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hi..questers.. I want to contact my grandfather . I want to tell him..that how much we all love and appreciated him. I want to tell him..,the way I see him as a person. I want to tell him to not to worry.., about his dear daughter..I am here to take care of her.. I want to say sorry to him..,that I couldn't help him a lot when he was suffering with so many diseases at the same time. I want to tell him that.."he was a great writer and I have all of his collections. I will cherish them ,all my life.." I want to check,,whether he is happy and safe now. I want to give him "Thank you for helping us in our difficult times. I miss him badly sometimes.. I want to feel him again. he has taught me lot many things . tell me , how can I get in touch with him I know I can, it is said that there is life after death.. all your answers will be loved and appreciated.. love,light n blessings your way.. supergirl my grandpa is no more

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@ursixx- thank u so much..

(15 Jun '13, 02:54) supergirl

I don't know but the very notion sent a chill down my spine! But I'd surely love an answer from channelers.

(15 Jun '13, 07:10) Pankaj Pal
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I've often thought it would be neat to converse with ancestors that I've never met.

If you check out this audio bit in a Bashar seminar that I previously referenced here, you'll hear a discussion in which a man successfully contacted his dead wife by putting her photo in between slices of pumpernickel bread--a personal prescription from Bashar.

This is speculation on my part, but I think this is probably some method of "matching the deceased's vibration." Bashar talks about this at length in his "Art of Channeling" seminar. The idea is that you first have a strong, clear, focused intention about who you want to contact, and secondly you match the vibration of the individual or entity you are trying to contact. In Bashar's own words, "It's really just that simple."

I assume there are personal things relating to your Grandpa that you could use in the same manner as the pumpernickel bread, although I'm not exactly sure how this works. Perhaps Rob or Brad or another individual well immersed in channeling could offer further instruction....and if I find more info (such as Bashar's original instructions), I will certainly post it here.

Good luck!


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@lozenge123-thank you !!!

(17 Jun '13, 13:13) supergirl

Hi Supergirl,

I once did a guided meditation where we were asked to have someone who had passed visit with us. I happened to choose my grandfather who died when I was 10. He was very special to me and I was able to tell him that. I also got to listen to what I meant to him.

I heard Abraham talk once about communicating by raising your vibration. You need to feel good.

Here's a youtube:

Love to you


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@purple iris- thank u :), lucky ur to connect with him..

(16 Jun '13, 02:09) supergirl

You could talk to him, aloud, saying these things and then ask for a sign that he has heard you. I feel sure you will get your sign!


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LeeAnn 1


@LeeAnn 1- i l definately try this..,thank you !!!

(17 Jun '13, 13:15) supergirl

@supergirl First let me say I'm sorry for your loss. I agree with @LeeAnn 1 , I would definitely try this & I'm also sure you will get a sign. You could also try this - before you go to sleep you could ask if your Grandpa could visit you in your dreams. If you have a question to ask, do so before you go to sleep. You may have to do this more than one night.

(18 Jun '13, 17:31) ele

Simply pray. God is the unity of all souls, including your grandfather's. Pray and he will hear you. People pray to the saints, and we each have our own saints. My Paw Paw and Maw Maw were for me, and I pray that I haven't dissapointed them in my life.


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dalewilbanks-thank you!!! God bless..

(17 Jun '13, 13:14) supergirl

Interacting with soul is one of the simplest things as far as my satguru Rishidev n****Narendranji is concerned. Guruji empowers followers to do the same. shakthiveda Wellness Mission, bangalore has developed 100% successful method to interact with discarnate souls. But it can be done only if the soul is in existence in the astral level.

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thank you.. :) can u explain a bit wat is the method?

(09 Feb '14, 11:44) supergirl
  More than likely you have been in contact with your grandfather in the time between now and when you first asked this question.   Thinking about him, feeling about him the way you do is likely a indication that it is he attempting to contact you to let you know how much he appreciates all the things you say and feel about him. There is nothing written in the realm where he now resides that prevents him from visiting his loved ones. Deceased relatives that had a strong bond with us in life will often take on the role as one of our spirit guides and will continue to assist us at times of need through out our lives. Try to remember that he no longer experiences time the same way you do.  If you call upon him twenty years from now, he is more likely to remember having spoken to you a few days ago.
  When you find yourself thinking about him a lot, he may very well be there.  Remember his vibrations' frequency is higher, so it is up to you to raise yours to facilitate better communications. Feeling grief, sad etc. would be like setting your phone on the table and going outside to talk. He might hear you in the distance but it is unlikely you will be able to hear him even if he shouts. Let thoughts of him fill your heart with joyful, happy feelings instead as they will be closer in alignment with his. Besides, wouldn't you want to visit with someone who was excited, happy, even gushing with joy in your company as opposed to grieving and gloomy? He is happy and healthy once again and more than willing to be there for you when you are down, but certainly does not want to be the reason you are feeling that way.  It is important to keep this in mind when trying to communicate with him.
    Some might suggest asking for a sign of his presence. It is unlikely that you will receive one in that moment that has not already appeared.  Usually "signs" will appear in the form of some unusual coincidence that occurs when he is trying to contact you to let you know he hears you. It will be something that clearly reminds you of him. It is not so much that he is sending you a sign as it is him using the coincidence in the same way someone uses the ringer on your phone to let you know their calling.  These coincidental events are windows of opportunity that can be easy to miss if you fail to recognize them. Listen for the phrase your grandfather might express the thought, "Dang, she missed it again".  Keep an eye out for synchronicity where ever and whenever it occurs. Nothing is just a coincidence (at least from my perspective) another thing you might experience if you are sensitive, is a brief tingling sensation like a gust of wind that passes though you rather than around you. This can occur when a spirit walks through you or tries to hug you. It is kind of like getting Goosebumps inside.     Not to be mistaken by the "shivers" caused when in close proximity to a malicious spirit 
  The last thing I need to tell you is to stop referring to him as he " who is no more" if you have not already done so. How do you expect to communicate with him if you invalidate his existence as part of your reality due to this belief? Try asking, "How do I contact my grandpa, who is alive, happy and healthy in the spirit realms?"  Again, always remember that no matter how old you are or how long it has been since you last spoke to him he will remember it as just the other day.

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My friend, you must be going through pain and sadness right now. I mean who doesn't after loosing their most cherished ones? But "for the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all" Ecclesiastes 9:5... i'm sorry hon, but trying to contact the dead will only make attract beings that will want to take advantage of your situation. I'm sure your grandfather would be happy that your honoring your mother and take care good care of her and enjoy her every breath honey


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