Though brought up in a strictly atheistic household where Science was God, I levitated at the age of 6 while playing at meditation. This incident not only drove me away from looking within but also turned me into a science/math illeterate. I blocked whatever science I was taught for I had experienced first hand what was supposed to be physically/scientifically impossible, defying gravity!

So is there any scientific explanation after all? Thanks and Blessings, namaste.

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

I came to this site looking for answers about how to fly and defy gravity.

(08 Jul '11, 14:28) Fairy Princess

So wonderful to bring levitation subject up, I was seeking silent through sleeping recently asking universe to provide me ideas for manifestation through visions during sleeping, more than one time I saw my self levitating, admit it provides marvelous feelings, I can do it so far only in dreams, is it achievable in reality? and what is its relation with manifesting?

(21 Dec '11, 11:55) r0la
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Funnily enough, an interest in levitation is what has been one of my primary drivers in understanding how manifesting works. I got started seriously in understanding step-by-step manifestation after having a discussion with Abraham about levitation where they spoke of a trial and error approach to systematic manifesting.

And indeed that night (after that Abraham discussion), I had the most vivid levitation dream of my life. I still remember it clearly to this day. I found that during the dream I was able to just gently think about lifting off the ground...and I did, in several different dream scenarios. There was no effort involved during the dream - it was all just gentle and easy. The dream almost felt like a gift from non-physical to aid in my understanding of the subject.

I don't have a scientific explanation of levitation for you - I think most mainstream scientists would ridicule much of what is discussed on this website anyway - but I've gradually pieced together how levitation can be done...though I've not done it's on my list of things to manifest one day though :)

The basic idea to achieving it consciously (from what I've gathered) is you effectively want to create a bubble around the object you wish to levitate where different physical laws apply.

In the past, for example in the building of the Egyptian Pyramids, this was done through acoustic means (sound levitation), which Abraham have confirmed.

But the idea is that in that bubble, you want to just allow the levitation to happen rather than force it. You have to kind of request the object you wish to levitate to let you levitate it and then have absolute expectation that it will. It's a gentle thing...just like in my levitation dream.

I know this is vague.

I don't have a definite process for this (yet!) and I certainly am not able to go around levitating myself or other objects.

But I'm sure that once people rediscover this lost art, perhaps through the trial and error approach that Abraham spoke about, the scientific world will catch up rapidly and explain in terms of the physical laws how it is being done.


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Thank you for the answer and glad to hear you're interested in it! I recall spending most of my life trying to prove how "down to earth" I am :) Blessings, namaste

(30 Sep '10, 09:16) daniele

This has been my lifelong quest. But not just to levitate, to fly! That is what brought me to this site.

(08 Jul '11, 14:25) Fairy Princess

Hmm...It's been about two years, had any success in this field? My guess is that if you haven't had any luck, you just got bored of this subject knowing you :P

(18 Jun '12, 23:51) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Depends how you define success. I haven't reached the stage of no longer needing to walk but I have attracted a lot of information (and a few interesting practices) about how these things are possible, which has made it all much more believable for me. Nothing I can talk about yet. So, basically, plenty of vibrational matches. But, yes, you're probably right...levitation, just by itself, is not a hot topic for me these days :)

(19 Jun '12, 01:51) Stingray

@Stingray- Interesting....Vibrational match as in feeling inspired to give that broomstick a bit of a polish haha :D Thanks for the update.

(19 Jun '12, 03:31) Nikulas

When I was younger, maybe 10 years back I used to have a lot of dreams about me flying. Some where just levitation of sort, in others I could take my feet off the ground and fly. I remember one specific dream, where I was fully flying all around. It was amazing. I kind of forgot about it as years went by.

(19 Jun '12, 04:45) CalonLan
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Here is an article gleaned from this site

that sheds some light on the subject ;

" Physical Levitation

There are three chakras that are associated with levitation. One is the root chakra or first, second, is the heart chakra or the 4th chakra, and the 3rd is the third eye chakra, known also as the 6th chakra. Just choose one of these chakras and meditate on it.

Then you possess its power to Levitate. Remember if you develop one system you are also developing the other at the same time. It is like killing a million birds or more with one stone. For example if you meditate on the sixth chakras, yes, you will possess the power to levitate but also you will possess a light body and clairvoyant, telepathic, and telekinetic power also.

Do you see what I mean? If you meditate on the fourth chakra, yes, you will levitate but you also develop love energy as well. And if you meditate with the first chakra, known also as the base chakra, you will levitate but you will also develop a deep planetary connection with the earth and her beauty creatures, forms, Mountains, and life forms of different sorts on earth, as well as in yourself, deep appreciation, inspiration, and admiration for physical health and life caring.

Well, another system also known for levitation is the udana, or the upwards flow of life energy or prana. The udana is located at the base of the throat, all the way to the top of the head. The udana links the 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras together. The udana is the upper part of the susunna and the susunna is the cord that runs up and down the spine and links all the chakras together (from Chakra one to chakra seven), from earth chakras to human and planet and star chakras. The udana looks like a vertical cord where all the chakras pour their life energy of consciousness and information into it and that's where they all collect."

