Does source want us to use focus blocks, creative visualization, loa, manifestation, etc?

If everything is in perfect order, why are we doing these things ?

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Everything is in perfect don't need any methods at all, other than always thinking thoughts that make you feel better.

But many (including myself) have evolved belief systems that require us to do something (even if it is a mental exercise only) to get what we want.

The next manifesting experiment (Manifesting Experiment 3 - Vibrational Goal-Getting) is going to be a very action-oriented process because it seems to me that many are not prepared to accept that even taking the action of thinking better thoughts is enough to get what they want...they want to physically do something before they will allow themselves to feel like they are making progress.

And there's nothing wrong with that either. It's all about where your beliefs lie.

We live in a very 'You must take massive ACTION towards your goals NOW!' kind of world at the moment - and so action-oriented processes (like time management methods) are big business.

There's no right or wrong in life other than what you make it. And there is nothing wrong with using a process if it helps you. No-one is better or worse for using a process that gets them where they want to go.

As the saying goes, why walk on water, when you can use a boat?

Coming back to your question, 'Does Source want us to use these methods?'...well, you are an extension of 'Source', so if it makes you feel better to use these methods then that feeling is an indication that 'Source' agrees with your decision.

'Source' will always agree with any decision you make that makes you feel good...because that feeling-good feeling is actually that energy of 'Source' flowing through is a vibrational match to what you are thinking in that moment.

When you feel bad, that negative emotion is simply the absence of the flow of 'Source'. In other words, 'Source' is disagreeing with the thought you are currently thinking and not flowing (or rather, flowing less)...that's why all negative emotions feel empty.


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is this why many people just want to party most of the time? cuz it feels good and is source running through them? should we give up things we "have" to do and just focus on feeling good?

(27 Sep '10, 04:55) Back2Basics

If we genuinely put feeling good first in everything we did, the things we genuinely have to do would get done anyway by us (in an inspired state) or through the workings of Universal Forces. "Vortex first, any way you can, then everything else"

(28 Sep '10, 04:45) Stingray

"Source" does not care what methods you use. I only know one method: Thinking right or thinking wrong. You want something you make it the most important thing in your mind, "source" picks it up works on it and delivers it to you. "Source" does not have power of decision, you are the one who makes the decision on whatever you want even if you think you don't want it, that is, if you don't want something you should not be thinking of it in the first place. Some times unconsciously (so it is said) we think of things that produce very ugly results and then we say that we never asked for such a thing. Well, not so, we did.


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Jose m

thanks, this is true....

(27 Sep '10, 04:56) Back2Basics

One of the best answers ive seen in a while.

(30 Sep '10, 18:29) Monty Riviera

Source doesnt care what method you use. Source is without needs or desires. Although it is Source itself that has made these methods available to us. These methods are tools that have been given to us, to shape our lives the way we want.

Everything IS in perfect order. If you use these tools to transform your life, everything will still be in perfect order. Just because you change something thats perfect , doesnt mean it cannot remain perfect.

Source has given us a blank canvas and colors to 'paint' our lives the way we desire. No matter what you paint - Each painting is perfect and will always be.


answered 07 Nov '10, 02:27

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Yes use all the methods. Source is perfect and has no need, but your personal reality may not be perfect. Source has provided methods for us to get into the flow, so we can be perfect too. We need the methods because we are not completely source. We have a physical existence and a body. Therefore not all of us can instantly change our reality. Source creates what ever instantly. Source has provided us with answers and masters to discover our true power and nature. The future masters will teach up how to instantly change our reality both physical and Spiritual. The information may be here now for those who chose this path. All organism are headed to this perfection. Hope the helps.


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The Universal Mind(Source) is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. Think of it as a cosmic Computer! It does not ask or want anything. If you choose to use focus blocks or visualization to help you channel your "thoughts", that's okay itis your choice. Now, LOA is something different, it is a natural law, just like gravity. It works whether you want it to or not. Remember, our minds are powerful transmitters and receivers. What we think about most of the time is what the LOA is going to manifest in to our lives. Right thinking brings good results, wrong thinking brings wrong results. An example of this is, if you are trying to lose weight, You should have a burning desire to have a normal appetite(right). Not, I wish I was not fat!(wrong) The right thought above address the cause. The wrong thought addresses the effect that you are fat.

Now, when the law of attraction manifests your thought, it will come to you as a choice. The LOA will bring circumstances, people and methods to bring your desire in to manifestation, but you have to see them and make the choice to use them. Using the example above, you see an article for a nature cure to weight lose. Do you act on it or not? You are introduced to a person that has a website on weight lose cures. Do you act on it or not? A friend you have not seen in 2 years bumps in to you at the mall, you noticed he/she looks great! They lost like 30 lbs.! Do you ask then how they lost the weight or not? The LOA brought you 3 circumstances, people, or methods to manifest your desire to lose weight. The LOA worked, but ultimately it takes you to act upon it. "If you want your life to change, you must make changes in your life!" I hope this was helpful to you.


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Randal Brown

thanks randal and welcome to the site.

(27 Sep '10, 04:58) Back2Basics

source may have a divine plan for you, however you have considerable control over 'your/it's duration' in it;
yes, source is there in you, waiting to be found.
how do you find it, what do you seek; matter - wisdom


answered 26 Sep '10, 23:39

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