Before getting to know about the functioning of the LOA I used to consider God to be responsible for every situation and event in my life..i believed that the story of each one of us had been written by God..

But according to Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret", it is nothing but the energy within all of us that creates our life (through thoughts)which we call this really confuses me because it has caused my initial belief to change tremendously..

i find it difficult to believe in idol worship which is one of the most significant features of my religion(Hinduism) should i change this?

can we describe "idol worship" in terms of the LOA??

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Barry Allen ♦♦

In my opinion “Idol worship” would mean something outside of me that I feel is greater than me. The Energy within me is a small particle of a much bigger energy from which I belong. This is the energy that I refer to as God/Source. So therefore whilst my Spirit is having a human experience in this world with all the restrictions of a human body, I still have access to a much greater Energy Source which I hold “ within me”


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Susan 1

Very nice answer Susan!

(20 Mar '11, 15:36) daniele

thank you Daniele

(20 Mar '11, 19:53) Susan 1

I could not agree more! Thanks, Susan! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Mar '11, 21:51) Jaianniah

This was the point I was getting across, once we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior we receive the kingdom within, the Holy Spirit we become a son or daughter of God one of God's chosen no longer a gentile separate from God but one with God through Christ.

(20 Mar '11, 22:00) Wade Casaldi
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According to the Bible, In the beginning... God said, "Let there be light." and there was light and it was good. God created the Law of Attraction when He created His first creation. Then, He gave us the power and authority- Jesus said, "You have seen me do great things, you will do even greater things." He also said that His followers are joint heirs with Him. God is everywhere in everything and everyone that lets Him in. If our desires are aligned with God's, God is love, then He will give us the desires of our heart. We must remember though that this does not make us God, nor does it make any creation God. If it is made, it is not God. Idol worship is worship toward the created, not The Creator.


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Fairy Princess

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Good answer Juniper!

(20 Mar '11, 22:06) Wade Casaldi

Junie, your last sentence was brilliant! "Idol worship is worship toward the created, not The Creator." What a great and succinct answer! Thanks, Jai

(20 Mar '11, 22:10) Jaianniah

We just had a whole sermon in church on this, that if you are in line with God your prayers will be answered, but you need to be right with God. This is so much agreement with that. Jai and I were just talking about this too because I was telling her the sermon, so we were discussing this together and here I found your answer is the same.

(20 Mar '11, 22:15) Wade Casaldi

Thank you both. I am glad it rang true.

(20 Mar '11, 23:45) Fairy Princess
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I believe Law of Attraction fits more closely with Christianity than Hinduism because we have no idol we carry God with us wherever we are God is there with us. So we believe we have the command and authority of Jesus to say a prayer and expect results as long as we are in alignment with God. In example: Expecting in a happy and thankful prayer no matter the situation having a calm assurance that "God has this", "don't worry be happy", "everything will work out God has already heard my prayer." I release it and do not give the situation another thought, except to be thankful whenever I think of it that it is being done.

This has brought miracles of healing too and miracles of manifestation. Just last week a women in Church was healed of Cancer, we all prayed she went back to the doctor for her check up, he said it is gone, he was shocked and couldn't figure out what happened.

People getting jobs after long looking one prayer and pow they get a good job, money for food, one prayer I did for Jai when she had no food God told Jai that she had to go to her mail box, there was a gift card for groceries. Cast out devils and demons, the point is I am making that when you are one with God as Jesus said "My father and I are one." You know your authority and can attract easier because you have that full faith to let go and know it will be as you said. That is what Amen comes from "So let it be written so let it be done."


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Wade Casaldi

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Right, Wade! It took me some time to drift away of Christian dogma and now I believe in an Energy Source of which I am part of. I create along with Source. I feel more 'myself' that way.

(19 Mar '11, 15:01) BridgetJones09

I too have drifted away from christian dogma,but i think Wades point about our oneness with the Father is very valid and crosses over most denominations,although not all.I believe its the key to manifestation and success regardless of what language you dress it up in.Wades just expressing this through the language and framework of his belief system,its all any of us can do,but i do take your point BJ.

(20 Mar '11, 10:51) Monty Riviera

Thanks Graham for sticking up for me. Yes for me being saved has its consequences I know not everyone agrees. But that is okay not everyone agreed with Jesus either.

(20 Mar '11, 21:45) Wade Casaldi

I do agree with Jesus to the letter, only without sticking to dogma. It's my favourite 'master/philosopher/prophet' ever!

(21 Mar '11, 13:20) BridgetJones09

Oh thank you Bridget, I understand now we do see more eye to eye than I had thought, I couldn't tell if you were agreeing or being sarcastic. lol Thank you so much :-D +1

(21 Mar '11, 16:18) Wade Casaldi

I was agreeing lol. Sorry, Wade, English is not my native tonge so I mess up at times... One thing is certain: When I be sarcastic, you will notice! :D xxx

(22 Mar '11, 12:12) BridgetJones09

Yes English can be confusing, when you say "Right Wade!" it could be taken as I really agree or the exact opposite like "what a load of baloney!" LOL The hard thing is in print we have very limited forms of expression in print that when you say something it can not be heard the tone of the reply. So the tone sets the meaning. Thank you so much the smile and kisses help a lot for expression. :-D +1

(22 Mar '11, 16:09) Wade Casaldi
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If you say God Is Love, your idols, deity and what you call the a higher power is love.Love is also truth, the teachings must feel true to you. You must feel at one with love.I think Wade describes this oneness very well.and that is his truth.What feels like love to you only you can know.I can say this is love or that is.But only what you feel and experience will be the truth/love/Deity you know.
When this is known, you will know the oneness of you and the higher powers.Then the statement "God to be responsible for every situation and event in my life." will be true.Because you will be one with love ,truth,and God. Our thoughts are energy, thoughts of love,is a very powerful energy.To quote Danielle "Live from your heart(love) and enjoy this beautiful gift that is Life. After all, we're all One."
When your thoughts are love then your are One


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"When your thoughts are love then your are One" beautiful!

(09 Jun '13, 22:09) ele

In the roman catholic church that my family belongs to, there is also idol worship going on, in that people pray to images, monuments, wooden objects...all representing the mother of god and Jesus....The explanation given by the priest was that this physical representation of god is to help us focus rather than the statue being the actual thing. So what I'd suggest is for you to use the idols as a focus point if you must the way some people would use a candle light.......In the final analysis it doesn't matter what you worship for it is all within you just as you are within it all. Live from your heart and enjoy this beautiful gift that is Life. After all, we're all One.

thank you, namaste


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@daniele don't forget all the saints!

(19 Mar '11, 18:09) ursixx

Idol worship is a fixation of anything outside of your self. You are mind. And you have the gift of attraction and creation. What you do with these creations are totally up to you. Just don't get caught up in your creations. Our stories have been written, but we are free to make our choices within these paths. We work with God to advance our souls to further our journey.


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