Here is a video showing Uri Geller demonstrating how to do it ;

So it appears that human levitation involves "tuning into" the vertical earth/star cosmic energies ... happy hunting :)


answered 21 Dec '11, 07:51

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blubird two

edited 27 Dec '11, 04:43

"once each of the 7 major human chakras is perfectly cleansed, aligned and centered..." You make that sound so easy. =P

(21 Dec '11, 14:32) Snow

Hi leo, this is my theory of how things work, perhaps one day i'll be able to put it into practice :)

(21 Dec '11, 16:26) blubird two

Yes, and I agree with you completely. Just from my personal experiences chakras are a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS. ^_^ Hence my comment, you make it sound simple.

(21 Dec '11, 16:47) Snow

chakras giant pain in the ass. ha ha ha ha. you are funny leo. but i agree with you that it might not be the most easy way to attain your potential.

(25 Dec '11, 05:14) white tiger
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Forgive me for this terse answer, however I feel it would be more poignant of me to simply quote one of my favorite films...

"Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead only try to realise the truth..."

"What truth?"

"That there is no spoon. Then you'll see that its not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

Many blessings!


answered 21 Dec '11, 18:42

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Hi RFextra, speaking of spoons ... Uri Geller in his book "Mind Power" explains how to bend silverware "focus all your power and energy on manipulating the spoon with physical strength, feel a warmth passing through your arms into your hands" ... have a great day

(22 Dec '11, 08:36) blubird two

Hi Danielle

I am truly fascinated by your experience.

In spite of all the things I share here, I am more a skeptic than a convert to the mind's ability to directly defy the physical laws.

I am one of those people that has to experience things for myself in order to accept it for my own sense of truth. This is not a judgment upon your experience.

I would like to learn from your experience.

Would you be comfortable sharing more of what you did with your mind when you accomplished this?

and have you succeeded at defying any other physical laws?


answered 23 Oct '10, 22:34

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The Traveller

You have to remember that I had a clean slate when it came to preconcieved notions regarding meditation, levitation or anything else that wasn't empirically proven. Science was our religion. At the time, I had watched an actor on tv in a funny pose saying he's meditating. Being curious, I went to my room, closed the door, left the lights on, assumed the position of the actor, stared

(03 Nov '10, 10:43) daniele

at the wall and said to myself, I am meditating. I remember feeling very excited about this. I recall going blank in my mind even though I had my eyes open the whole time then finding to my horror that I had lost touch with the floor, which I plummeted right back to. I think the main key, must have been, No Preconcieved notion or Expectation.

(03 Nov '10, 10:45) daniele

This experience so terrified me since I couldn't make sense of it and was too ashamed to talk to anyone about, that I never put myself in a position where I had to defy physical law but rather always wanted to prove to myself that I was "down to earth." thank you, namaste

(03 Nov '10, 10:45) daniele
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well i do it also in dreams. i float using the wind around me. or i send energy from my hand to the ground and maintain that energy flow going. or i just use my will and fly like superman at high speed. to move object i just send the energy from my hand on the target object link with it by feeling it then i send a pulling or repulsing energy to pull or push the lift it up i just lift my hand and remain focus on the object and the energy. experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Feb '12, 01:44

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white tiger

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@white tiger - yes weightlessness is easy in dreams and in the imagination, and i really do believe this shaman has mastered the art of real levitation

have fun :)

(12 Feb '12, 03:00) blubird two

yes but using his energy to lift is body up against gravity is hard on the system has you have seen.

(12 Feb '12, 03:51) white tiger

@white tiger - yes my friend, this shaman is draining a lot of subtle energy through "magical methods" to produce physical levitation, a really enlightened person can levitate naturally as explained by Nithyananda

have fun :)

(12 Feb '12, 04:44) blubird two
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From my post on yahoo answers:

For the first time I saw myself levitating (rising up in air from the ground) in dream.

At first I saw myself levitating over the high walls (upto 3rd floor of a building I'd say) holding the thumb of one of my feet out of a dream feeling that I'll levitate til I keep holding it, then I woke up and fell asleep again. Again, I dreamt that I started levitating without holding foot's thumb and not more than 1st floor of a building I'd say. I saw a stairway while in air and tried to fly down over it, but came back calmly on the first step of the stairs as I tried to do so.

While dreaming about that, it felt great..I could see the things down below on the ground..I was enjoying it and not fearful or nervous. Since I don't consider levitation as much of any humanistic, moralistic or real spiritual value...I remember enjoying it in my dream, but not thinking anything 'Godly' about it.

Additional info: I meditate sometimes only for relaxation purpose and I do it lying down on my back.While meditating I tend to concentrate on NOT feeling my body. I'm not anti-social, but prefer to be alone. I've been depressed, but past few months have feeling that my depression and psychological problems are superficial and will go in a snap of a moment whenever I want to.


answered 22 Oct '10, 17:32

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Dreams tell us a lot! You are a beautiful soul! thank you, namaste

(03 Nov '10, 10:53) daniele

so you fly in dreams what kind of flight are you doing?

(25 Dec '11, 05:16) white tiger
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