Whenever I meditate my body gets hot within 5 10 minutes and just today I started seeing rings like water rings coming at me you know how when you skip a stone across a pond it make a ring that's what I was seeing coming at me. And my forehead kept having pressure where the third eye is and a tingly sensation in the same spot.

Why does my body heat rise when I meditate?

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spiritual vibrations are lighter, faster and therefore hotter. as the radiation slows down gets heavier and therefore cooler.

(25 Jul '12, 21:03) fred

If it only happens when you meditate, and never at any other time, I'm inclined to suggest that the sensation of warmth is caused by a temporary release in resistance from the meditation allowing energy to circulate more freely in your body during those times.

That explanation does seem consistent with your third eye tingling.

That is making the assumption that during the times when you are not meditating, you are holding some kind of resistance that is not allowing this level of energy flow to be your habitual state.

It's not clear from the limited information provided in your question if this is the case.


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calm down, do not rush, learn from the experience. make that water as a peacefull lake. and observe it. have you ever been in a pool and observed your reflection? if you move fast and disturb the water you are not able to see your reflection.

this video might also help you.


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