Valentine's Day is approaching. I think that love is not blind; I think some people cannot overcome their personal prejudices to find true love.

What do you think?

Blessings, Jai

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It can be blind!

May I share a story?

About eight years ago, I worked in company that had hundreds of people on the site. I caught sight of a man, who I immediately did not like the looks of, even though he would smile and be pleasant. I didn't like his height, didn't like his hair, didn't like the way he dressed, didn't like that he wore an earring to work, and didn't like the animal tattoos he had on his forearms. It was a conservative business settling and he looked rebellious. I didn't even like the watch he wore or his briefcase. There was literally nothing about this guy I could stand.

Almost daily, I would think, "I don't like this guy." That is not my nature, but as I said, he was the opposite of anything I would have liked in a man.

One day after several months he stopped over to my desk to say hi and talk. He was with a couple of other people, so there was no way I could brush him off or be rude. he said the nicest things and had really wonderful eyes.

During my meditation/visualization period that night, I sent some love his way and found that my mind had completely changed. For reasons I can't explain, I saw him in a completely different light and maybe even....liked him.

One thing led to another, and although he wasn't "the one" we did date for almost a year and had a lot of fun. We parted as friends, which we still are to this day, and I learned a lot from him about myself and about many things. I did and do love him.

Sorry for the length, but love can be a mysterious thing, and appearances don't always matter. First impressions don't even always matter when you give love a chance.


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LeeAnn 1

I just love your story LeeAnn it was just so wonderful to read and no it was not too long. But you know I sometimes I guess speak with too many words.

But that is how I express my answers as they come to me. I am so glad to read your lovely story and I hope it helps someone looking for true love. Have a lovely day LeeAnn. You give such great answers shooting straight from the heart and soul.

(12 Feb '10, 11:02) flowingwater

Thank you for your kind words, Flowingwater!

(12 Feb '10, 14:43) LeeAnn 1

Nice story LeeAnn - shows you can't judge a book by it's cover.

(15 Feb '10, 14:57) Michaela
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I think that love is blind to any sorts of negative aspects of the person being loved. This is why most people have the best time in a relationship at the start of the relationship when they are completely focusing on the positive aspects of the person that they are in love with.

My personal experience is I fell in love with someone a few years back and he was the most inappropriate person I could have fallen in love with from my family and also from my perspective to some extent, in terms of religion, culture, age, past etc.

I was not very reluctant to have a relationship for the above reasons at the start. However, I could feel that he was the true love I was looking for and I dropped all prejudices. And I was right...I have been with him since then and it is the most amazing relationship.

I think even though you can have prejudices with regards to love, love is something that goes beyond looks, culture, race, past etc. It is more vibrational. If we have attracted true love into our existence, then prejudices can be no barrier.


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Pink Diamond

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As LeeAnn's story shows when we put aside judgement on superficial things like looks or physical appearance, we can often discover something much more beautful and genuine below the surface. True or unconditional love is not blind but looks past these superficialities to the real being or spirit within.

I think Paul in his letter to the Corinthians summed it up beautifully--"Love is always patient and kind;love is never jealous;love is not boastful or conceited,it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage,it does not take offence or store up grievances. Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but finds it's joy in the truth. It is always ready to make allowances,to trust,to hope and to endure whatever comes.Love never comes to an end.

As it is,these remain: faith,hope and love, the three of them ;and the greatest of them is love."

So to answer your question I don't think genuine,unconditional love is blind but accepts and loves the other person with all the flaws and imperfections that make up a human being.However, I do think sometimes we enter relationships with blinders on; we see (perceive) the other person as we want them to be and are blind to the other characteristics that we don't want to see. As time goes on, it then becomes inevitable that we will begin to see all the traits we chose not to see at the beginning.We then begin to try to change or mould the person to the original perception we had of them. Alas the relationship cannot last because we can never change anyone - the love has become conditional and hence can no longer endure.


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Love is truely blind to the one in love. For there is a saying that love hides a multitude of faults. Your friends, family, enimies, or co-worker or whomever may see the faults of the person you are in love with but you just don't. All you see is the person you love and the butterflies floating in your stomach and your heart racing everytime you see him/her or hear their name. The sparker in their eyes, their beautiful smile that sends you a million miles into space. Of course in the begining everyone usually puts their best foot forward and on down the road you may open your eyes more as he/she lets their guard down a little more but some are so deeply in love with the person that they have enought love for the both of them; they think.

Love can come to anyone of any ages. Love is ageless and enchanting beyond belief.

The way that a person looks at you or smile at you brings sheer joy to your heart and body. The way they walk, the way they talk, it just intoxicate you down to your soul. It makes you wobber you can't think the scent that evamporates from their body just sends you to a garden of enchantment.

Now, on the other hand and if you have not fallen in love but are looking maybe for love than it is not love that is blind for love has not come to you yet it is You who are blind to whatever prejudices or personal preferences you have that maybe keeping you away from maybe true love.

Whether it is you don't want anyone who don't make enough money, makes more money than you, not working, younger than you, older than you, is not in the corporate world, someone who loves the country, someone who loves the city, someone that is out of your race, someone that has children, or don't want children, different religion than you, different background, not educated enough, too educated, and the list can go on and on.

We all have our preference for who our ideal mate should look like and be that just is part of who we are. And yes sometimes we are looking so hard for that particular certain calaubar of a person that we over look the precious flawed sparkling gem that is around us or is coming towards us.

The bottom line is we tend to notice the looks of a person, how they dress, and how they are acting right will determined whether we even want to get to know them any better. Sparking eyes and a great smile goes a long way if you are dressed descent which would be clean and casual. Than next some will notice how you speak, what kind of jewerly you have on, and what kind of a career do they have.

Most people sum up a person within 5 min. of looking, talking to, and assisting them either character or personality is. Women do more asseting than men women will usually put you in a catagory of friend, boyfriend, partner, husband qualities. Guys usually don't think of wife quality right away they will think of parner or friend.

People out of different race, nationalities, religions, maybe insntantly turn off if you are not within their own region of things in other words like them. That is their own opinion to choose to be like that.

For know one wants to be with someone that they instantly can't stand. So, yes it is a personal preference or prejudices whether they will take the chance to get to know someone first before they decide that you are not right for them. It is differently their lost.

Love sometimes hides in the stranges of places with sometimes someone who you would least expect to fall in love with and truly are glad that you did for this person felt like your soul mate or the other half of you.

They are all out there it is just will you take the time to weed through the people and the lies to find the gem that connects your souls together as one. But with perferences and prejudices aside it is hard to find that person but he/she is there hopefully waiting on You. Will we be to blind to see them?

Happy Valentines to one and all that celebrates Valentines!


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