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I'm particularly interested in you people's Rh factor. There are some rumours on the web that Rh negative blood may not only make pregnancies more complicated. Also characteristics of Rh negative people seem to be slightly off the norm, in that they have

  • lower than normal body temperature
  • lower than normal blood pressure
  • low pulse rate
  • keen sight or hearing

Rh negative humans also don't seem to be predestined for high performance activity, but rather are robust, because they build strong antibodies when fighting illness.

Rh negative blood still seems to be quite a mystery, because a certain link protein to the Rhesus ape is missing. That's why some see it as another hint that the human gene pool has been tinkered with in the past by some special visitors. ;-)

Some claim that the royals around the world are mostly Rh negative and "keep it in the family" to preserve their (in their eyes) legitimate descendancy from the "gods". Hence the term "blue blood" which might stem from the sometimes occurring casual effects of the aforementioned complications during pregnancies.

That's also why Rh negative people may further develop some special traits like

  • have a strong sense of mission or purpose
  • ESP
  • love of space and science
  • alien contacts
  • a sense of not belonging to the human race
  • piercing eyes
  • para-normal occurrences
  • truth seekers
  • desire for higher wisdom
  • empathetic illnesses
  • deep compassion for fate of mankind

I'm aware that these points might be quite vague, but nevertheless, I surely can tick most of them as an AB negative. ;-)

Because a site like InwardQuest must attract people like this, my assumption is that the rate of Rh negative people here must be higher than the world's average of ~15% if any of this is true.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

rh factor has nothing to do with the color of your blood, blue bloods are so simply because the skin of the aristocracy was typically very white; see

(22 Feb '10, 22:44) Vesuvius

yes but it could also stem from the blue baby syndrome, as described here for example: ... i was referring to that

(22 Feb '10, 23:04) herzmeister

Blue baby that is caused by rh incompatibility between the mother and unborn baby is an undesired medical condition, which can be treated if detected early. Still has nothing to do with royalty or aliens. You're trying to connect dots that aren't there.

(22 Feb '10, 23:25) Vesuvius

I'm not connecting anything, I'm asking questions :-> ... but you're right, the statement says something which is not the official view, so I edited it to "might stem".

(22 Feb '10, 23:26) herzmeister

I am not telling you my blood in the USA we have a privacy act that protects medical info...and I am obeying that law. Jai

(22 Feb '10, 23:50) Jaianniah

I am not sure that I want to analyze my self based on my blood type!

(23 Feb '10, 05:06) The Traveller

My understanding of bluebloods is they were that way, through inadvertant ingestion of microscopic silver particles , from silver ware , "born with silver spoon in mouth, etc " which also protected them from disease as it is a natural antibiotic , overdose however can result in Argyria .

(18 Mar '13, 21:27) Starlight

I use in a gel form for topical application and recently a friend who got a particularly nasty burn through removing radiator cap too early , used it , he hasn't a mark on him due to almost immediate application of this , plus there is absolutely no stinging , comes in spray form too . Hey wonder if I could apply for a promotional job ;-) See here for blue bloods .....

(18 Mar '13, 21:28) Starlight
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I'm not going to tell you my blood type, and here's why:

When I was very young, I was given an I.Q. test. I scored substantially higher than the majority of kids my age. As a result, I was treated differently than the other children. I was placed one year ahead of everyone else in my class, at a time when I was still trying to figure out how to relate to other children. I left my friends behind, and entered a class where everyone was older than I was, and had better social development than I did. As a result, I was a misfit. I believe this was a big reason that I had socialization difficulties at that time. I didn't recover from that social deficit for many years.

The I.Q. test is a measure of certain cognitive abilities. It has no predictive abilities beyond this (study after study has proven this). So why would anyone attempt to make predictions with it, or change a person's curriculum based on it? The worst thing about a test like this is, what happens if you take it on a day when you're not feeling well? Are you consigned to "also-ran" classes for the remainder of your educational career?

My parents were never told what the actual I.Q. score was, and neither was I. The school felt that this knowledge would unduly influence me or my parents. So that school has knowledge about me that I don't have, and my parents don't have. Does that strike you as an unfair power balance? I think it is. Who else do you suppose knows my score?

Knowing someone's rh factor may seem benign, but you have already drawn some "interesting" conclusions about how the rh factor might affect the nature of the person that I have become. What happens if I'm rh positive? Does that knowledge undermine all of the answers that I have given on this board so far (because I can't possibly be as "spiritual" as I say I am)?

Here's the worst part: you might be right. Genetics is a funny thing; your genes are all tied together like an intricate tapestry, so there might actually be some subtle intellectual, creative, and spiritual influences that derive from someone's rh factor.

But, like the school so long ago decided for me, I don't think you have a need to know.


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hello Vesuvius, an old psychology teacher once said to me that the only thing iq tests showed were how good you were at iq tests.

(22 Feb '10, 23:26) DivineHammer

thank you for sharing so much personal information which is surely much more intimate than the bloody blood type ;-)

(22 Feb '10, 23:27) herzmeister

Vesuvius, I went through the same darned thing when young and still have a bit of a complex about being smart...and it was worse for females back then because smart girls were undesirable= but I am not saying it was not as bad for you. Jai

(22 Feb '10, 23:48) Jaianniah

Mmm, yes I remember that. Smart girls have a much better time of it now. Personally I think that smart in a girl is hot... although some of the girls back then only thought they were smart. But I digress :P

(22 Feb '10, 23:53) Vesuvius

Congratulations Vesuvius for your IQ test. I hope you will receive a special double badge: for the IQ and for showing magistraly how could seize an opportunity.

