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i seen a dead white eye open up and a red butterfly flutter by but the butter fly wasn't very clear it was harder to see and i don't meditate everyday so it's confusing.

asked 06 Jun '13, 18:46

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@abrahamloa I think you should turn your comment into an answer - vg!

(06 Jun '13, 21:00) ele
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i dont know but i will make it up for it could mean you want to do 3rd eye meditation more to open it more and more... then your 3rd eye can open further and you can see the Truth more and more clearly... and since its red butterfly it means your seeking it is more of a pleasant fun adventurous thing .... that you are eager to do it... your dream is encouraging you to pursue the 3rd eye meditation thats why you saw the eye...


answered 06 Jun '13, 20:44

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agreed with @ele

(07 Jun '13, 00:58) ursixx

@ursixx made magic happen - awesome!

(07 Jun '13, 01:22) ele

Hi XxemogirlxX & welcome to IQ.

I'm not sure if you are asking why this is happening or if you are asking for help interpreting the meaning of a red butterfly & an opened dead white eye. The only person who can interpret the meaning of your 'vison' is you.

To dream of butterflies is always a good thing & the butterfly is one of my power animals & usually means transformation ---- but --- this is not exactly a dream if it's happening when you are in an altered or transcendental meditative state..

What does it mean to meditate and see images?

As for why this is happening -- it's quite common - everything is fine - normal - relax . You are receiving a message from your higher self or (consciousness) & these messages are usually in the form of symbols or archetypes & the meaning is for YOU to discover.

Eye is the link to conscious awareness. Your psychic pathways are opening. Very cool!


a dead white eye open up

This had me puzzled - I wonder if by 'dead' you meant pure? White symbolizes light, openness, truth.

The best advice I can give you is relax & just have fun. Sometimes a butterfly is just a butterfly & the harder you try to figure it out, the longer it will take.


answered 06 Jun '13, 20:58

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