Sometimes it appears that when intelligence increases, quality of consciousness decreases.

For example, at the college I went to, the students in the physics and engineering departments seemed to have some aspect of "aliveness" missing. In addition, some of the professors were so smart but there was something lacking in their vibe.

In contrast, when I had classes in the liberal arts department, I noticed the students seemed more full of life, humorous, free, comfortable, confident, etc. The vibe was so much more awake and alive here but then the intelligence factor seemed less.

What is this all about? Also, I aim to be best of both worlds, any good role models?

asked 27 Sep '10, 19:54

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Oh I totally agree with what you are saying. I am in an institution where it is spilt between engineering, social sciences, science, business, etc, and whenever I travel to different parts of the school somehow every of them gives out a different vibe and I have always wondered why too. It probably have something to do with the different frequencies of vibrations that each of the area is offering...

(28 Sep '10, 11:59) kakaboo

Yeah, there seems to be some correlation indeed. I suppose it has to do with the "left brain" (the seat of logical and discursive thinking) overriding the "right-brain" (the seat of holistic and artsy thinking). The best of both worlds would be technically advanced schools of Buddhism and other sects that use the analysis as a factor of awakening to the non-dual (holistic) way of thinking.


answered 27 Sep '10, 20:36

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would this would apply that the "left brain" can not connect to source? how could the "right brain" connect any better? aren't both a form of conscious thinking?

(28 Sep '10, 00:46) Back2Basics
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