In my experience, God is not super natural, and believing in such can lead you to great harm. For example, believing God will protect you in a supernatural way, and when it doesn't happen, you end up being physically damaged. (this happened to me).

God instead, I propose, is the most natural, the fiber of Nature itself. The "cosmic principle" as people sometimes say, and "Truth is God" as Gandhi said. Can we equate God and Nature? If they are not the same thing, then what is Nature? Most people on this forum agree that God is a living spirit in all people, and should that extend to Nature? Why not, what makes people so special and chimpanzees not? I don't think we are that special, we just have enough brains to screw up what should come naturally, a relationship with God, because we are God.

Also, we know that spending time in Nature brings us close to God, and spending time with people (fellowship) brings us closer to God. If fellowship brings us closer to God, because God is in people, then spending time in Nature does the same thing right? Therefore isn't God and Nature the same thing?

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the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit. You are both of this right now but you do not know it. you will know it after being born of water and spirit and the 2 become ones with no more duality and division. the spirit will lead you in the desert for over 40 days when you are ready.

(18 Jun '13, 19:53) white tiger

Imagine a sponge in the ocean. The water fills the sponge and is at the same time all around it. God is the ocean of Life that fills all visible things including the human body. It is the very essence in which all things have existence.

Now, Nature is not so much what we see as trees, birds and so on. Nature itself is invisible. It is the presence of God in various degrees of light or intelligence. I will explain. Nature encompasses four categories of "nature": The mineral nature, the plant nature, the animal nature, and the human nature.

Each nature functions with a different light or intelligence. There are things plants can do that rocks cannot do. There are things animals can do that plants cannot do. There are things humans can do that animals cannot do.

Each kingdom has its own light or intelligence-level in God. Now, above the human kingdom there is another kingdom. It is the kingdom of God, the highest intelligence or light.

Dogs could be given humans' light by instruction and they will start following these instructions and understand our language, because their light had been upgraded by humans.

In the same way, divine knowledge or Truth could upgrade man's light into God's kingdom and he will begin to act like God or like a Christ. He has reached God's nature. Alain Yaovi Dagba


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Alain. D

"Each nature functions with a different light or intelligence."

Or it other words vibration. The only reason you look different than me or a tree or a rock or a lion is due to a slight difference in the composition of atoms or a slight variation in the wave distortion. Everything in nature is connected - animals, humans, minerals & plants. You are the tree & the tree is you. You are the rock & the rock is you. You are the lion & the lion is you. You are God & God is you.

(18 Jun '13, 21:11) ele

Alain. D, you answered this well, thank you. It was my understanding that Nature itself is invisible, and my question was framed with that perspective. Your insight rings true and aligns with my understanding. Having the kingdoms of nature in a hierarchy, with the Kingdom of God above, makes complete sense. To paraphrase your answer: God is natural, but there is another, higher kingdom above ours. This answer will lead me to my next question, of course :) Thank you Alain.

(19 Jun '13, 01:14) dalewilbanks

But miracles DO happen in this world. People heal with energy. There are even some that can set things on fire with just mental/psychic abilities.


answered 16 Jun '13, 07:24

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not all in correspondence
is equal, spirit and
matter, though of the same source
are mostly extremes


answered 17 Jun '13, 07:42

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I think its a matter of perspective and how any given point of counciousness experiences itself or as a collective experience of all that is etc many types of realities and understandings and points of view


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In a sense, yes. "God" (Infinite Consciousness) is within all things. As the Hermetic teaching puts it:

THE ALL is mind – The Universe is mental. The Universe exists in the mind of THE ALL. THE ALL is infinite Living Mind – Spirit!!

"All is in THE ALL, and THE ALL is in All."


answered 17 Jun '13, 11:17

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I will answer your question. by asking you another question: if I ask you is your body and you the same person? if you are able to answer that question it is the same for God. God is spirit and you are spirit made in is image. the dust will return to the dust and the light to the light. search for the living one as long as you live or you will not see him. also find a place to rest before you become a carcasses. be born of water and spirit until the 2 become one and you overcome and go above to the kingdom where the light established it self by it self. I am telling you the truth if you drink the water that I gave you it will become a spring of everlasting water and you will never thirst again. it will please the one who sent me, and I will be the one that served you best. I am the way the truth and the life.

Let there be light,be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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I get very uncomfortable when someone calls God (Infinite Consciousness) "He." Infinite Consciousness is energy - both male AND female energy. How often don't we hear - "God is Love"? Since when is Love considered masculine/male? I find it quite alarming how severely the feminine principle has been suppressed over the last 6,000 years. Creation cannot take place without BOTH male and female energy.

(17 Jun '13, 23:32) crosby

@Crosby God is spirit, would you call spirit he or she? the spirit the person. are not female spirit and person also. And when you say mankind does it not include the female also? why do you get uncomfortable? it as nothing to do with the outside, it comes from you and is in you. find a place to rest before you become a carcasses. and solve your own duality. If you are not able to see the living one in you, how will you ever see the living one outside of you? And yes God is someone.

(18 Jun '13, 19:45) white tiger

"dust to dust" & carcasses - hmm, you best get a jump on that - may I suggest cremation. Embalming, air tight sealed coffins, cement lined vaults - who knows, may take a couple hundred years dependent on the environmental conditions. Possibly even mummify instead of decomposing & turning into dust. What does it matter what happens to the physical body after "death"?

(18 Jun '13, 21:19) ele
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