I don't feel I am the right person to be introducing this subject, I feel there are some users with far greater interests in pursuing other species/colonies from other universes, but lately it's been hot in my mind.

The Galatic Federation of Light is an organization of a multitude of colonies and species of beings that are all working to promote the spreading of righteousness throughout the universe.

According to Bashar, Earth is on the way to becoming one with this federation.

Most of my information and curiosity sparked from a link I'll add below, but the question being very broad, what do you know of this subject?


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there are two essentials for good channeling, trust and symbols ... a symbol can be anything from an extraterrestrial, a pop star, a tv hero, a graphic ... in short anything that sparks your imagination. the way you present things Nikulas suggests that you have a strong penchant for extraterrestrial symbols ... there is always a double channel of communication between the symbol and what it represents :)

(06 May '13, 03:03) ru bis

@ru bis- Coolest compliment I've ever heard

(06 May '13, 04:36) Nikulas
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Hi Nikulas,

I haven't heard Bashar specifically discuss the Galactic Federation of Light....I think it might be possible that you are referring to the Association of Worlds, an organization that I have heard him mention on several occasions:

There are many other species from other civilizations that come and go on our planet at various times for various reasons. Our city ships range anywhere from one to ten of your miles in length, and contain several hundred thousand individuals at a time. These ships and the large population on them is for the purpose of exploring different areas of the galaxy, for inter-dimensional penetration, and for communication with various civilizations. These make up what we call The Association of Worlds, numbering approximately 360 worlds so far. The ships are also for exploring and contacting new civilizations such as your own -- new to us, that is...

Q: Then can you tell me how many members are in The Association, Bashar?

A: Several billion, I think.

Treb Bor Yit Ne had this to say:

Treb: there is one group that to your words would be expressed as the Galactic Council or Federation of the Galaxy, These are the best words to describe this. There are several thousand different areas that are part of this, as our area we cannot name a specific group for a different reasoning’s ,this is the same that many worlds deal with. So, they have different sub groups within. If a group of entities is to join or a federation of planets they are all into the same reason, to help each other thru accessional process and to share experiences with each other; then they are a sub group of this galactic council or federation of the galaxy if you will.

There was some discussion on IQ in the past about the Galactic Federation of Light, not all of it positive...Rob made it clear that this was not the same as the "Federation of the Galaxy" about which Treb spoke:


I also came across the following "sparring match" between Bashar and a woman claiming to be part of some sort of extraterrestrial resistance force. I seem to remember reading that she was connected to the Galactic Federation of Light. I (or the source I read) could be mistaken about that, but it is a highly entertaining exchange nonetheless, and so I post it here:


The exchange continues for about two minutes here in Part 2:



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@loazenge123- Thankyou for the share, and perhaps not to your knowledge, this second video ironically helped me out with a question I was having about my life (with the second questioner). Omg, Daryl Anka should have come out of the trance and slapped her. Analysing her body language, facial expression and vocal tone it seemed she was just trying (and failing) somehow to make Bashar look bad. Unbelievable, I love contraversial Bashar people because he always puts them in their spot.

(06 May '13, 04:40) Nikulas

@Nikulas - You're very welcome--I, too, enjoy Bashar's occasional "smackdowns." And in recent months I've had several similar experiences to yours, where questions that had been on my mind were coincidentally answered on IQ without my ever asking. I'm glad I could play an unwitting part in that sort of "synchronicity" for you.

And there may be an upside for me as well...re-watching Clip 2 just made me follow up on Bashar's comment about the book "Communion." He recommended it to that woman...

(06 May '13, 12:37) lozenge123

...who'd never heard of it. Bashar's response: "You will." I looked up the date of this seminar...it was Jan. 11, 1987. Whitley Streiber's Communion wasn't released until one month later, February. So Bashar predicted its success...and here we have yet another example of a channeled prediction coming to pass. Bashar certainly has a high rate of success with those sort of things.

(06 May '13, 12:39) lozenge123

@Nikulas - By the way, I remember reading somewhere that you were interested in channeling...can't remember which thread. Have you listened to Bashar's four plus hour seminar on how to channel?

(06 May '13, 12:41) lozenge123

@Nikulas - Found the thread. Will be posting the info there soon.

(06 May '13, 17:53) lozenge123
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Bashar is with The Federation of Worlds as far as I am aware. He did NOT say we would become one with The Galactic Federation of Light.

Federation of Light:

ffalt textff

Here is The Federation of Worlds (so far as I am aware):

alt text

In my opinion, The Federation of Light seems to be a little bit of "fake" love (no offense). The love feels forced like they are "serving" love.

Federation of world (if that's who the second picture are) seems to be more natural and freedom.


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Wow the second picture looks like a nightmare!

The first looks looked there are enough humans there to make those baby headed guys look acceptable.

(06 May '13, 09:14) Wade Casaldi

Reptilians interpereted by human myth scare me, I'm sure if I saw one in real life I'd be pleasantly surprised.

(06 May '13, 10:17) Nikulas

Women's breasts look more humanly in the federation of worlds pic. I don't know but maybe sometimes fake love is better than no love :)... Sorry, if this comment was too 3d-ish. Maybe I'm not that enlightened yet.

(06 May '13, 11:57) releaser99
(06 May '13, 13:13) lozenge123

@arpgme - Thanks for the pics...is that George Adamski in the first picture?

(06 May '13, 13:18) lozenge123

@lozenge123 . I'm not sure if it's him. Yes, looks can be deceiving but even the "looks" don't fool me. Looking at the Federation of Light the energy feels really "cheesy" I can tell they want to "serve" love, but something doesn't feel right, like it is "forced". Reminds me of those people who marry someone they don't fully love just to say they are happy to be married. It's false love in my eyes and Federation of Worlds feels more natural and honest.

(06 May '13, 14:34) arpgme

@arpgme - Agreed...I also seem to remember encountering some "fear based" warnings from them...which, somewhat ironically, only caused me to be wary of them.

(06 May '13, 17:56) lozenge123
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I never heard of it called Galactic Federation Of White Light before. Maybe they are expanding? Here is what I know of the Great White Brotherhood.



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Wade Casaldi

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