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I just saw this compilation of UFO clips from around the world, taken between April 1 and April 30, 2013. There seems to be an unusual preponderance of triangular and boomerang shaped UFOs, which are similar to those seen during the Phoenix Lights Sighting, which (for those who are new to this subject) was one of the most massive UFO sightings in modern memory.

The ships seen during Phoenix Lights purportedly belonged to the Yahyel, the race of extraterrestrials that will be the first to make contact with us, according to Bashar.

The timing seems curious, given that the ET non-interference policy on Earth contact has also ended, according to Bashar.

I'm not sure, obviously, if there are a wide variety of ET races that use the triangular or boomerang shaped crafts...but they do seem to be much less common than disc or cigar shaped crafts. These shapes were also seen during the Hudson Valley UFO Wave, and a tiny triangular craft with Hieroglyphics was also approached and touched by members of the U.S. military during the Rendlesham Forest incident. No idea if these also belonged to the Yahyel.

Some of the clips of UFO footage are better than others, but there are certainly a few convincing ones in the video:

Thoughts, comments, insights, speculation? :)

asked 17 Jun '13, 12:44

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This is a sort of an irrelevant snippet, but true story: after being on IQ for a while and wanting to "meet Bashar" I put the request into my manifesting box...About 2 weeks ago me and a friend witnessed a UFO (literally meaning, we had no clue what it was) floating afar in the afternoon...He guessed it was a satellite because it didn't look like a Yahyel designed vehicle. Still, we were both filled with adrenaline and I felt it counted!

(17 Jun '13, 20:51) Nikulas

Thanks @lozenge123 for posting this info & link - as I said before "keep it coming" - very interesting.

(20 Jun '13, 04:01) ele

@Nikulas - Awesome, thanks for sharing that story! Sounds like the Universe is showing you evidence that you are on your way to personally meeting Bashar. @ele - Thanks, will do!

(21 Jun '13, 14:22) lozenge123
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I remember seeing those 3 orange lights just like in that video one night in January of 2013, 5 months ago when I went to go visit my friend at the bar across the street from my apartment in Portland, Oregon.

We were sitting in the outside patio area of the bar and my friend said, hey what's that? I looked behind me up into the sky and saw exactly that what is in that video with the 3 lights. It was just so in your face and casual it was weird. What was even weirder though to me, was that everybody else seemed so normal about it. I remember people actually saying, "Oh hey look a UFO, huh, so anyways John, you won't believe what happened last week at work.."

I was pretty much like, am I the only person here who is still getting over just seeing a UFO so up close like that just now? I was starting to think everyone else must see UFOs everyday out here or something and I was the only one who was still processing what just happened.


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@ikaruss21, thanks for sharing! Just curious, did the 3 lights seem to move in formation, as though there was some sort of solid relationship, or structure in between them? I've observed this in many videos and am wondering if these may be giant triangular ships that are merely "cloaked" except for their lights.

(21 Jun '13, 14:24) lozenge123

Yeah that was what was so weird about it, they were distanced appart, and traveling at the same speed going in precisely same direction. It looked to me as if there was some wire or something keeping them perfectly in place, Because all the burning lights were moving as one, even though you could see they weren't connected. It's really hard to describe.

It never occurred to me though that it could have been a cloaked ship and I was seeing just the lights until I saw this video you posted. (P1)

(21 Jun '13, 15:33) ikaruss21

Because all we saw were just the three burning yellow-orangish lights. And trust me, this thing flew really, really low. We had like 7 pairs of eyes looking at this thing and we didn't see anything but the sky between these lights.

That is some seriously damn good cloaking then, because I saw the night sky right through this thing and never even realized to the slightest that I was looking through something. -On a weird side note, this was around the same month I discovered Bashar's work. (P2)

(21 Jun '13, 15:42) ikaruss21
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