some progress in the sciences of the predictions are likely to preclude the possibility of predicting future behavior in chaotic systems, for example, the climate. but in systems invented by man, the variables are many and hinder the possibility of prediction

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Not really. The mathematics are random by design.

The closest thing to predicting lottery numbers from a spiritual perspective can be found here. But I suspect that those people capable of winning the lottery this way also know that they don't need the money; the Universe already provides everything they need or want.

Note: For those without the time to go through the Bashar video I linked, the answer is: You must shift your reality to that alternate universe in which you win the lottery! If anyone can show me how to do that, I would be happy to pay them a substantial portion of my winnings!


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Thanks for providing the link to the Bashar video. I really liked it!

(31 Mar '10, 15:05) LeeAnn 1

Vesuvius, if you knew how to do that, I don't think you would be telling anybody. Lol.

(31 Mar '10, 16:45) Pink Diamond

Try thinking 'from' winning the lottery rather than thinking 'of' winning the lottery.

(18 Jul '11, 21:35) AboveBelow

Just to revive this question, has anyone had success using this Bashar perspective? It just appears, from his video, that the golden rule appears to be, don't buy the lotto unless inspired. I have never, ever felt inspired to buy a ticket- a still play though, just with the thought that imagine if I did win.....Umm, regardless what Bashar thinks, I'd love to win, wouldn't you?

(14 Oct '12, 03:43) Nikulas

Show you? You're shifting billions of times per second. You are already an expert at shifting. If you really think winning the lottery is something that will serve you, when will you buy a ticket? You could match the frequency of someone who has won the lottery, and shift to a reality where the winning numbers match your numbers. However, believing that winning the lottery will make your life better could be the reason you won't win. Know that you're always abundant, and you won't need to win.

(24 Oct '12, 14:49) Symbiotx

@Vesuvius : Find it exciting, and there you go !

(02 Mar '13, 16:29) Yva
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The universe is built on mathematics ... the base of which , to our knowledge , is sacred geometry ... enter into the energy of sacred geometry and this kind of prediction becomes possible ...this concerns being aware of future events.

There is a sevranx radionic graph established between 1946 and 1967 ref.

based on geometric forms that guide our energies into these domains.

More recently and following the bashar video- winning the lottery ref.

Vesuvius states in his answer " you must shift your reality to that alternative universe in which you win" ... in other words it is a question of putting ourselves into a specific mind set that enables communication beyond sacred geometry.

In his "Mind Power Book", Uri Geller explains how physical reality can be bent ... here is a quote "when i was seven, i fell in love with games and sports ... basketball was my big favorite ... like most kids i wanted instant results. And i got them! I discovered that i could produce fantastic hook shots by concentrating on the ball and making it go straight into the basket. And it wasn't through practice - it was done with sheer will power and visualization. I was able to grab the ball with my psychic energy and deliver it into the basket"

Mathematically time and space are linked, if we can bend a trajectory, as Uri Geller claims, we can bend light and consequently time ... and why not slow it down, speed it up or stop it, just for a fraction of a second (so to speak, lol) using simple mind sets, will power and dynamic visualization ... assuming that we are entirely free of all inhibiting beliefs.


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blubird two

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My friend you have no idea how correct is your appreciation ... in fact .. the reason for me to ask this question was to know whether someone was on the right track and if the projections were to that point. Just the fact of having guessed, answers many questions. Not necessarily someone have to be a mathematician to deduce certain things, and not necessarily a mathematician must have a priori intuition to take one path or another in the focus of a problem. Thanks.

(19 Jul '11, 01:37) Robert

I don't know if this helps or not... but for the smaller scratch and win lotto types, I always know and believe I will win. And more often than not, I do. Now I think that might be because winning a smaller prize is more believable and thus achievable in my mind. Perhaps if we could have that strong a belief spiritually then.... it might just work!


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If you can consistently win more often than you lose, I would say you have a steady source of income.

(31 Mar '10, 21:15) Vesuvius

There is a very good video by Abraham-Hicks regarding winning the lottery on Youtube here :

If you meant predicting the results using physical laws and mathematics though, I doubt it's highly possible - I have heard from some others who worked there before saying that sometimes the numbers picked are completely random ( like picking them using a ball machine that mixes and mashes different balls with different numbers together and then outputting one at a time - not sure how true is that though )


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@kakaboo- i've experimented with many systems, mathematical and otherwise ... none of them give satisfactory results ... the only methods i have found that work are based on "flair".

(06 Dec '11, 18:55) blubird two

Yes, my father has been trying to guess lottery numbers for years but never succeeded. But he came across certain people who seemed to predict easily what were the next numbers that were going to come out - but those people never bought the lottery for themselves for some reason. Like the person would give my father all of the numbers except one, and all of the numbers really came out except the last one..

(07 Dec '11, 02:03) kakaboo

Any speculation that does not seem absurd at first sight has little probabilities of being true.

(14 Dec '11, 01:18) Robert
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In ten years my state lottery has had 1108 drawings. The number "6" has been the most frequently drawn, 173 times (15.6%). The number "11" has been the least frequently drawn, 124 times (11.2%). That's not much of a difference mathematically. Ten years is probably not a big enough sample. And then you have to decide if you believe "hot" numbers (like #6) or "cold" numbers (like #11) are more likely to be drawn. This is a very interesting thread, especially the reference to Uri Geller. Thank you everyone!