(23 Feb '10, 02:04) Gleam

Vesuvius, I ended up at the other end of the scale. I was the idiot in class. I was afraid for most of my life that people might discover that I am an idiot. Finally I accepted that I am an idiot and things have been easier ever since.

(23 Feb '10, 05:10) The Traveller

@The Traveller , you are absolutely gorgeous , I am sitting here laughing like a hyena (sp) and you've given my day a great start , thank you ♥♥♥

(18 Mar '13, 21:11) Starlight
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O-neg: the Univesal doner suitable for all. All the men in this family are O neg 'cept for my brother. I have these things you mentioned in your first list:

lower than normal body temp lower than normal blood pressure low pulse rate

I do not have particularly keen eyesight but I have a weird ability to judge gaps to 2mm... so if, for example, you have a large piece of furniture that you need to fit between 2 other bits of furniture with limited space say against a wall, I look at the gap, then look at the bit of furniture that is intended to go into the gap and can tell if it will fit or not. I've won money betting on this as a joke, you know.. "it won't fit in there" they say and I come along, look at the bit of furniture then look at the gap and say yes or no. I can also get my car past other cars when people say there is not enough room to pass. I hope this example makes sense to you as it is quite hard to explain in txt. I always assumed that everyone could do this, sort of like I assumed that people could see around a room in the dark with their eyes closed, but apparently I was wrong about both things.

My hearing sux!

I have never considered that any of this is to do with me being rh neg, but just thought it was to do with being left handed or right brained or some other misc thing and never paid any attention to it, 'tho fitting your car past 2 parked up cars at each side is damn useful! lol!


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That's pretty good eyesight for an 86-year-old, DH :)

(22 Feb '10, 23:57) Stingray

Loved your response!

(23 Feb '10, 00:41) LeeAnn 1

I have very sharp sight, whenever I had to do eye test they were impressed ... but I'm not as good as parking, I often need 2-3 tries lol ... coordination is not my strength it seems, I'm clumsy too ... my hearing is wide in frequencies too I think (I can hear "The Hum" here :-/), but I'm not so good at "speech recognition" it seems, I have more trouble than others when people are mumbling.

(23 Feb '10, 22:17) herzmeister
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AB-Negative. I had to take RHO-GAM shots when I was pregnant with my children and the blood bank never needs my type. They only use it for research since such a tiny percentage of the population has the type.

I had never read anything about it until now....I just considered it a rare thing and never paid much attention to it. A Japanese friend was once curious about it since in their culture blood type is important.

My sister also has it, and we are about as different as two people can be, so not sure I put much stock in the traits that supposedly go along with it. I have a couple of them you have listed, but most not.

I did a little research before responding, and I guess some people really do believe that the Rh-negative bloodlines started with an alien race or reptilian race. There were a surprising number of websites out there. Well this is all news to me! Interesting, but......I don't know!

Of course, if I do have alien bloodlines, and know about it, I am not about to admit that and expose my family! LOL...... I think this sort of thing has to be taken with a grain of salt.


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LeeAnn 1

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Herzmeister, I spent much of the evening reading about this. Very interesting.

(23 Feb '10, 04:35) LeeAnn 1

Hello LeeAnn, nice that I could give you some inspiration. I'm curious now, how come that blood type is important in Japanese culture? I mean, bood type tests is a relatively new thing, and "culture" implies its been a long-lasting subject for them. Did they have labs in ancient Japan? lol

(23 Feb '10, 22:22) herzmeister

He told me that there is a school of thought in Japan about matches between personality traits and blood type. (LOL--probably not a cultural thing, but rather a trend; I definitely described it incorrectly!) He told me sometimes postings for jobs will even say, "No type A's need to apply". He was fascinated about AB-negative because so few people have it. Maybe someone could let us know if this trend is still popular in Japan. I e-mailed my friend and he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

(23 Feb '10, 22:58) LeeAnn 1

Takashi wrote me that many Japanese still put stock in the theory, especially those dating, but that the trend to ask for a certain blood type with job hiring has stopped the past couple of years.

(24 Feb '10, 17:00) LeeAnn 1

aha ... looks like they're becoming reasonable ;-) ... thanks for your investigation LeeAnn

(25 Feb '10, 20:59) herzmeister
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I decided to make my comment an answer. The HIPAA act here in the USA protects medical info- I feel I need to protect my medical info. I understand your curiosity, but I am not comfortable with giving out my blood type. You may not have known about this Act, but I do think this question crosses the line a bit.

That is just my opinion.

Happy Researching, Jai


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Hello Jaianniah, you surely don't need to answer if you don't feel comfortable with it, no matter if there is a law or not. ;-) ... I can't help I'm one of those guys who go like a bull at a gate sometimes lol

(23 Feb '10, 22:13) herzmeister

I'm curious, what you have found out about the A+ blood group herzmeister?


answered 20 Sep '10, 10:35

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