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When you think of God, what do you see in your mind? Think aboout this; I never really gave it much thought at first, but I finally came to the realization that I see God up in Heaven on a Throne...not a very grown-up view of God at all! :)

So, think: What do you see when you picture God?

Do you see Him on a throne? Or do you see a Holy figure, like Jesus?

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Do you see God in the Earth?

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Or do you see God out in space somewhere?

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Think about this. Just how do you really picture your God?

Blessings and Love to All,


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Barry Allen ♦♦

The Divine by its very character is non-human and thus does not require a form that we can see or envisions, since its just beyond our cognitive abilities. But when I think of God, I don't envision him but I feel him, if that makes sense. It feels like a hug and my fears and doubts or whatever else is troubling me just vanish. Its not on point, I admit, but I felt drawn to this. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get my feelings out there. :)


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Good answer and welcome to our IQ family. :-)

(12 Jun '13, 00:48) Wade Casaldi

First off Jai whilst many, including your own awarness, may interperet God as a figure in the sky on a throne as "childish", I'd like to point out (mainly to others foolish enough to begin the trolling) that there is absolutly nothing wrong with that. It is valid. It is as valid as anything else, and if it works for you then that is all that matters. If your image of God having a happy face up in the clouds resonates with you, I congratulate you and don't have any intention of changing it.

The unconditionally loving thing is, God lets you interpert him/her/it however you like; including the interpretation that there is no God.

Being raised as a Catholic and well before I ventured into other religions, I used to have an exact same vision of God in the way you have detailed as well. To be more precise it was more of the mystical God in The Simpsons.

I find it intriguing how some people even have the thought "how does God look like?" That hasnt even come into my head until you mention it as a question.

My thoughts of God don't really come up to me at all these days, compared to how they used to. I live my life on a day to day routine, seek the best way to feel as good as I can and I just treat the good feeling like interactions with God; I don't really ponder an 'outside' vision of him. Those are my thoughts!


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Jesus is God, but God is more than Jesus. We are God, but God is more than us. This earth is God, but God is more than this earth. Our universe is God, but God is more than our universe. The atom is God, but God is more than the atom. The quirk is God, but God is more than the quirk. All outside of us is God, but God is more than all outside of us. All inside of us is God, but God is more than all inside of us.

All the parts of my body are me, but I am more than all my body parts.

I guess if we said, "God is existence." we would be much closer to understanding.


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Wade Casaldi

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I see him as a formation of a man but made of clouds, he's huge and has a big belly and he's always smiling. I get to climb onto his belly and sit like I used to do with my dad when I was a little girl. There's a beautiful green garden around him, I go there in my prayers and when I do it's so delicious I don't want to come back.


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When I see my 9 yr. old daughter smile. God is Love, and it is encouraging to see how many people now understand that Love is beyond religion, and beyond orientation. Love Is. Christ really understood it, and mankind had to create religion and mess it up. We may be at the beginning of an awakening though, and I fully welcome it, and hasten it's arrival.


answered 16 Jun '13, 05:20

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