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yes the invisible universe is built as precisely as mathematics ... our individual consciousness is unable to fully grasp it, however our subconscious has unlimited access to the invisible ... that's where dowsing comes in, it allows us to sound these realms with scientific precision

(15 Aug '13, 02:47) jaz

dowsing? What's that?

(15 Aug '13, 23:27) jeffinmt

dowsing is a particular way of knowing or perceiving things other than through the five senses ... see tag "dowsing"

(16 Aug '13, 02:41) jaz
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I think you actually can. From experience, I had a mathmatical system that I could win our state lottery on a daily basis but only for a small amount. I once picked out the number from my formula and was certain that it would hit Iplayed the number 100 times because I was so certain. The number came out and it was 601 and I had played 602. I figured out the glitch in my sytem was that I didn't have enough data because the lottery had not been in business long enough. Ten years from the date, would make the system fool proof. Unfortunately, I have forgot the formula.


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Your system was based on statistics, or had a more complex formula or algorithm?

(02 Apr '10, 16:08) Robert

Yes Robert, most of my system was to do with statistics. However, there was some physics that were involvd also. Like Wade pointed out, there are a lot of variables that must be measured. One variable I do remember was the earths gravitational pull at specific times of the day when the balls fell (there is a website that let me know but I have forgot). Next, How long it took for the announcer to start pressing the buttons for the balls to jump up into the slot.

So I also had to anticipate what announcements she may make before she started pressing the button. For example, if there was a holiday coming up or a big winner from the previous day. These variables are what made my "certain" prediction change by 1 number.

(05 Apr '10, 13:38) Lee 1

I believe it can be done but not in our time, maybe one of the super computers can, but the calculations would be astronomical to work out.

How many balls are in the machine, what is the size and weight of each, what is the starting position of each ball before being dropped in, what is the velocity of the balls moving, what is the wind resistance of the balls, what direction is the mixer moving, how fast is the mixer moving, what material is it made from and what is the resistance of the balls hitting from every angle, that is only the tip of the iceberg I am sure but I do believe there will come a day when our computers can do all of this in a snap on that day gambling will stop existing since anything and everything can be calculated out to a final result with enough data.


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Wade Casaldi

Chaos theory and turbulence would seem to preclude any possible computational solution.

(14 Apr '10, 17:41) Vesuvius

Interesting that punches a big hole in the theory of determinism as stated in The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians.

(14 Apr '10, 19:44) Wade Casaldi

By giving all your time and thought to lottery you are blocking yourself from other posible monies that should have been yours. Dont think or concentrate lottery but think of yourself having big money and being very happy about it. That way you just might get something bigger than peanuts and who knows it might just come from the lottery itself. As for geting those numbers right millions all over the world have tried and are still trying. Good luck and I hope you win or get bib bucks.

By the way David Cpoerfield the great ilusionist guesed the numbers right for a German lottery some time ago so yes it is posible and I dont think that mathematics have anything to do with it. Had he played the numbers though they would not have been chosen. Go figure.


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Paulina 1

Life is full of possibilities, so my friend all things are possible, if you believe it to be so!


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There is no challenge in the world that is not defeated by the perseverance, belief and faith ...Thanks pal.

(01 Aug '11, 14:56) Robert

Sometimes it is so difficult to realize that we have succeeded, we understand the attitude of disbelief in the other .... knowledge drip occurs, and to understand something, you must first remove the belief that this can be achieved and this not... Listen carefully..... ALL CAN BE DONE.....

(20 Aug '11, 03:56) Robert

@Robert: We have come a long ways in life, and sometimes we do need a wake up call that it can be done.

(21 Aug '11, 00:44) Inactive User ♦♦
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too many variables.

Let me just illustrate something about chaos to you guys.

Measure any coast line from 1 mile above and then measure it from the ground.

You will find that the measurement from the ground is longer. The closer you measure the coast line, the more detail you have to measure in the curves and ridges. In a chaotic system, there are always more details (or variables) to consider in your calculations no matter how many you eliminate.

In other words, it's impossible to completely predict anything chaotic in perfect accuracy because even if you eliminate every conceivable variable, you will still find more in a random system.

There are patterns in chaos that are specific to the subject. Such as the patterns in the veins on your hand. You will always know that there will be certain arteries. but as you go down into more detail, each vein branches off into details that are as unique as a snowflake.

You could possibly narrow it down to allow yourself to predict it to a certain degree of accuracy, but never perfectly.

Also, as for these "spiritual predictions", the kind of people out there that usually try to sell you these ideas are almost always trying to take advantage of you in some way. That's why they usually ask for money to "predict" your numbers. It's pseudo-science and I wouldn't take it too seriously.


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My father and I have a system that works for our tennessee pick 3 and pick 4 lotto. It increases our chances to 1:84. tickets cost a dollar and payout is 1000. I'm trying to adapt the method to work for five numbers plus one...but so far I can only get two to three accurate numbers out of a set of 45. Anyway for those of you guys who know it can be done contact me at 42-75-72-6E-69-6E-67-73-6C-79-40-67-6D-61-69-6C-2E-63-6F-6D.


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