How do we use LOA or any such method to score more in examinations? And would not it be unfair to use?

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I am not really giving you a method that will help you get higher marks in your exams but my own experience might help you find a solution.

When I was at college doing my A-Levels at college, my life was mostly studying with the aim that I would get excellent results and maybe be among the top students in the country. I was very focused towards my studies and never lost sight of that goal. It did pay off and I was one of the top students nationally and won a national scholarship for it.

However, a couple of years later, I was introduced to the law of attraction and that changed my attitude towards how to get good grades. I learned that it is your expectations that drive the outcome of any exam. Since knowing this, I can pretty much say that I gradually started studying less and less and focusing more on the outcome I wanted which was getting excellent grades. I was just confident that if I expect to get good grades, I will get good grades. And that is what has happened every time I have taken any exam to date.

In terms of the second part of your question, there is no unfairness in life. The reason is because everything anyone gets is a direct product of their thoughts and expectations. In fact, life is as fair as you can get because everyone has the power and ability to mould their thoughts and expectations at any point in time to attract a different reality.


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When I was in high school one of my classmates, who was particularly good at performing below average in every exam, decided to take drastic action before this particular major exam.

the exam was on religion, (Hinduism).

His father drove him to the most well known Hindu temple in our country where he spent lots of money for the priest to perform a very powerful pooja (call it a spell) for the gods to shower blessings of success upon my classmate.

In addition, my classmate had prayed all night at this temple.

They had driven back (a two hour drive) just in time for him to write the exam.

He had all this impressive religious decorations upon him indicating that some serious spiritual work had proceeded his arrival at the exam hall

We were all excited about the outcome of the exam results, which were posted for all to see two weeks after the exam was written.

All of us could see that my classmate had managed to improve upon his usual failing record with a resounding complete failure, for his mark was Zero.

In the past he had barely passed.

We asked what happened, and according to him, the all night prayer had made him exhausted and so tired that he had literally gone to sleep while being awake, but barely.

But he was excited by the result because he saw it as a clear sign from the Gods that he was not meant to work with his mind.

He dropped out of school & went to work with his dad, who was a businessman.

The last time I saw him, he was doing better than most, if not all of the students who didn't drop out.

I just wanted to share this story and I think my answer is hiding somewhere in this story.


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Two things I think you meant : Studies are not meant for everyone and one can succeed without it too; and there is no substitute to hard work ... Am I correct?

(18 Oct '10, 10:45) Pranay

Hi Pranay. Pleas don't take this in the wrong way. Any answer that comes to you would be correct I guess, because I was not expecting someone to come up with an answer. I actually didn’t have an answer to the question, except when I read the question, this memory popped up in my mind. This friend of mine is the only one I know who took the idea of praying to succeed in an exam seriously, but he never studied. It was just a fun memory to share with the rest. But, then again, maybe he was more sincere in his prayers than his studies because things turned out OK for him.

(18 Oct '10, 20:18) The Traveller

It would not be unfair. The mere fact that you have to be active to allow the LOA to bring into your realm of consciousness what you want to be, do or have. It could mean that you learn a better way of studying the material for the exam. It may mean spending one more minute studying that kicks you over the edge to a better score. Whatever you ask is yours when you take inspired action to make it happen.


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How funny, I was just thinking this today.

If you can figure our a system that allows students to do better on tests using LOA, you would be the new revolutionary for education.

It is not unfair because everyone has the option to learn it and has heard of it at one time or another. In addition, most people write it off as magical thinking.

I would think it is a good opportunity to make believers out of them if you can increase their grades.


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I wouldnt feel guilty. In life many things are a little unfair. Some are born with great talents and sometimes into a lot of money .Some are born into poverty and with disabilities. BUT thinking positive thougts is available to all. Rich,poor,black,white,muslim,catholic....all. Spiritual laws are no respector of persons.

Its a level playing field,your neighbour can think what he wants,so can you. If your using something thats available to your neighbour but he/she chooses not to use...hard luck on them.



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nice question...i remember asking the same question few months ago....m a student too...n i've used the Law Of Attraction all the time to score well in exams..but dat duzn mean giving up studying n spending all day imagining wat u want bcz u may nt b an expert in exercising the law n thoughts of fear regarding the exam may crop up which will nullify all ur positive thoughts n ultimately make u score a "zero"..... i had used dis law recently for my last school exam....i was overshadowed with grief n depression regarding a personal issue n ws scared dat i'l fail in d exams...but once agen i remembered d "secret" n d LOA n decided to use it....i wud study for d exams widout feeling d pressure of the huge syllabus n enjoying like i were readin a comic or a mystery book....wenever i felt nervous abt ne exam i wud shut myself up in d bedroom switch on d music n dance crazily imagining dt i was celebrating my success of becoming d higest scorer in school...i evn made a list of rankers n plced mah name at the top n pinned it up on mah soft board...every tym i looked at it it made me believe dat i had already become the topper of my school.... wen d results were out..i cud nt believe my eyes...i was really d topper...but it wasnt so shocking n difficult to believe as i had been believing in dat fact for such a long tym!! i promise u it will work ... but dont consider it a substitute for hard work n try 2 escape ;)


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Excellent advice Snehal! and congratulations

(14 Mar '11, 08:58) daniele

That is excellent advise Snehal, especially when you are getting used to these concepts, I find it can be a little challenging to balance "Action"... how much to physically do while you keep your faith. Thanks :)

(14 Mar '11, 13:43) Nikki777

Wow!!! And thanks.

(15 Mar '11, 07:47) Pranay
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According to the Law of Attraction, we create our reality with our beliefs. The key to intentional creation is to feel the feeling of already having the experience. Whatever vibration we put out, is the vibration of the reality we experience and the things we attract. Our experience of reality is like an echo of our beliefs coming back to us.

So to use the LOA to improve your text scores feel the feeling of having an A+. If things pop up telling you why you can't then you have your limiting beliefs. Do Two Hands Touching video here and EZ Deletion Sequence to eliminate the limiting beliefs and fears. You can also do THT and visualize the A+ and get into the feeling of having the A+. You can use the THT while studying to get your brain into a state that allows it to absorb new information. Also do the THT before the test to be at your best mental condition.


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