I am very interested in all kind of divination methods, (except Ouija) and I want to develop my psychic abbilities. I always thought I had none, like most 'normal' people, but after doing some reasearch I foud out that everyone has psychic abbilities that can be developed with time and practice.

What I got till now, is becoming a dowser, and being able to see Auras. What I lack is clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc to be able to see images in my crystal ball. One day I might become a medium! ;)

Even though I am meditating daily (sometimes more that once a day, for 15 min), what I think I need is a boost in my third eye...

Do you have any easy technique to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


asked 01 Jun '11, 12:37

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Bear in mind that ideally you want your psychic centers to be balanced collectively overall so that you are more balanced overall as an individual. Of course, what is balance to one may not be balance to another, but that's the general idea.

Arbitrarily deciding that you need one particular center to be boosted is a bit like saying that you want to exclusively build up your right bicep while ignoring the rest of your body.

Yes, you can do it, and having that huge bulging bicep will probably do wonders for your ten pin bowling skills :) ...and it will certainly get you noticed by the men, though possibly not for the right reasons :) ...but having all your muscle sizes in harmony with each other is probably going to be more in line with the physical look you are really desiring for yourself.

So, personally, I would look into exercises that harmonize and balance all your psychic centers collectively. And I think there's plenty of those around on the net if you search for them.

But we all have free will and it's not my place to tell people what to do, or not to do, with their lives, so here's one reasonably safe approach that will give you the particular boost you are asking about...

Every day, or every few days, get yourself into a quiet frame of mind and, with your eyes closed, just spend a few minutes focusing the whole of your attention on that third eye area - near the center of your forehead, slightly above the area between your eyes.

Try and imagine the whole of you focused within that spot, as though that is where you are now residing for a while.

You may even find that particular area feeling warm after a while.

After a few minutes with your attention tightly focused on that spot, come out of it...you've done all that you need to do for today, and you can go about your day as normal.

You'll find that it becomes easier and easier everyday, or every few days, to focus your attention on that spot.

Keep that up for a few weeks, or possibly even a few months, and you'll start to notice some interesting results. I can't tell you exactly what - it will be unique to you.


answered 01 Jun '11, 13:48

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"So, personally, I would look into exercises that harmonize and balance all your psychic centers collectively. And I think there's plenty of those around on the net if you search for them." I aknowledge you're right...It would do me some good too... "But we all have free will and it's not my place to tell people what to do, or not to do, with their lives..." I can tell good advice when I see it, so you're free to tick me off when I deserve it ;) Good tip anyway, I'll try and harmonize all my chakras first and then do the excercise you recommend... Thank you very much!

(02 Jun '11, 14:15) BridgetJones09

You're welcome, BridgetJones09

(03 Jun '11, 04:28) Stingray

Stingray, re your last paragraph, what are those 'interesting results'? I know you said you cannot tell exactly what but could you give some descriptions or hints about it? Do try will you? Pretty please? I just feel right now it's very important to know because of these feelings I have been getting.

(10 Aug '11, 13:47) Aphrodite

@Aphrodite - I can only speak for myself as I implied in the message. It might be different for you. For me, these sorts of exercises give me massive increases in intuition, telepathy, precognition, tel-empathy, that sort of thing. Oh, and a much finer ability to read vibrational differences between different thougths when, for example, doing Focus Blocks: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5901/

(10 Aug '11, 22:58) Stingray

@ Stingray, your answer is more than suffice. Thank you for the time. Last question, were you having some feelings/signs/symptoms before your third eye was totally activated? How would you describe the stage prior its total awakening?

(11 Aug '11, 02:32) Aphrodite

@Aphrodite - I wouldn't consider my third eye "totally activated" - far from it. Psychic development to high levels just doesn't interest me that much whereas, for example, understanding how manifesting works and how to mold physical reality through the power of thought thrills me :) So, sorry, but I'm probably not in a position to answer your question honestly because I don't think I'm at the kind of psychic level you might be assuming.

(11 Aug '11, 22:14) Stingray

This is excellent advice, @Stingray. Another piece of the intuition puzzle?

(10 Sep '12, 16:05) Grace
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How do you feel about visiting Mount Fuji in Japan? Fuji is the third eye chakra point/place of the earth. At certain times of the year you can walk up the mountain and arrive at the top to be greeted by monks and experience the magical sunrise.

Being in the third eye chakra place will certainly boost the opening of yours. So if you’re feeling it check it out. The idea resonates strongly with me and I'm planning on experiencing that adventure :)


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Very interesting, really, but right now I see it as out of my reach (moneywise). But is really cool so if you do it please let me know! x

(02 Jun '11, 14:04) BridgetJones09

I found this web site very interestin!


You can do a ''Chakra Test'' Depending on your answers to their questions they can tell you wich of your chakra is open, close, over open.

They show specific positions of hands and explain how to use mudras. Each specific Mudras made a different vibration in your body which is relate to a specific chakra.

As Stingray said, the balance of all chakra is important and it is important to have the first chakra open because it is the base! Otherwise it is like trying to build a house on mud.

Well everything is pretty well explain in the web site!

Have fun!


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VERY COOL site!!! and it has also other topics I am interested in! Thanks! :) I'll do the test first ;)

(02 Jun '11, 14:18) BridgetJones09

well i took the test and it seams i am over actives with the 6 chakra(75%). i see to much. the rest is over (60%)

(02 Sep '11, 20:54) white tiger

Thank you for the website. Enlightening read.... After the test, my Heart Chakra is over-active and Sacral is open. The rest are under-active.

(10 Sep '12, 01:03) mskityin
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yes meditate do deep meditation. until you see the light or go in the light. experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Sep '11, 20:08

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white tiger


answered 03 Sep '11, 09:13

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abhishek mishra

Here is a kundalini Yoga workout specifically for the Third Eye Chakra with a warmup, kriya's and active meditations. I use these myself and find them very effective.

Maya Fiennes - A Journey Through The Chakra's (6th Chakra - Third Eye)


answered 10 Sep '12, 04:25

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