. the possible manifestations are endless to match a feeling you desire. you would then end up liking this because otherwise it wouldn't be a perfect match to your feeling.

so i would go for the surgery to not risk becoming happy without the facial structure change.

there is also another pitfall if you want to manifest the facial change without surgery. you would have to "accept yourself the way you are" first to release resistance so the manifestation could come to you.

but if you go for the surgery you would probably believe (so not having to change beliefs about yourself and what is possible) that a surgery is possible (you have seen it on others, so you believe it) so you wouldn't have resistance at all. of course i am assuming you have the money for the surgery or you know you can get it if you want. therefore your desire could manifest easily with the surgery.

surgery = 1. you don't have to change beliefs about yourself and about what is possible in general. 2. you don't have to do a lot of aligning (this means at least not feeling bad about yourself and your face.)


answered 02 Nov '12, 10:38

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@releaser99 surgery it the easiest way for anyone who wants to have attractive physical features.I want a kind of face which STANDS OUT.Look at michael jackson he wanted a thinner nose but after his operation his face turned out to be even more ugly,and after more face-lifts he looked a complete wierdo.I wont say that I want such and such kind of a nose , coz after I get my desired nose maybe I will feel that it is out of place (like michael jacksons nose was) and my over all facial appearance has'nt improved a bit ,infact it has worsened .Moreover the "IDEAL" face I want may not be gotten through surgery .For ex -Angelina Jolie ,she got her face operated may be she had dreamt of having this "IDEAL" face but frankly speaking I just dont find her attractive.So surgery is ruled out .At the same time I think I am the first person IN HISTORY to make such an attempt of altering my FACIAL FEATURES drastically just by using my THOUGHT POWER. But thanks for the support @Stingray @Bedazzled @Catherine @Grace @Nikulas

(02 Nov '12, 12:08) Sayantan

I know in higher densities it is done all the time. ancient reptilians, ancient Andromedans, all sorts of 6th density entities. I will send u expert of book where treb talks about this.

Jefferson: Do you think, considering what you know about our planet, that what you look like would cause us some strangely bad feelings that we would perhaps find your race ugly compared to other and to ours?

Treb: Oh yes! This is a very common experience. If you are not used to our looking all of the other things will appear to be strange. And since your race have not been exposed directly on a wide scale on a day to day bases, yes, this is very common. The entities that tend to be from the sixth density, who are complete and utter masters, of the manifestation, even to a level that impresses the likes of us who consider ourselves very good at this. They are able to change the appearance of the outward body, much as what you have heard in the rumors of the shape shifting?

Jefferson: Yes!

Treb: Several entities from the sixth density, whether they are positive or negative, do this. The same goes with the ones that you might consider to be Andromedans, the one who comes from the galaxy that is next to you. They are the oldest living sixth density positive race.

Jefferson: Oh.

Treb: And they had experienced with... people who were in the bible, as you call this.

Jefferson: Uh huh.

Treb: This is why they represent their selves as a more human looking to them. They change their appearance to be a mythical angel. And these are the messages that some received from angels, were from the sixth density beings. For this reason alone. If you are coming to a planet and you look different from whatever they have seen, it is easy to cause panic or fear or disgust to a race that have both positive and negative associations when it comes to acceptance.

there is more still but i am having trouble finding it. I will add as I find.

love n light



answered 03 Nov '12, 20:35

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE are there any practical ways to achieve what I want?

(05 Nov '12, 06:41) Sayantan

@Sayantan, they are able to do this because they have so much more conciseness available to them. They have 5 incarnations in that density, and we have 200. so literally they are about 40 X more soul size than we do in our fragment. as seen here...http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/13429/what-are-densities/57490

(05 Nov '12, 20:54) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE how does a person get into these higher densities where instant manifestations are possible(the question is a weird one ,but I am just curious).

(05 Nov '12, 23:30) Sayantan

@Sayantan,it is natural progression of the soul, we are growing now to the next level.

(06 Nov '12, 17:05) TReb Bor yit-NE
(11 Nov '12, 15:05) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I am trying this, but I am also contemplating about getting surgery done. It's just that, I'm a bit scared of going through the knife, so I very much prefer these magical way of doing things. I have always been a believer of things that are about magic and that are of mystery, because I beleive it could actually happen. The thing is, I have a lot of things I want to change in my appearance, a whole lot. If I get surgery, I would only do one procedure, because it scares me. But imagine the possibility of getting help by magic and wishes, I could change,not only one, but all that I wished for, and there are no scary option that it could go wrong(like in surgery).

Recently, I watched the secret. I just found the dvd in our home. I was inspired by their words and hoped it was true. Strangely, when I wanted to watch it again, it was gone. I asked my parents about it and they said they couldn't remember buying such a dvd. It was weird, but I was bummed not being able to watch it again, although I'm glad I had the chance to. Anyway I thought about it now, and it seemed almost magical to me.

I am going to start using this law of attraction, and you should too if you wanted. There is no harm in it. if it works(that would be so awesome!), then we get what we want plus a new zest for life knowing that this world contains magic after all. If not,then well, I could always get surgery. But imagine if it did...

oh yeah, what I want to change is actually, my eyes,my whole faceshape and my cheeks, my eyebrows and my shoulders and also my skin color(although not a priority of mine), I would also love to have dimples. I know it is a whole lot, but it's the universe anyway, and I also know people think it's crazy, but I coudn't care any less.

I give myself no time limit, but my goal, I set it in just about one week or two(for one body part). It could exceed this of course. But not anything amounting to more than one year. I heard about people actually achieving this, from changing their eye color to blue from brown and all that stuff, purely through belief and imagination and believing it's already been achieved. I mean you know how our energy flows through the universe and all that, and that we can manifest anything through the universe(or God, if you prefer to call him), it could hold true. And you know how we only use 10% of our brains, if we concentrate enough, we might just about achieve change with no actual surgery and get even better results.


answered 24 Dec '12, 02:00

Bonnie21's gravatar image


@Bonnie21 I loved your answer ,I agree with what you have to say about achieving things magically ,just imagine having a genie like Alladin who gets every thing done for him "MAGICALLY" ,WE NEED TO CUT OFF OURSELVES FROM REALITY ,PUT ASIDE LOGIC AND REASON AND JUST BELIEVE THAT SUCH A DRASTIC CHANGE IS INDEED POSSIBLE.

(29 Dec '12, 09:29) Sayantan


(29 Dec '12, 09:30) Sayantan
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